President Biden’s Ratings

U.S. President Joe Biden awards Medals of Honor in Washington
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Many of us have read the statistics related to President Biden’s low approval rating. This article in particular laid out some facts and figures. A couple of the issues mentioned:

  • Ukraine: 47% of respondents disapprove of how it is being handled.
  • Economic matters: Three-quarters of respondents rated the US economy negatively.
  • Handling of the coronavirus pandemic, 44% approve; 50% disapprove.
  • Strong leadership: 59% say no; 36% say yes.

The poll also reported on two Republican attack lines: that Biden is not tough enough to stand up to Putin and that at 79 he is not mentally sharp enough to meet the demands of the job — with partisan divides evident.

Overall, 55% of respondents disapproved of Bidenโ€™s overall performance, with 44% strongly disapproving.

What is YOUR personal opinion on the job that Biden is doing?

  • Are the factors affecting his approval ratings justified?
  • What is he currently doing that he could do better?
  • What does he need to do between now and the 2024 election to raise his approval rating?

And a final question — unrelated to the article — would you vote for Biden in 2024? If not, do you have someone in mind that you would like to see in the running? I realize it’s early, but we know the Republicans are already pushing certain individuals so perhaps it’s time for Democrats to do the same.

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  1. What is YOUR personal opinion on the job that Biden is doing?

    • Are the factors affecting his approval ratings justified?
    • What is he currently doing that he could do better?
    • What does he need to do between now and the 2024 election to raise his approval rating?

    First question: Biden’s handling of COVID-19 that was already 1-yr into its INVASION of the U.S., and that lethal virus who has now claimed the lives of over 973,670 Americans (an utter travesty!), the massive economic ripple-effect from COVID-19 that former Prez tRump allowed to waltz in U.S. borders by traveling Americans—and he still screams about a useless border-wall & immigration! ๐Ÿ˜† —and the massive ripple-effects socially among American society, and NOW Putin’s War on Ukraine—a fellow Authoritarian Dictator that tRump endorses constantly even now… and the pure, unequivocal FACT that this secluded mad-man named Vlady Putin has nuclear weapons… means President Biden MUST, MUST tread carefully about pushing a rabid-dog (with nukes) into a no-escape corner, could have globally DREADFUL, untold deaths as madman Putin ante’s up every single time we the West do not offer him a decent, reasonable way out of the Cluster-F**k he has created on himself. Biden, in my mind, has done brilliantly so far.

    Second question, no… factors & variables seem to be too complex for most undereducated Americans to grasp. They are not justified at all.

    Third question: Very little.

    Fourth question: Continue pushing HARD necessary full COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters before another deadly Variant rips thru our nation, like the BA.2 variant is (might be?) threatening. Doing this would help relieve what 3-yrs of COVID has wreaked on our economy that the previous Administration and its Party still continues to ignore and allow among ITS unvaccinated members.

    …would you vote for Biden in 2024?

    If he was the BEST Democratic Presidential candidate available come Fall 2023, YES. No doubts whatsoever! I am an Independent of 25+ years, but as long as the Republican Party continues down the (tRump disaster) path they willingly chose in 2016, I will NEVER AGAIN vote for any Republican candidate… unless they (again) have no competition for the seat/office they are campaigning for. And I HATE doing even that for the GOP. But it is the painful reality of our lazy registered & unregistered American voters these days, ESPECIALLY in Texas.

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      • Of course Madame. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™‚

        As the State of the Union Address approaches tonight, I can’t help but think most, likely all GOP members will ignore AGAIN the “state of our Union” Biden inherited via blatant disregard for a smooth transparent transition of power during the nation’s WORST pandemic ever in our history. The vast impact across ALL sectors of our socioeconomic infrastructure well over a year—Dec. 2019 to Jan. 2021—carrying over now into 2022! ๐Ÿ˜ก This because the previous Administration did practically nothing to combat & minimize the death and devastation to all sectors of American life. What it DID do well was spread lies & disinformation about COVID-19, vaccinations, and public health & safety measures to go to war on this lethal, indiscriminate virus. As a result, we’ve been struggling in unimaginable ways for 3-yrs all because NOTHING substantial or effective was done for a year (Dec 2019–Jan 2021)… except attack our Capitol Bldg and kill MORE Americans! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿคฌ

        But the GOP will forget all of this and politicize once again ridiculous blame-games about Afghanistan’s withdrawal caused Ukraine, current inflation & supply-line problems are purely Biden’s fault (not ripple-effect of COVID), and more ridiculous that because Ukraine doesn’t have enough weapons (or soldiers?) we aren’t doing near enough—and yet the madman has nukes. Ukraine isn’t part of NATO. And dumping more or too much weapons & equipment to (untrained) Ukrainians will (and eventually) fall into the hands of Russia’s forces! ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ Not to mention that the USA could very quickly escalate into USA vs Russia, or WW3.

        Ukraine HAD to be handled extremely carefully or else we’d be in another Iraq war/invasion based on a trigger-happy President (Bush) and vengeful nation. Look where that rash non-sense got us: over 8-yrs there and 20-yrs in Afghanistan, accomplishing what?

        Biden is doing fan-effin-tastic given all context of his Presidency so far!

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        • “Oh, Brevity, thou art an elusive mistress!”
          From the 1200 page abridged version of ‘Taboo Topics’ by Mister Dwayne Netfielder.
          Available at fine bookstores nowhere.

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        • And us old people who are usually bursting to visit the loo before finishing your lengthy prose appreciate the effort. Those five words less make all the difference,believe me.
          Psst! Don’t mention the football,I think Nan’s watching.

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        • I got moderated Ark. Hard! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

          ๐Ÿคญ I had a nice (footballing) reply for ya, but it/I got ๐ŸŸฅ’d… ejected. I’m probably going to get a 3-game suspension too Ark from the Committee of Annoying Bloggers & Affairs. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

          Why, why, oh why did I let you tempt me Ark!!!? ๐Ÿคจ


  2. I’m reasonably happy with Biden as president. No, he is not perfect. But then no president is perfect.

    Biden has done pretty well in recovering from the COVID disaster that Trump left behind. And Biden seems to be doing a masterful job at strengthening NATO (which Trump attempted to destroy), and with pushing back against Putin (which Trump never would have done).

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  3. The press has been relentlessly hard on President Biden, blaming him if the wind blows too hard, but NEVER giving him credit where credit is due. Add that to the Republicans blaming him for everything, saying he’s senile, even though their own buffoon is older and FAR less intelligent than Biden, and is it any wonder the unwashed masses have a low opinion of him? They believe what they hear. If asked to rate the president on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being the highest, I could give him a 92. He made mistakes in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but in every other area he has made improvements. Our economy is strong (yes, there is inflation, but that is not just the U.S. — it is happening in every country), he has made the vaccine available to everyone who wants it and the fact that Covid is still raging is the fault of the anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers. He has handled the Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as anybody could, given that there is an evil madman with his finger on the nuclear button. Biden understands the law, understands foreign policy — two things the former guy never did and never can comprehend.

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    • Very good points, Jill.

      As you suggest, surveys can be misleading since so many are influenced by the media. Nevertheless, I do tend to think they give an overall reading on what the general populace is thinking/feeling.

      P.S. Trump is younger than Biden (3 years), but yes, he’s absolutely no match for him in the area you mentioned.

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      • Hmmmm … I used to think that polls and surveys were an indicator of the overall trend, but then … remember November 2016? The polls all had Hillary Clinton winning the election. Well, she did actually win but for the quirk of the electoral college that performed in the exact opposite manner from which it was intended.

        Ahhhhh … I got my facts wrong there … should have looked it up. I think his pocky skin and that dead ‘thing’ he wears atop his head make him look older. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Jill, Under Brandon:

      1. Gas prices have sky rocketed because he destroyed the energy independence Americans enjoyed because of President Trump.

      2. Brandon opened the southern boarder to a 3rd World human tsunami which was secured by President Trump.

      3. In Afghanistan Brandon bequeathed total victory and $85,000,000,000 worth of top grade US military hardware to the Taliban and a multibillion dollar airbase to the Red Chinese.

      4. Psychopath Vladimir Putin has gone to war against Ukraine and every American who puts gas in their vehicle supports Putin’s war effort because we now import petroleum from Putin’s Russia.

      The list goes on. These are the facts.


      • I’m sorry, Silence, but I have no idea who ‘Brandon’ is. But you seem to have fallen into the conspiracy theory pit that the Republicans in this nation have been digging for quite some time. Plus, you obviously have no concern for the people of Ukraine, for climate change, or refugees to this country. I don’t think you much understand the economy or the environment or the political situation we are facing today.

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        • You are the one that is totally and completely misinformed. But then, what else is new?

          CNN did NOT create “Brandon.” Please read the following from

          The phrase began making the rounds in October 2021 following a NASCAR race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed by NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast as the crowd behind him chanted something difficult to make out.

          Stavast suggested that the crowd was saying, โ€œLetโ€™s go, Brandon!โ€ However, it later became apparent that the crowd was shouting, โ€œF— Joe Biden.โ€

          The phrase caught on as a euphemistic insult to the president, and it quickly began popping up everywhere.


        • No, actually I don’t watch any of the above, for I am deaf. I get my news from reliable sources and am well-educated and intelligent enough to separate reality from rhetoric.

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      • “…he destroyed the energy independence Americans enjoyed because of President Trump.

        This is nonsense talking point of ignorant children who prefer fellate the former President than recognize reality. The amount of US production of oil and gas have been generally increasing since 2020, not decreasing. They’re slated to go up even further in 2022 and 2023.

        Also, the massive slated increases in renewable energy source will help gain independence, not worsen it. It’s Republicans who can’t see past the dollars they’re getting from oil companies, and deny the reality of global warming.

        For the record, the US has proven oil reserves of 35 billion barrels. If the US did not import any oil it would exhaust those reserves (at current rates) in about 6 years and would then be completely dependent on other countries for oil. The only way you get energy independence for the US is for the US to stop using oil, and move towards renewables, which is where Biden is moving the country.

        ” In Afghanistan [redacted] bequeathed total victory and $85,000,000,000 worth of top grade US military hardware to the Taliban and a multibillion dollar airbase to the Red Chinese. “

        First, let’s remember that the former President had already signaled that he was going to withdraw, but your memory is short. I’m positive that if it was a Republican President you would have been cheering in the streets that the boys were home, no matter the cost.

        But this talking point is just more nonsense anyways. Most of that money was not spent on equipment, and what equipment was given to them is considered obsolete by any country we’d be concerned about. Countries like China, and Russia, have absolutely no interest in what we gave Afghanistan.

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  4. Not going to play your game. Biden does some things well, others not so well. As for rating results, what were the politics of the respondents. That weighs heavily on the final numbers. And age does not factor into this. But where it counts, Jan. 6th, the Ukraine, he is not responding strongly emough. If US troops can find and destroy bin Ladin, they can find and destroy Vladimir Putin. As I maintain, I am a pacifist, but an ego-agressor gets no respect from me. When Biden acts on Putin, then I will say he is strong enough.

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    • The two situations are not comparable. Bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad, a small city of about a quarter million people, that was largely undefended by military personnel and he was largely isolated from just about everything. Putin is in Moscow, one of the most heavily fortified cities in the world, surrounded by a large part of the Russian army and airforce, anti-missile systems, anti-drone systems. A US strike team wouldn’t get within 500 miles of him.

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      • But their smart missiles can. I am presuming the US has stealth missiles that fly under the radar. The American military is always bragging about their new toys. It’s time to dhow some off.


        • Not really, no. So called ‘smart’ weapons pretty much aren’t all that smart. Pinpoint targeting still relies on human intervention such as “painting” a target with a laser that the weapon can follow or on the ground observers. US drone strikes in Afghanistan and elsewhere routinely missed their targets and struck civilians due to unreliable intelligence, errors on the part of operators, etc. Nor is stealth technology all that good. It can reduce the radar and heat signatures of a weapon, but can’t eliminate it entirely. They certainly wouldn’t work very well against an extremely well defended target like the Kremlin. You can be sure that place has the most complete and sophisticated defensive systems they’re capable of deploying.

          You’re also ignoring the fact that such an attack would result in retaliation. Taking out the leader of a relatively small terrorist organization is much different from taking out the leader of a nuclear armed country in a direct attack such as you are proposing. Putin does not exist in a vacuum. He has considerable support in the military.

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        • This is not Russia war, it is Putin’s war. I do not think most Russians would retaliate.
          But whatever. You see the world differently than I do on this point. This discussion is cerebral, and nit about to happen. I have stated my opinion, younhave stated yours. Let’s leave it at that. Okay?


        • Yes, in a sense, it is “Putin’s war,” but as GF pointed out, he’s the leader of a nuclear armed country … and if he chose to take things to the next step (for whatever reason), things could get VERY messy, to say the least.

          While it’s doubtful he would take such an action, it can’t be ignored.


        • If he were dead he could not take such action, no matter what. I’m betting his generals are smarter than he is. But alive, they are as scared of him as the rest of us.


        • Do you really want to declare war on Russia (the country with the worlds largest strategic arsenal), because that’s effectively what you’re advocating advocating that the US use military force to kill Putin.


        • I do not want to declare war on Russia, no. Nor did I say the U.S. hsd to be involved in this. I am just looking at the logistics of the situation. I am trying to figure out how to take power out of Putin’s hands. He is One Man, against 8 billion. Surely we (meaning human beings) can come up with a way to strip him of his power. As I said, I don’t know how to do it. Charge him with war crimes and get the U.N. to arrest him? I do not know. But somehow, somewhere, someone must have an idea. Because as long as he is in power, innocent people are being killed, on both sides. That is my concern. I want that killing to stop.

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        • Unfortunately, short of the Russian people taking him out of office in some way (whether by means that Lindsay Graham method, or a common revolt), I really don’t see any plausible path to remove him from power. If Putin is put into a corner where he feels he’s go no other option, he may start a nuclear war.

          Charging him with war crimes requires somebody to actually go into Moscow and arrest him. I just don’t see how this can ever happen without a military invasion.

          The economic sanctions against Russia can be effective, particularly if we can cut off Russia from selling their energy. It’s only because of money that Russia has made off of selling their energy that Putin can even attempt to wage a war with Ukraine (although it looks like the oligarchs have been siphoning a lot from the military budget). If the Russian economy starts to crumble he won’t easily be able to effectively go to war with other countries. If the only ally that Russia has is China, that’s going to cut Putin short as well. Putin wants Russia to be a superpower, but I don’t see that you get that when China pulls all the strings.

          I want the killing to stop as well. I just don’t want to make the situation worse, which is what Western intervention risks.

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        • How can the situation be worse for the people who are dying right now! And how long does it take for an economy to crumble? And what does that teach the next crazy ass who decides he or she wants to empire build.
          No. Our best chance to prevent future wars is to come up with a solution for this war. And the sooner we do that, the more lives we save. Sanctions hurt the little people long before they hurt the power brokers. How many more little people have to die?

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        • I’m definitely not a “war expert,” but it seems to me the ONLY way that rawgod’s suggestion could be accomplished would be through a covert operation done by “unidentified” assassins. And I’m not sure if even that could be done … ?


        • Possibly not, and I do not really know enough to suggest things like that, but something needs to be done, something that does not involve the death of soldiers and civilians. The people at the bottom of the food chain always lose, no matter wht, while the people at the top of the food chain lsugh their heads off. I admit, I do not have the solution, and things I suggested were premature. But, damn it, something has to be done, something that will make a difference. We cannot continue on as we have been. It hasn’t worked in 5000 years. It is not about to start working now.

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    • Name one thing Brandon does well besides wear a face diaper that is totally useless.

      Brandon’s objective is to destroy the United States. Every one of his policies aides Russia, China, Iran and the Taliban, all genocidal regimes that hate you.


  5. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 the worst and 10 the best, I’d give Biden about a 7.5, not perfect but all things considered pretty darn good. A lot of the problems he’s being blamed for originated were inherited from previous administrations and from conditions around the world that he has no control over.

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    • Your remark about things that are out of his control … that’s what so many people seem to forget. As an example — some of the domestic issues he’s tried to put forth but has been stymied by the “other side.”

      As Jill said, too many are influenced by the media and make their judgements accordingly.

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      • Everything was under control during President Trump’s term in office. The world was at peace, the economy was booming, and gas prices were low.
        Brandon reversed all of President Trump’s policies and that is why the world is headed down the drain.
        Did you know that Brandon allowed over 2,000,000 illegal aliens to enter the United States last year?
        Did you know that the 100,000 overdose deaths last year are a result of Brandon’s open border policy?


        • You are mistaken Silence of Mind, the world was not at peace during Trump administration. There were wars all over, from Afghanishtan to Syria and Yemen just for example. Gass prices being low is not simply a good thing, when oil consumption is a major cause of the global warming. However, the US does not controll the global price of gasolene alone, so perhaps the US president is not quite as powerful as you have thought.

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  6. I stopped watching the news a long time ago & I could give a shit what the MSM says. The whole idea of giving a president a rating is on a par of TV & that proves they lost the narrative a long time ago. It isn’t about F*ng ratings! Do you think they thought about ratings in Washington or Lincoln’s time? Get serious already!

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  7. This isn’t some third-world power like Iraq or Afghanistan. One must be very careful in getting mixed up in a full-out war against Russia. I think crippling their economy is a major blow, and there’s more that can be done going forward, that doesn’t involve exchanging fire. You don’t empty your arsenal on the first day.

    Yes, I’ll vote for Biden again, if he runs. I will never vote for a Republican until they stop their unwavering fealty to the 1%, using religious dogma and xenophobia to persuade their base to follow along. And that’s a huge IF.

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  8. Nan,

    Though you have every right to pose any questions you choose on your blog, I find the timing of this one most unfortunate. The far right, Putin, and authoritarians everywhere are gleeful about how divided the US has become. I will not participate in their narrative.


    • You have a point, Annie. But the surveys are out there and, IMO, they do give somewhat of a reading on where the public stands. You suggest the timing is inappropriate but in essence, is there ever a good time?

      As for the political division in our nation, certainly it’s become more pronounced over the last few years. Yet I can’t help but ask … is ignoring it the answer?

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  9. All I can say about approval ratings is, no one ever asked me for my rating.

    What could he do better? Tell all Republicans about a FREE hugely huge party on a cruise ship, with hot babes, all the booze you can drink, and 100 dollar bills raining from the ceiling, then sink it when its 40 miles out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seriously, I think it’s time to paint “misinformation” as outright lies. I think it’s time to kill the filibuster. I think it’s time to consider rightwing propaganda outlets that masquerade as news, detrimental to democracy, there needs to be a line in the sand here somewhere. I think given the state of the country post orange idiot, we need to expand SCOTUS, and/or limit lifetime appointments to 6 years. I think Senators should also have 6 year limits, I think we have had enough of out of touch old fogies representing us. Fresher, younger blood that better understands the needs of our people would I think be preferred, instead of old bought off cronies striving for the status quo.

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    • From President Trump, Brandon inherited world peace, global prosperity, a secure southern boarder, low inflation and national energy independence. Brandon instituted polices that destroyed all of that. Brandon is to blame.


      • Jeebity freaking christ. What planet do you live on? Anyone that believes that line of horse shit probably believes everything in the babble is true. Or bandies about some ridiculous claim about Christian Western Civilization. Oh wait…

        Oh just FYI, a boarder pays rent to live and eat in someones house/abode. A border is a line on a map separating 2 counties, states, or countries. Only mentioned it, in case a Republican comes along and reads this. They are apparently easily confused.

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      • Who is this Southern boarder Biden inherited? What’s his/ her name and is this boarder in the south paying rent?
        Please tell us. Interested parties need to know.

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  10. Nan, in addition to my answer previously up above, I’ve now heard interviews with (R) Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska, and (R) Rep. Mike Turner, both on the Senate & House Committees of (wartime Intelligence?) and who BOTH complained that Biden’s Administration is “NOT doing enough with providing lethal intel to the Ukrainian Armed Forces” and ‘NOT doing enough to get more ammunition, weapons, and equipment to the’ (weak, disorganized) ‘Ukrainian Strategic Command’ to fight Europe’s most weaponized, advanced military… in less than 6-days Seriously!?

    First of all, both Sasse and Turner have NO MILITARY COMBAT EXPERIENCE whatsoever. Just from a logistical point-of-view, what they are demanding should’ve been done in less than 6-days is utterly ludicrous. Second, as I’ve stated repeatedly, the U.S. cannot just wave a magic wand and make these actions & “lethal intel” and weaponry SUDDENDLY APPEAR into the hands of (untrained?) Ukrainian military personnel, let alone non-military Ukrainian citizens/boys! To think otherwise is sheer irrationality by Congress-members (or American voters) who OBVIOUSLY have no military background or combat experience. Thirdly, the mentally unstable Putin possesses nukes, both tactical and long-range ballistic weapons. You never push a rabid, unstable dog like Putin into a no-escape corner without any “off-ramp(s)” to get out! Period.

    Personally, I found Sasse’s and Turner’s words/interview utterly useless except for feeding Americans non-military intel/misguided info, wisdom, and useless political rhetoric to CLOUD American’s judgement about the TRUE realization of what Biden is dealing with militarily, secretly (cuz Russia damn sure monitors all of our FREE media & press to gain intel themselves!) with our TRUE expert Pentagon Intel groups (not Congress members!), and internationally with some 40+ different nations tightening nooses around Putin’s oligarchs, military forces, and Putin himself! All of this above… in less than 7-days!!!! WTF impatient (R) people who are not in the full know of good-to-excellent intel!??? ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ SMH

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    • Well, PT, I can see you’re seriously misinformed! People like the individuals you named are highly trained in the intricacies of war, so what they suggest is bona fide proven-on-the battlefront solutions. Sheesh! How could you ever miss this???? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      P.S. They are also full of bullshi_!!!

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  11. Nan, as an independent and former of both parties, I would say while far from perfect, Biden has done a reasonable job. His biggest failure in my view was the handling of the Afghanistan departure. As for the economy, it is doing much better than people say, yet prices have increased due to demand outpacing supply. As for COVID, could he have done better – yes. But, we also have to attribute the challenges of overcoming the politicalization of COVID at the feet of governors like Abbott in Texas and DeSantis in Florida, who have basically said trying to keep a disease from spreading is un-American. Like Trump, I find these two governors as not very trustworthy with what they say on pretty much any issue.

    Truth be told, Republicans are better than Democrats at marketing. They stick to their talking points over issues that are contrived or heightened to garner votes and opinion hosts hammer these points home (think the Big Lie). This is not new, but it is worse today with social media. Bill Maher refers to it as “the bubble.” To give an old example, Republicans used to speak against Obama with “the failed stimulus” using “failed” every time they spoke of the stimulus. Even Democrats believed it – the truth is the stimulus did not fail so says six econometric firms.

    So, Biden, a moderate, is getting close to universally hammered by Republicans who are painting a negative narrative while being hammered by the more progressive side of the Democrat party. He truly cannot win on polling. But, here is one thing I like Biden for – unlike his predecessor, he does not opine everyday (even every news cycle) about things of no import and which he knows nothing about. He also can form a coalition with other countries, which his predecessor could not do as Trump had a disdain for relationships built over time preferring a zero-sum transactional one (this is why the Afghan depature was so disappointing in how it was handled).

    Biden is not perfect, but he is a breath of fresh air in my view compared to Trump, even as Republicans try to paint him as bad or worse than his predecessor, who presidential historians have placed in the bottom five of presidents. People may disagree with Biden’s policies, but he at least is not in the ballpark as untruthful as his predecessor nor is he guilty of seditious actions or statements that have divided America because his shallow ego cannot tolerate losing.


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    • … unlike his predecessor, he does not opine everyday (even every news cycle) about things of no import and which he knows nothing about.

      Of course he doesn’t “opine everyday”! He’s too busy running the country! That “other guy” had no clue about how to be a leader so essentially, all he COULD do is blow sh__ to make people think he was savvy. And, unfortunately, he fooled a LOT of people.


      • True Nan. In an interview on CBS Sunday Morning News, one of the presidential historians who rated Trump as one of the worst five presidents, said the poor handling of the pandemic and Big Lie/ seditious insurrection greatly overshadow anything good the former president may have done, which I believe is generous. Keith

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  12. I would never ever vote for a republican. Anyone who could align themselves with the trump party is not for America and freedom and a sense of global community. I have no respect for but for a very few.

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  13. Iโ€™m always skeptical when someone obviously so full of hate and disrespect and possibly suffering from some mental or personality disorder, appears on a blog just for the simple reason of being obnoxious. Says much more about them than anything else. Itโ€™s actually pathetic.

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    • He’s a frequent visitor to several blogs I follow and spews the same garbage, only more along the lines of religion.

      He’s currently being moderated. I would have done it sooner, but his comments came in while I was off-line.

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    • I’m reading it at this very minute!! Excellent remarks by Ms. Hill!!

      And this remark, in particular, stood out to me:

      Sanctions are not going to be enough. You need to have a major international response, where governments decide on their own accord that they canโ€™t do business with Russia for a period of time until this is resolved. We need a temporary suspension of business activity with Russia.

      I tend to agree!

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      • Nan, Mary, Dr. Hill is a voice of reason and experience on all matters related to Russia. She was by far the most impressive person in the room when she testified at the first Trump impeachment hearing (on his efforts to extort Zelensky, the Ukrainian president) far more credible than those trying to trip her up. Keith

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      • Me too and I thought her statement that Putin would not stop at Ukraine was telling also. Other countries close by he will want if he is not stopped

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  14. I could not vote for Joe, even though his descisions may have an impact on my life.

    What would people have him do to better handle the crisis in Ukraine, the pandemic, or the economy? Some would want him to keep away from the European crisis, some would expect him to join in with force? Some would have him put up more restrictions to finally stop the disease and some think any restrictions are infringing on their liberty. Some would have him hand out money to the poor some to the rich to heal the economy. But it never is that simple, even though that is what populist leaders, like Trump & Putin would have us believe. The power of such populism lies on people being lazy and wanting simple answers to complicated problems. Sooner or later the populist leader will use such simplistic measures in practice. What we are wittnessing in Ukraine at the moment is Putin doing exactly that.

    Most people do not have a clue how to make any of these things better, but all of them have an opinion on wether some action taken by a president is enough, or not.

    There is no military force, that could just simply stop the war in Ukraine. There is no miracle cure to the COVID. There is no world leader who could simply order the world economics to get better.

    Was there no question about the global warming? It is, at the moment, the biggest crisis humanity has to face. It is by far more important and dangerous, than the state of the economy, than any pandemic, or even a war with a nuclear power, that is led by a mad right wing conservative populist.

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    • This statement sums most everything up quite well …

      Most people do not have a clue how to make any of these things better, but all of them have an opinion on wether some action taken by a president is enough, or not.

      I most definitely agree that global warming is what we (governments) should be focusing on, but since it’s not “immediate” and “in your face” like the other issues you mention, it’s simply shuffled to the bottom of the pile. Unfortunately, future generations are the ones who will suffer for our neglect.


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