What If …


I’m guessing many of you have read about the CEO who recently fired 900 employees via a Zoom call (!)? 

There’s been a bit of discussion on this news item at ScottiesPlaytime.com, and I commented how little large companies care about PEOPLE — that their primary concern revolves around their bottom line. In other words, they aren’t the least bit worried how their (ex) employees will feed their family, pay the mortgage on their home, buy clothing for the kids, or even put gas in the car. Their primary concern is centered around their millions making more millions. As one person said — to them, it’s all sport.

NOTE: I remarked how crass and uncaring it was to do this during a ZOOM call. Someone responded by asking how else might it have been done considering there were 900 employees being fired!

Anyway, the discussion got me to thinking and I have a question to pose to my readers.

Assuming that most of you are of modest means, how would you react if you were to suddenly be the recipient of several million dollars? It could be via an inheritance, winning a YUGE jackpot, selling stocks that skyrocketed overnight, or maybe even selling a family heirloom that is suddenly worth millions. 

Would your life change? Would you join the ranks of the VERY RICH and live accordingly, such as purchasing high-return stocks, sheltering money in off-shore accounts, investing in successful business ventures, etc.?

Or perhaps you would buy your own personal golf club? 😈

Or would you be more inclined to entertain personal desires, like paying cash for a super luxurious car, a mansion by the sea, fine jewelry, and/or other long-desired wants and wishes? 

Some have said they would use such unexpected riches to help the less fortunate via sizeable donations to various charities. But since such donations are tax-exempt, wouldn’t the primary reward simply be to your charitable self rather than a reduction in riches?

I recognize that for most of us the odds of a sudden windfall like this are next to nil, but I thought it might make an interesting “thought exercise.” So throw caution to the wind and “just for fun” share your If I Were Rich dreams and aspirations.

P.S. I hope everyone will “play along” even if riches are not your “thing.” Fantasizing can be fun!