You’re Pro Life Until …

This meme was included in one of Scottie’s posts (

I felt it needed as much exposure as possible.


Take particular note of this sentence: “Not one bill tells a MAN what to do with his body.”

And for any Anti-Abortionist/Pro-Lifer reading this, let me repeat these words from the meme:

It is NOT your body … NOT your choice!

19 thoughts on “You’re Pro Life Until …

  1. Amen!!!! Well put!!! The problem with unwanted pregnancy is men, not women. A man can impregnate multiple women on an almost daily basis. Start holding men’s bodies accountable by castrating any man who creates an unwanted pregnancy. Chop ’em right off. Let’s give this a try and see the results. But..somehow…I highly doubt the men in government would ever allow it. Odd, that.

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  2. Laws are written by bigots for little people like us. They have the wherewithal to override the system.

    By all means, Nan, this should get all the attention possible. The church and state are co-leaders of the effort to turn society into a mindless herd of sheep, incapable of skepticism or critical thought.

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  3. It is funny that these morons understand the concept of stakeholders in business decisions or having standing in court motions, but do not understand that their opinion is irrelevant in this matter, unless they are the father and then they should prioritize the health and wishes of their partner over their own.

    Real men know when to shut the fuck up!

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    • Agreed Steve but these are not “real” men; “real” men pony up for their responsibilities, not bail on them. “Real” men would never consider enacting such an injustice and wrong-minded law and impose it on the OTHER person, not himself, leaving her to live with the consequences of HIS narrow minded opinion and deal with the responsibilities on her own! “Real” men would never make such laws.

      But does anyone think that Brett Cavanaugh or Neil Gorsuch is a “real” man? John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito? Of course not, that’s laughable! As I ve often repeated, these people are not judges, they are political operatives trying to legislate morality as if they have some claim to it!

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  4. Do you really think these people care about abortion or the fetus involved?
    They care about one thing. Control over women mostly and slamming their hypocritical religious views down someone else’s throat.

    I may have said before, I came of age during the 70s when R vs W was passed. I never heard anyone say anything negative about it and I knew girls that had abortions and while they didn’t broadcast it, if someone knew, they never judged or said a thing. It was pretty much an accepted thing.
    So what happened?

    Religion..the fundamentalist kind..that’s what. You know the one with a mouth full of scripture but a heart full of hate.

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  5. Take particular note of this sentence: “Not one bill tells a MAN what to do with his body.”

    Nan, I am right there with you, all the effin way Ma’am! With Scottie as well. 👍🏻

    I’ve always asked Neanderthal Conservative heterosexual men on their soap-boxes about Pro-life and their anti-Pro-choice rhetoric—particularly & annoyingly their biblical-scriptural self-appointed Soothsaying—WHY is all the responsibility and shaming put strictly on the woman/teenage girl!? WHY don’t YOU MEN bear at least HALF the responsibility and shame, or 100% of it in cases of rape and/or incest!? WHY don’t YOU HETERO MEN, who can’t control your tiny tally-whackers and where you stick ’em, get vasectomies!? Or better yet, a penectomy if you never want to raise children responsibly, provide for them for 18 or 25 yrs, and take full responsibility for YOUR dimwitted actions!? Huh?

    JEBUS H. CHRISTMAN MAN, are you nothing but a criminal sperm donor that will f*ck anything with a pulse and vag… including animals!!!!??? 😠🤬

    It’s a fantastic meme—and sadly disturbing too—Scottie and Nan. Just one more indication, upon hundreds of others, that most heterosexual men are indeed descended from apes with IQ’s of 80 or below. 🤦‍♂️

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  6. I think I am actually pro life. Life comes after birth.

    I do not encourage random abortion as a form of birth control. I still support a woman’s right to choose. For me it is very clear, but complex. These things (in the meme) are not fictional “what ifs.”

    My maternal grandmother died at the age of 31 because her fetus had died and she contracted sepsis (circa 1916). If she’d had an abutilon, I may have met her. My mother and her sister would have had very different lives.

    The pro lifers of the meme are blinded by pro birth, religion, and politics.. They, in my current opinion, care little about human life.

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