Typing @ 300 Words Per Minute 😮

An interesting and fun video about stenography. Even if you’re not a “word person,” I think you’ll find it rather fascinating to learn how the transcribing of words has progressed from “Then” (ancient Greek) until “Now”.  (Case in point: courtroom stenographers.)

Disclaimer: There’s a promotion at the end of the video for Amazon’s “Audible”. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Typing @ 300 Words Per Minute 😮

    • Why didn’t you pursue it? I think they make a fairly decent income (reportedly around $67,000/year). But based on the video, it seems there would definitely be a learning curve.


      • Hey, because of my past, I enjoyed it. I often wondered what they were doing with so few keys.

        I used a few typewriters in my day, they were not used as an example.

        I recall a college professor complaining how his high school advisor told him that he would never need to know how to type. 🙂

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