Reblog: Faith Alone?

Steve lays out some interesting (and factual) points about Christian faith and works. Great post!

Uncommon Sense

On I read this: “This tenet (Faith Alone), which is a core part of not only the Reformation but the post-Reformation waves of evangelical organizations that came after, is theologically sound and correct.”

This may be “theologically correct and sound” but it is a pure invention of Paul and not what Jesus taught so is not, or should not be, a foundation of Christianity.

The author of the above also wrote: “So we have Faith and Works. Faith is the fact of belief in Christ and the things you do to reaffirm and intensify that faith and commitment. Works are the things you do to mitigate and absolve sin.” This shows that they have bought into Paul’s scheme hook, line, and sinker. What Jesus taught was that one needed to repent, that is acknowledge one’s sins, and then love God by following his commandments. So, works are not…

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