“What’s Your Pleasure?”


Over at the Professor’s blog (The Professor’s Convatorium), there was a brief discussion in the comment section related to one’s preferred libation. Hmmm, I thought to myself … now that would be an interesting topic for a blog post. 😋


It all started when the Professor mentioned that he favored Pinot Noir wine, along with Malbec (especially from Mendoza, Argentina). Another person said he preferred wine from Uruguay. Then someone else indicated that he got heartburn from wine, so he leaned towards bourbon. This prompted the Professor to add that he liked tequila & vodka, with the occasional bourbon drink. He also offered that on occasion he drank Mexican Ambers (Lagers) like Dos Equis Amber or Modelo Negra with Mexican foods.

So what’s your “poison”? When you belly-up to the bar, hang out with friends, or go out for a nice dinner (pre-COVID), what cocktail do you prefer?

Personally, my alcoholic drink of choice is wine. Red “blends” are my favorite, but you will rarely see me turn down a fruity white, a smooth Pinot Noir, or a nice red, such as Merlot or Dolcetto. (Contrary to many “red wine drinkers,” I’m not particularly partial to Cabernet Sauvignon.) A wine that you will NOT see me drink is a “sweet” wine such as a Riesling or a Muscat or White Zinfandel.

Occasionally, I will detour away from wine and have a Gold Marguerita (on the rocks, shaken, no salt), various vodka drinks (Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Cape Cod, etc.) and every so often, a nice whiskey (Crown Royale or Pendleton) on the rocks.

Even less frequently, I will drink a beer, but only Mexican beer (Corona or Tecate, preferred).

So what’s your favored inebriant? (BTW, don’t be ashamed to admit it if you’re a teetotaler — lots of people have no taste for booze.)

Oh! And should you want to share an alcoholic beverage “experience” (you know what I mean), feel free. drunk-man

(Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay)

41 thoughts on ““What’s Your Pleasure?”

  1. Hello Nan. I use to drink bourbon. I got introduced to bourbon when I joined the army, and I really loved the taste. I drank it straight or on the rocks. The taste as it went over my tongue and then the slight burn down my throat was such a grand sensation. Occasionally we would have a glass of wine but I did not really care for it. The spouse liked to sip Scotch, but I felt it smelled and tasted like paint thinner. Then I became a diabetic and had to watch the sugar level of everything. So bye bye bourbon and to vodka. I drink a nice 10 times filtered vodka called Western Son mixed with a cola made with Splenda so no sugar when I have a drink these days.

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  2. My beverage of choice is usually a diet Pepsi. Or some fancy fruity drink, if they have a non-alcoholic version available. Or tea, Earl Grey, hot, with sugar. I’ve never cared for the taste of alcohol, can’t stand bitterness or tannins, and just a little bit of alcohol hits me very hard. Before I get any nice effects I’ll be dizzy, sleepy, and too hot. My limit is less than one, at one drink I’m not safe to drive.

    The few times I’ll have a small amount, it might be a sweet hard cider, a sweet Moscato, or Maneschewitz blackberry. Or a Fuzzy Navel, if it’s only very slightly fuzzy. Anything that a wine snob will turn their nose up at, and dismiss as “Kool-aid” might be something I could drink. But I’m not drinking at all right now, anyway.

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  3. My first choice is a nice red wine. I also love a good margarita and a good red sangria. Beer not so much, as it bloats me up. No hard liquor except in the margarita, although I like a good Cosmo and that is with vodka. A Southern Comfort Manhattan with dry vermouth is also tasty. And oh yes a lemon drop martini. 😊. I like to socially drink with my friends and we get into some great discussions.

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  4. In my humble opinion there’s nothing like a good, single-malt scotch; Glenlivit, Glenfiddich, 15 or 18 year old.

    Savor the favor and cry for the angels cause they ain’t got any….

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  5. Aww, thank you for the mention Nan. ❤️ And such a splendid topic too! Well done Madame. At this very moment I have mixed up a pitcher of my World Famous El Presidente margaritas. What ingredients you all demand? Well let me just tell ya… 🙂

    • 3 liberal parts of Sauza Hornitos Reposado tequila (or better, your preference)
    • 1 part of Presidente brandy
    • 1 part of Cointreau
    • 6 parts Tres Agaves Organic Margarita Mix (or better choice)
    • about 2 parts freshly squeezed orange juice
    • about 12 oz of lemon-lime 7-Up, to your taste
    • splash(es) of fresh lime juice
    • garnish with lime wedge and orange slice*

    I won’t offer up anymore of my particular stout libation preferences since you hit on them here and they are over on that particular post—thank you again Ma’am. But I will offer up one of my alcoholic beverage “experiences” as you solicited… for entertainment purposes of course. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. 😉

    About 15-yrs ago one of my good lesbian friends—and unbelievably HAWT as well as a very intelligent nurse!—took me with her to one of her Dallas night clubs called S4, or Station 4 – LGBTQ+ Club.** That night was their weekly Drag Queen Show which is quite renown throughout the nation, definitely in the region. Shannon (my lesbian friend) bought me all of my drinks for the night because she was so thrilled I was there with her and she wanted to show her genuine appreciation for me going with her. I didn’t mind one bit. I’ve ALWAYS had a ton of fun with that community, never fails.

    She bought me 4-5 rounds of a cocktail named a Starburst, which I had never had before… after she introduced me to her very good, most favorite male bartender. She seemed to grin & wink at him a whole lot. He seemed extraordinarily polite to me. I took little notice because all the other “scenery” was jaw-dropping GORGEOUS everywhere you looked! I was taken aback by it, if I’m honest.

    Then, this incredibly STUNNING woman dressed as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader walked by and I could not stop gawking! I mean everything was PURR-FECT-O on that woman! Shannon couldn’t stop giggling at me. Soon the Drag Queen Show began and I was blown away by the talent as well as the delightful raunchy comedy! It was truly amazing, I kid you not. But every single time that Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader went by… I turned into a dumb deaf mute. I couldn’t stop boasting about her to Shannon. She’d giggle and laugh more, that was all. After my 5th (or 6th) Starburst, Shannon introduced me to my dream girl. WOAH NELLIE was I hypnotized by that figure, cleavage, blue-eyes, and warm friendliness. Some would argue I was instantly smitten… FOR LIFE!!!

    When I couldn’t bear it anymore and did not want Ms. DCC Knockout to leave us, Shannon broke the news to me. Talk about total deflation, followed by sheer astonishment about how utterly beautiful… HE was. 😲

    Thank all the gods & goddesses of rescued dignity that my good dear friend Shannon was there with me to protect me… from myself!!! And apparently s/he is a very well known hit and regular at S4. I’m still blown away today by he/r beauty. Wow.

    * – quantities and volumes of ingredients can be tweaked to an individual’s or group’s preferred potency. I highly recommend knocking their socks, bras, and other undergarments off, of course! 😈


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  6. I cannot begin to match the tastes of you all! If I “belly up to the bar” with friends, which hasn’t happened in years … nay, decades … I will nurse a Coors Light or two. If I have anything at home, it’s either coffee, water, or cheap Cream Sherry! Sorry, I’m a lowlife when it comes to knowledge of fine wines!

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  7. When i drink, it’s for effect; so my drink of choice is Richard’s Wild Irish Rose wine! The booze of winos everywhere! Drink a brick of the Rose, and you’re guaranteed to be flying sky high until you wake up with a splitting headache and crying out over the porcelain goddess, ‘I’ll never drink again!” Ah, what memories I have of the rose! 🙂

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  8. I rarely drink any alcohol nowadays, but I do like a pint (or few) of bitter. Especially after and in between sauna. There are some fairly good local India Pale Ale producers here today. My alltime favourite ale is the Spitfire, that my friend Steve described as tasting like flying petrol. I have no idea where he has tasted kerosene – I never dared ask.

    As for the red wine, my favourites come from the Douro area in Portugal. The wines from there seem richer, so that you can cut them with water and even at 50% they do not loose much colour or taste. I sometimes like to cut my wine, to awoid overt “comissatio”. Althoug, I have been known to dance on tables when inibriated. I also enjoy a mug of Glögg (mulled wine) now and then, especially during long winter evenings.

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    • I don’t think we’ve ever tried wines from the Douro area of Portugal. Must put that on our “to-buy” list! 🙂

      Never cared for mulled wine … 😖


  9. I am a bit of a wine nerd. Not a snob, because I don’t care about the price or all that. But I do live 30minutes from America’s premium red wine district (Napa County) and I got into the whole history and culture and farming and restaurants thing. Unfortunately, I have a gone a bit too far and with COVID cutting back social drinking…Houston we have a problem. I am a bit of a collector, unfortunately. 😦

    Anyway, I have a bit of an Old World palate. I like leaner, higher acid, less fruity, and earthier wines. probably cabernet is number one, but there is good Pinot out there. I also love Syrah. If I had to pick a single favorite producer, It might be Mayacamas, which is located on top of a mountain range above Napa.

    Have been also into “natural” wines as well. Sometimes a little funky, earthy, even odd. There is a developing urban wine cluster in Berkeley, CA with several producers I am fond of.

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    • Not sure why your comment went to moderation, Brian … ?? Nothing in it that’s offensive and you’ve commented on my blog before, haven’t you? In any case, thanks for your contribution. I sometimes miss living near Napa. Sometimes. 😋

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