“What’s Your Pleasure?”


Over at the Professor’s blog (The Professor’s Convatorium), there was a brief discussion in the comment section related to one’s preferred libation. Hmmm, I thought to myself … now that would be an interesting topic for a blog post. 😋


It all started when the Professor mentioned that he favored Pinot Noir wine, along with Malbec (especially from Mendoza, Argentina). Another person said he preferred wine from Uruguay. Then someone else indicated that he got heartburn from wine, so he leaned towards bourbon. This prompted the Professor to add that he liked tequila & vodka, with the occasional bourbon drink. He also offered that on occasion he drank Mexican Ambers (Lagers) like Dos Equis Amber or Modelo Negra with Mexican foods.

So what’s your “poison”? When you belly-up to the bar, hang out with friends, or go out for a nice dinner (pre-COVID), what cocktail do you prefer?

Personally, my alcoholic drink of choice is wine. Red “blends” are my favorite, but you will rarely see me turn down a fruity white, a smooth Pinot Noir, or a nice red, such as Merlot or Dolcetto. (Contrary to many “red wine drinkers,” I’m not particularly partial to Cabernet Sauvignon.) A wine that you will NOT see me drink is a “sweet” wine such as a Riesling or a Muscat or White Zinfandel.

Occasionally, I will detour away from wine and have a Gold Marguerita (on the rocks, shaken, no salt), various vodka drinks (Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Cape Cod, etc.) and every so often, a nice whiskey (Crown Royale or Pendleton) on the rocks.

Even less frequently, I will drink a beer, but only Mexican beer (Corona or Tecate, preferred).

So what’s your favored inebriant? (BTW, don’t be ashamed to admit it if you’re a teetotaler — lots of people have no taste for booze.)

Oh! And should you want to share an alcoholic beverage “experience” (you know what I mean), feel free. drunk-man

(Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay)