Watch What You Say!


Now this is one of those stories that, in my opinion, “takes the cake.”

This article talks about an Arizona priest who has been baptizing infants for over 25 years — and has been using an “incorrect” word during the sacrament!

Oh the HORROR of it! Thousands of poor little babies were never sanctified because of this priest’s poor choice of words!

Apparently, when baptizing, a priest must say: “I baptize you …” whereas this careless priest said, “We baptize you …”!!!

Fortunately, all of the other sacraments this priest conferred were valid. (Phew!) However, because baptism is the “sacrament that grants access to all the others, a botched baptism could invalidate any subsequent sacraments, including confirmation, marriage and holy orders.”

The article reports that similar discoveries were made by the “lay faithful” in Detroit and Oklahoma City, so if you –or someone you know– happens to be one of the many that were affected, it may be necessary “to repeat some or all of those sacraments” after being “validly baptized.” 

Although I have my doubts the following needs to be shared, I wouldn’t want to be remiss in my responsibilities, so let me close by adding that the Arizona Parish is:

seeking help in identifying those in need of the sacraments and encouraging anyone who believes their own baptism was affected to call their parish for more information.

P.S. This was also shared in the article:

 (I)f a priest uses milk instead of wine during the Consecration of the Eucharist, the sacrament is not valid (because) the milk would not become the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Image by Jercy Rhea Senecio from Pixabay

Size Matters

Subtitle: I Remember The Good Old Days

Many years ago when I was still working and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I purchased a nice London Fog jacket. (As many of you may know, this “was” a quality brand of clothing.) The material was comparatively lightweight and it had a hood, which made it perfect for the spring weather (and frequent rain showers) common to that part of California.

After I retired and eventually moved to Oregon, the area in which I settled had much cooler Spring weather and was not as rainy, so the jacket got pushed to the back of the closet and was replaced by (more casual) sweatshirt jackets.

Then, about five years ago, I made a move to another part of Oregon. The weather here is more reminiscent of the Bay Area so I decided to dig out my old London Fog jacket. Remarkably (probably due to quality), it still fit perfectly; however, to my disappointment (but not unexpectedly), it was no longer “in style.”

So, based on my past experiences with this brand of clothing, I placed an online order for a new London Fog jacket in the same size as my older one. It arrived a couple of days ago — and to say I was disappointed is putting it mildly.

The jacket material itself was considerably inferior to my old one, but what was most disturbing was the way it fit. It was WAY too small. I looked at the tag to see where it was made and … you probably know what I found.

For those of us who have been around for a few years, it’s difficult to “adjust” to the inferior quality of nearly everything we buy. The “Made in U.S.A.” tag has all but disappeared and is most frequently replaced by “Made in China.” All due to the greediness of U.S. companies (and their executives).

There’s little doubt our lives have improved with the many new and innovative products that have been developed over the years. Yet one can’t help but wonder … at what cost?

And by all indications, it’s going to get worse.

The Virus and Abortion

Does anyone else see the correlation between those who reject COVID-19 vaccinations and those who are anti-Abortion?

Again and again the anti-vaxxers scream that it’s their PERSONAL RIGHT to reject the vaccine and/or to go maskless. They will frequently provide examples where they attended maskless gatherings of friends … “and no one contracted the virus!”

For some, it has become so important for them to “exercise their rights” (e.g., the Canadian truckers) that they lose all empathy for anyone who might be negatively impacted. Indeed, many are so adamant about enforcing their personal choice that they have physically attacked others and even disrupted public gatherings where masks were required. One individual even encouraged an armed attack against those who supported masks and/or vaccines!

Yet in many cases, these same individuals will attempt to take away a WOMAN’s right to seek an abortion. Even though it is as much HER RIGHT to make this choice as it is for them to refuse a vaccine, the circumstances magically change. And what makes this so diametric is that her choice physically affects no one but her. Certainly others may be emotionally impacted, but unlike the virus, she is the only one who will suffer any physical consequences.

Many years ago, someone came up with the expression “Pot calls the kettle black.” Nowhere does it seem more potently demonstrated than in the current battle between vaccines and abortions.

Reblog: Faith Alone?

Steve lays out some interesting (and factual) points about Christian faith and works. Great post!

Uncommon Sense

On I read this: “This tenet (Faith Alone), which is a core part of not only the Reformation but the post-Reformation waves of evangelical organizations that came after, is theologically sound and correct.”

This may be “theologically correct and sound” but it is a pure invention of Paul and not what Jesus taught so is not, or should not be, a foundation of Christianity.

The author of the above also wrote: “So we have Faith and Works. Faith is the fact of belief in Christ and the things you do to reaffirm and intensify that faith and commitment. Works are the things you do to mitigate and absolve sin.” This shows that they have bought into Paul’s scheme hook, line, and sinker. What Jesus taught was that one needed to repent, that is acknowledge one’s sins, and then love God by following his commandments. So, works are not…

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Evidences and Facts


In reading various blogs related to discussions between believers and non-believers, I find it rather puzzling that the former take it for granted that the latter accepts the credibility of the Bible. Again and again, as questionable matters arise, Christians will reference scripture to “prove” their point. Occasionally, a believer will reference a noted apologist who supports the matter under discussion, but essentially it is the words of the Bible that are the determining factor.

As an example, I lifted the following from a discussion related to the existence of the person Jesus. (Interestingly, the blog visitor preceded his comment by saying: “I’m about evidences and facts.”)

What you need to understand is it is very clear in the Bible that hundreds of people saw Jesus and people touched his wounds and saw him up close. It is one thing to have a person act as a double to trick the masses for a cruel trick on humanity it is completely another thing to have someone go up to Jesus and see his wounds and touch them. Jesus was making it very clear with no doubt to all the witnesses he was indeed Jesus Christ.

So the natural question that pops into my mind as I read this is what “evidences and facts” does this person have that “hundreds of people” saw Jesus? How does this person know that “Jesus was making it very clear” that he “was indeed Jesus Christ”? Indeed, what “evidences and facts” does this person have that it wasn’t someone acting as a “double to trick the masses?”

Oh Wait! Could it be? Ahhh yes. As the person noted, “it is very clear in the Bible”!

Do believers not understand that atheists do not accept the validity of the Bible? Do they not realize that atheists reject the existence of gods in any size, shape, or form? Do they think it’s all a façade and that in reality, atheists (deep down in their hearts) truly believe the Bible God exists?

It would seem so.

I can only surmise that they put their faith in the BIBLE scripture that says …

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12; ESV)

And thus, they continue to reference the contents of this several thousand year old book written by nebulous individuals … certain that it has the force to “pierce the soul” of the Non-Believing Atheist.

“It’s true, the Force of the Jedi Bible — all of it, it’s all true.”
(With apologies to Hans Solo in “Star Wars”, Episode 7)