A Reblog That Isn’t A Reblog

I recently came across a blog post that deeply impressed me and, for all intents and purposes, I planned to do a “reblog.” However, the post title is VERY long and to my thinking, really doesn’t do justice to the contents. So I decided to provide some snippets (along with a link to the post itself) and let you decide if you want to read more.

The writer starts out with this, which immediately intrigued me:

I’m not a leftist as you would define it. Why? Because you have no idea what a “leftist” is. So, I’m going to educate you.

And educate you he does!

Although he touches on several issues, he easily moves the reader from one to the next. Examples of things he covers:

  • He discusses the terms “Leftist” and “Rightist” and where they came from. (Great history lesson!)
  • He talks a bit about the five years that he lived in Canada and some of the differences between their government and that of the U.S.
  • He counters the belief that the U.S. is a “Christian” nation with some history and examples to support this “wrong thinking.”
  • He addresses the current gun controversy and relates it to our history as a British colony.
  • And finally, he compares our healthcare system with Canada and explains why the U.S. will probably never adopt Universal Healthcare. 

I admit that much of what he wrote is a reinforcement of the democratic ideals that many of us already hold. Nevertheless, I found he did share some facts and information that I hadn’t considered for a long time. Maybe you will have the same experience.

In any event … here is the link. I look forward to reading your thoughts and reactions.

(BTW, just as an FYI, the title is “Why Don’t Leftists Realize America is Too Different to Adopt the Nordic Model?”)

P.S. I encourage you to read his entertaining “About Me” page while you’re there. 😊

11 thoughts on “A Reblog That Isn’t A Reblog

  1. As to the expense of our system I would mention that my city has never come to an agreement with Medicare over EMT services. So, when I got an “ambulance” to a hospital emergency room, for procedures that cost Medicare a couple hundred dollars, I got a bill for the “cab ride” to the hospital for $2300. (I do not disparage EMTs, I think they provide wonderful service. I do demean our convoluted unnecessarily bureaucratic health care system.)

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    • I’m not sure I get the connection between your city and Medicare and EMT services. Why is the “city” involved? Are ambulance services owned/operated by the city?

      Where we live, we pay an annual membership fee to an organization called FireMed, which means we pay no out-of-pocket expenses (after insurance) for emergency ambulance services performed by any FireMed provider. Apparently, their services are available in various cities throughout the U.S. as well.

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  2. He sums things up nicely. This information is not new but I don’t think Democratic candidates (excluding Bernie) repeat it often enough. There are a lot of people on the right who are woefully misinformed. Hence, the asinine theories of Qanon astoundingly find fertile ground.

    You can tell people on the right that Canada has “less crime per capita, less bankruptcies per capita, better standard of living per capita, better healthcare per capital, higher life expectancy, and much more.” Some won’t realize what “per capita” means. Some that do, don’t care about “per capita” statistics because they hope to be rich and believe that only in the U.S. can you receive the best of the best.

    They’ve become a cult. Logic and facts no longer matter.

    That said, messages like the one presented here need to be repeated ad nauseam. A younger, still influenceable generation may still get us out of this mess.

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    • “There are a lot of people on the right who are woefully misinformed.” True, that. Sadly true, but not to the extent now common throughout the polity.

      There are also a lot of people on the left who are woefully misinformed. This is part of the problem that produces both a January 6th and a climate crisis and a citizenry consistently and actively voting against its best interests.

      Both sides of the political spectrum seem full of people who are clueless regardless of educational attainment about what liberalism is – the very foundation of what constitutes western liberal democracy, the set of values intended to make us into a ‘people’ with common interests – and why its core values need protection and defense from all of us regardless of all other political/economic/religious/racial/gender/social concerns, alignments, and allegiances. Without the former supreme in law, none of us can have any meaningful say about any of the latter. And that definitely includes improving education to the point of effectively teaching the next generation to recognize misinformation and threat to our shared heritage regardless of all other partisanship concerns.

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      • Let’s hope we can get to that. I’m not sure our teachers are well-equipped to convey the importance of such matters though. Messages that run the length of a 30-second Tik Tok seem to be winning the day. As disappointing as it may be, we can’t afford to ignore media strategies that hammer the airwaves with various core messages that are short and sweet.

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        • When the SCOTUS can rule funding religious indoctrination by public money is fine and dandy (Carson v Makin, June 21, 2022), I lose all optimism that there is a way back to fundamental and shared liberal values being upheld and/or defended by any US institution including public education (regardless of length of messaging!). And many teachers are the very worst ideologues across the political divide, be they religious or progressive extremists (there is no qualitative difference in the assumed moral high ground held by these sages-on-the-stages based as they are entirely on presumed faith in the righteousness of their activist causes).

          The middle ground most of us classical liberals inhabit – about 80% of the entire population – evaporates in political discourse and interchange so that we have no representation in the halls of public power… be it legislative, judicial, executive, or even the 4th estate.

          Not suitable for a ‘Nordic’ model? Ha! More like not suitable for enlightened democracy. Sure, all us animals are equal but we get to live through some of us animals knowing we are so much more equal than others – from the classroom to Congress to the highest court – and then successfully acting on it.

          This is not going to end well.

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  3. A good post, Nan, but not a great one by my standards. The question he poses in the title is, to me, just wrong, unless he is speaking only of this era of American history. If Americans were able to understand and comprehend the benefits of Socialism as practised in Scandinavia, they would be marching in the streets to demand it. Just as they should be marching to demand Universal Healthcare, come hell or high water. To say that you cannot have Universal Healthcare because the wealthy assholes in America do not want it is to admit that Americans do not have any power at all, despite having the numbers. Most of your governing officials have sold out to their wealthy benefactors, but if the people of America stood up as one and took back control of their governing bodies, no one could stand in their way. Methinks We the People have drunk the kool-aid whether they realize it or not. You (in general) have been sedated for so long you don’t know how to wake up. Ant that, in my mind, is the true message in Arthyr’s words, only he does not try to wake you up! And this is why I say this is not a great post.

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    • Maybe not arrogance but despair. When you have half the population following an obese, arrogant, heathen, New York slumlord and multiple bankruptcy troll as the epitome of heartland values….what can one say?

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