15 thoughts on “The Dangers of Satellites! 😜

  1. It is getting harder and harder to tell legitimate responses to trolling ones to sardonic ones (Birds Aren’t Real!). This sounds more like a troll’s output. I mean, we all know that God is beyond space and time, so “space craft” can’t hurt Him!

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  2. We should keep in mind that, just because something goes viral on social networks, that doesn’t mean that people believe it. It may have gone viral just because people were having a good laugh.

    And yes, a few may take it seriously. But I’m guessing that for most it is just for laughs.

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  3. I have watched part of the special on Ben Franklin on PBS and when he invented the lightening rods for buildings, the religious people were preaching that he was interfering with God and that it was satanic. They said god used lightening to punish the sinners. So they were just as crazy back then.

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  4. Ok just saw where our govenornin the crazy state of Floriduh has banned….wait for it…54 MATH books for CRT indoctrination within them. This is just as crazy as he meme above..

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