A Bloody Update

blood-donation-gb83f8f3c9_640As promised, albeit a bit late, here is the update on my blood donation, which took place on March 14th.

It was definitely a unique experience, but not at all unpleasant. A bit time-consuming — but then at my age, I’m rarely fettered by a calendar full of appointments! 😁

Later that same day, I received my Blood Donor “app,” which included the results of my “COVID-19 Antibody Test.” I was very happy to see that I was “Reactive+” — indicating my “antibody levels were detected at levels high enough that my plasma could be used as convalescent plasma.”

(YES!! The COVID vaccines were working!)

Then on April 14th, I received an email message that said my “blood donation was sent to Trios Southridge Hospital in Kennewick, WA to help a patient in need.”

How cool!!

I’ve been notified that I’m eligible to donate again on the 9th of this month. I’m planning to make an appointment … and hope to make this event a regular part of my “busy” schedule.

To those who commented on my last post that you “used to” give blood and are considering it again … I hope you followed through! It’s a worthy thing to do.

4 thoughts on “A Bloody Update

  1. I also cannot donate, but it’s because I have terrible veins. My spouse donates regularly, though, and has given well over ten gallons over the years. So I support his donation efforts instead. My older daughter has attempted to donate a few times, but her blood pressure is so low that she comes close to passing out and they have to stop. I think they got enough to use a couple of times, but she’s realized that she pretty much can’t donate.

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  2. Well done! I used to give blood. It’s a great thing to do – so much more meaningful than just donating money to a charity. I used to enjoy the experience, but had to give up, because I’m anaemic, and struggled to keep my iron levels at an acceptable level.

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    • I like that remark about it being more “meaningful” than donating to charity. I’d never thought of it like that, but you’re right. For one thing, when a person donates to charity, they never know for certain where the money will be used; whereas, with blood, you KNOW it’s going to be used to help another human being.

      As for your health issues? At least your heart is in the right place! ❤

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