Guess Who?

The following was a comment in response to a recent post on Scottie’s blog related to the possibility of Trump running (again) for president in 2024. It was made by “Randy,” a regular visitor to the blog.

I admit it took me a moment to put two and two together, but once I did, I loved it! … and thought you might as well.

So, over my objections, I was forced to hire this employee a while back. Now, I don’t always expect to be right about everything, so I figured I had no choice but to give the guy a shot and hope all went well. What concerned me was that he seemed to be completely unqualified. His language was divisive, seemed to always be about him, and while some aspects of the business went well others really went in a bad direction during his employ. Further, he seemed to bring out the worst in other employees, didn’t show up for work some 25% of his work days, incurred a great deal of expenses, took a lot of sick time and didn’t use good sense when he got sick which put my organization in jeopardy as well as quite simply passing on his illness to others. He was written up twice for poor work policy and abuse of his position. Anyone who was not a stooge to his abuses he fired and replaced them with one puppet after another. During his employ he brought in workers from other businesses, and had closed meetings with them without divulging not only why but what was talked about in detail, gave away company secrets, and in the end I’ve found that the organization is in considerable debt after his removal. Speaking of that firing, he was given ample time to clean out his desk but spent the majority of that time golfing and refusing to accept that he had been fired. You want to hear something scary? There are some in the organization that say they want him back. It’s like I don’t even recognize this organization anymore. I mean, I was born into this business, my parents and grandparents going back generations worked here, and I can’t imagine leaving but I sure can’t stand to see what this guy would do to the business if he was rehired.