17 thoughts on “A Bookworm’s Dream

    • There are all sorts of reasons why a bookworm might enjoy being paid for reading. And sex is quite well-known for being a pay-for-fun activity. 😛

      But yes. Doing things simply because they bring you pleasure is usually the best reward.

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  1. Devil’s advocate time: I highly doubt if sex trade workers have fun getting paid for sex. Just hearing such a suggestion turns my stomach.
    As for the being paid to read? What’s the catch. There’s always a catch! Is this some kind of religious organization looking for books to ban? If it is legitimate it would have been the perfect job, 20 63ars ago. Nowadays, not so much. And tracking all those things will take the fun out of reading, in my mind.


    • Did you look at the website? It goes into a fair amount of detail on their offer. And, as I mentioned, Snopes also provides some information. Of course it’s not for everybody, but I thought it was a rather unique proposition that some might like to pursue.

      As for the “sex trade workers,” they might not be doing it for fun, but then again … 😈


      • Don’t have time to look, sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. Waiting… waiting…
        Have you ever had a talk with a sex trade worker. Very few go into it willingly. Once they are in it, it is very hard to get out. Now I will shut up.

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  2. I read what Snopes said about them, because at first I thought this was some sort of twisted form of sarcasm on behalf of our gracious host Nan. I was a bit surprized, that it was indeed “legit”. It however, did not appeal to me, since the “catch” was to scan the books for particular words, or make guesswork on the gender of the characters, or some other such nonsense.

    When I read fiction I like to enjoy it, not work on it and when I read research literature, I already work on it and do not need any extra disturbance. I guess, I am not a multitasker, at least not while reading. So, not a dream for me. Perhaps this unwillingness of mine to grab opportunities explains in part why I am not a billioner yet, despite all the reading I have done.

    The analysis idea they have sounds at first to me like simply idiotic and quite a bit like the people who got this idea might have a very limited experience about books, but who knows. I have a very limited view on what it is they are trying to achieve, so I should not judge it right away.

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    • I agree — it isn’t something I would be interested in, but for some (such as retired living on a limited income … or unemployed), it might be worth their time and effort. There are a LOT of people who are barely making ends meet, so they probably figure … why not? In any event, I thought it was an interesting concept.


    • I probably read it but it would have been MANY years ago. After all, it was written in 1953!! Have YOU read it … and what are YOUR thoughts? (Here again, I’m urging you to offer a comment with substance.)


      • Nan, I have read it and it metaphorically spoke to me about the idea of living in a fictional equivalent of the dark ages. Depriving people of knowledge and discouraging them from thinking for themselves is not really any different. Regarding the year it was written, I already knew that. Book burning was a theme in that story.


  3. The book burning theme, something that translated to keeping people in the dark and not learning anything except what their overlords wanted them to learn was reminiscent, even spoke to the detail of how colleges and institutions of higher “learning” had the goal of indoctrinating us into the belief that we are the modern-day great satan and that people were unfairly victimized by a capitalist system.


  4. Nan, as a follow-up to my original comment, I was making the inquiry as to if you read Fahernheit 451 with the purpose of getting to the reasoning behind the inquiry. Nothing in my initial inquiry was laced with ad hominems, so why get impatient about the matter? You ask for comments with substance, something I am willing to provide. The issue is a perceived lack of patience on your part. The premise of the book was from my understanding how the government wanted the population to be ignorant about the state of the world and dumbed down and easy to control.


    • This post was not about any particular book. You happened to mention the Fahrenheit 451 book and I suggested you offer your perspective of the book, which you did. I didn’t feel the need to offer a response –nor did anyone else– so in my view, nothing more needs to be said.


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