7 thoughts on “Elephant Love

  1. I think this is beautiful, Nan, and I appreciate you pointing this out. I saw a similar film with lions reuniting with a caretaker years ago and it is just so overwhelming to me. I am stunned that we’re going to watch these beautiful creatures fade into extinction and it breaks my heart.

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  2. Animals use more senses than we do to distinguish people than people do to distinguish animals. We rely almost 100% on sight, with maybe a bit of sound if an animal has a distinctive voice.
    Our horses know us first by sound, we call to them in their field and they start running towards us before do their herdmates. I don’t know what they see, but at a certain point they make us out as humans. But it is not until they are close up and they can smell us they will start talking and nuzzling and hugging us. They live 1400 kms away from us now, and with Covid they only see us once a year, But they know us as their people, and we love them knowing us.
    We only met our Ginny once before Covid struck so she shouldn’t know us well, but we saw her this summer on neutral territory and when she saw me, she gave me a great big hug. It was amazing. Even her trainer, whose farm she lives on, commented about her loving greeting. She knew I was somehow special in her life.

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  3. Wonderful! Absolutely LOVE it Nan! 😍

    We Homo sapiens are not so far removed from our animal kingdom, are we? Even more so when we live TOGETHER on this planet, rather than in conflict of each other. A concept even a 3rd grader understands. 😁

    Well, except maybe for those mean, repulsive bullying “Sid” Phillips (of Toy Story infamy) boys who grow-up to be orange orangutans & somehow end up in the White House, huh? Yikes! 😬

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