I just came across an article that talked about Marjorie Dannenfelser, the President of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America — a nonprofit group that works to end abortion in the United States by electing antiabortion politicians.

The article noted that she, perhaps more than any other woman, is responsible for the fall of Roe vs. Wade because of her key role in “getting President Trump to commit to appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices who oppose abortion.”

(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

As I looked at the picture accompanying the article (with Trump standing next to Ms. Dannenfelser), I couldn’t help but wonder why Trump would have made this commitment. There is little doubt that during his playboy days, he had “women-friends” who would have sought abortion. And there is even less doubt (in fact there is proof) that many in Congress have slipped a few bucks under the table for their outside-of-marriage lady-friends to “take care of things.”

But I suppose it’s like everything that goes on in the political world … hypocrisy is the name of the game.

(Besides, there are still states that support abortion, so for the political crowd, nothing has really changed.)

16 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. Hello Nan. Hard to get my head in the game today, the SCOTUS taking away rights is stunning, they used to be the ones adding to the liberty to enjoy life. However, two things you should know, Senator James Lankford said in 2010 when he was running a Babtist camp for kids that 13 years can consent to sex. Even if it was his own daughter. I will post the who thing later, but it was a 13 year old girl and 15 year old boy, so no adults. Still makes you wonder why some of these religious groups want the age of marriage so low. Also just to get your blood pressure up there is a Utah state Rep who says women need to control their semen intake. Legislator Rep. Karianne Lisonbee saying, she trusted Utah women “to control [their] intake of semen.” She said this in response to someone saying men should be held accountable for their part in pregnancies. I don’t think I can handle this today. Best wishes. Hugs

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  2. Does anyone else wonder if there might be a woman out there somewhere who has chosen to abort one of Donald Trump’s potential offspring – not only with his knowledge but his probable encouragement?

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  3. Yesterday’s Political Wire juxtaposed two Trump quotes. I deleted them, so I cannot repeat them here, but in one he praised the ruling. In the other he said they went too far. Something about, “There is always a need for some abortions.” I think we all know what he means.

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  4. You know it is about power and to keep power they need the cult’s vote because they’re just nuts, the super wealthy for tax evasion, the religious right because they’re nuts too and some moderates as well, the anti immigration group, the anti LGBTQs and the anti black, anti abortion/ birth control groups and anti other minorities group. With all this, they can get many votes from many different groups and it all adds up.

    Any sane person knows the republicans in power couldn’t care less about abortion, poor people, abused children, mental illness, minorities, religion (except for a few extremists) and the like. And they basically don’t like women, especially women in power. It’s a feeling of revenge they harbor against this particular segment.

    And they will go to any length, by any means to stay in power. The perks must be awesome…tons of money, young women, offshore accounts, yachts, millions hidden away and the feeling of actual lust from all this power and money.

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    • Hi, Mary. A more descriptive account of what I said on Nan’s previous post. The thing is, it is true no matter how it is said, and it is equally true that the Republicans do not give a shit who knows it. They are probably proud of it. Their supporters do not care what they do. They have drunk the Jonestown Kool-Aid! And they just might die defending a bunch of fools. There have been over a million deaths in the US due to Covid. How many of those can be laid at Trump’s feet with his bleach and hydrochoroquine and the refusals to get vaccinated. Jonestown was but a drop in a bucket in comparison. But they still worship him, and the Repuglycan Party. They are too stoopid to learn. And I say that with great sorrow.

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    • These tough-ass white males probably fear women even more than unarmed black males. That’s why the SC went after them before any others. If they can get their knee on women’s necks, the rest is down hill. They think. We have got to get away from any thought that the GOP or Christians Fundamental Nationalists give a tinker’s dam about anything other than putting society firmly under their control. They do not feel any guilt, so don’t be wondering why.

      Nationalism is a movement that is growing around the globe. GOP and religious leaders have been visiting these authoritarian countries for years, in the case of the church, adding to their own playbooks what they learn from the pros like Putin and Ergodan. We knew when Gorsuch was sworn in where this was going. I’m sure the church and Federalists explained to Trump why they needed him. But asshole that he is Trump went public with the part that was supposed to be unspoken. “We’re going to load the SC with people who will overturn Roe.” And they did it while we watched and the Democrats raise nary a protest.

      We’re 7 strokes down and it’s Sunday. Can we pull out a win?

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      • The more I think about all this I realize, of course, it’s all about power and control and religion is right there in with big pharma, big oil, big shipping, big agriculture and big tech like Google and apple plus a few others. These are the top controlling agents in the world, not just the US. They use and buy politicians and presidents in all countries like commodities and they will do their bidding because they want their little bit of money and power, as well.

        Politicians, in turn, through their million dollar campaign contributions, that they get to keep, inside trading tips, probably young women and drugs if desired and pacs run by the top dogs above, unmercifully use and con the ignorant, apathetic and easily stirred up emotionally for their votes. And the biggest emotional trigger points are religion and racism.

        It’s like a great Ponzi scheme. The common man at the bottom, is played for the fool.
        The SC falls into the same level as the politicians. If you think about it, the politicians and the president are the middle men.

        I’m not sure much can be done about this at this point. We will just have to wait for climate change and Mother Nature to handle it for us.

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    • Guns, too. But you already mentions “lust” so I guess that is covered. I know Ammosexuals, and they speak in almost sexual terms of the sense of power they get from handling the one ring…err….their precious, precious guns.

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  5. Trump was very pro-choice right up until he ran as a Republican. It’s on video. He couldn’t care less.

    This dumb bitch is an idiot. Every GOP candidate for 4 decades has appointed pro-life judges. She was worthless, other than in convincing a politician that couldn’t care less to do the thing that will result in votes. If Trump were never President, but the 2016 election went to the GOP, #moscowmitch would have stuck the same underqualified people on the bench.

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  6. It is strange in this day and age how popular the anti-abortion view is. Most of us have as much information anyone can handle at our disposal and it is not very hard to determine, that abortion bans hardly reduce abortions at all, exept in a number of especially dangerous cases to the health of the woman. Like when a would be mother ends up in a hospital and the doctors let her die even though they could have saved her life, or when some very young girl can not get to where she might have help. This reveals no conviction, rather a calculative mind and a sign of corruption on the part of the politician, but what does it say about the voter?

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