16 thoughts on “Top Democrat goes megaviral, gives SPEECH OF THE YEAR (Repost: Scotties Toy Box)

  1. Sounds great, but who is listening? Democrats and their supporters. certainly. Republicans who want to see what they are fighting against, yes. But those Americans who believe all the Republican BS, no! They followed Trump into his rabbit hole five years ago, and they don’t look at what the other side is doing anymore. They do not even try to look. Trump convinced them he tells the truth about Democrats, and they don’t care if he is lying. They probably even KNOW he is lying, but they don’t care. They convinced themselves Trump is their God, and they will follow him to hell if they have to.
    How to fight Trumpism? You cannot do it with facts, or figures, or rhetoric. What’s needed is to send Trump and all his henchmen to jail, for the rest of their natural lives. Take him and all his cronies OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE!
    LOCK THEM ALL UP! And throw away the keys.
    Cut off the head, and the body dies. That is how to stop Trumpism. Great speeches will not work.

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    • Hello Rawgod. You make some good points and ask a good question. Who is listening? Well even those of us on the positive side, on the Democratic side need to know what our elected people are doing for us vs what the other side is doing against us, and while denying facts is normal for the tRump supporters the fact is some can be reached with reason. Reason is different from just reciting facts at them. But you have to know the facts to be able to use the reasoning to reach them.

      25% of the US population is now fully engulfed in misleading right wing media and that is all the see and here. Yes it is their choice but we have to be able to reason with them, to plant the seeds that may help them ask some questions of what they hear. We have about half the population that simply ignores elections and doesn’t have anything to do with how the country is run or electing their leaders / lawmakers. They either feel it doesn’t matter, they don’t really get a say, or that there is no one to represent their wishes. Again videos like these can help is deal with them. So there is value in the videos, I think.

      I want the entire criminal cabal that is the tRump crime family and their supporters to be tried and sentenced for their crimes. But I want it done by the laws of our country that everyone should have to follow. I don’t want different sets of justice and I sure don’t want mob justice in our country. If we just jailed tRump and his people with the harshest sentences then we would be guilt of being a banana republic where political enemies are targeted by those in power, instead of a democracy. We have to be careful of how we get justice if we really want justice. Best wishes. Hugs

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      • I did not mean just to jail them without taking them to court. The thing is to get them into court. The American justice system is hemming and hawing and wasting time, hoping that the Repubes will be back in power before justice is served. Except for the fact the Repubes will have the better lawyers, I think the evidence against these people, especially ex-Pres Trump, is overwhelming. If they get them in court, they will be found guilty. That is how I meant they should all be sent to jail. I did not think it was necessary to go through the whole process.
        But I think you are deluding yourself, Scottie, about most Republican supporters. They have had so many chances to listen to reason over the past 5 years. Trump has lied and lied and lied. He his treated his followers like idiot children. He has stolen from the poor to give to the rich. If they were open to reason they would have listened by now. The preponderance of Trump’s policies should alone have opened their eyes. But those eyes are shut tight. They do not want to listen, or see. They believe Trump that everything the Dems say about him and his buds are lies, that the media is out to get them. Open your eyes, Scottie, and look at reality, not the way you want the world to be. That world is gone!
        You think I like saying these things? You think I want the world to be like this? No I do not. But I am not going to put on rose-coloured glasses. Times have changed. Trump has given HALF of America the permission to be assholes, and that is who they are now. They like being assholes. They enjoy it. And they think they can Make America White Again. But it is too late. They tried to genocide Red people a long time ago. That did not happen, even when the odds were in its favour. They will never genocide Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Reds. They think they are fighting for their race. That makes them all the more determined. But their fate has already been determined, and America will never be pure white. The war is lost. They just don’t know it yet.
        Sorry, I got a little carried away and off topic. But reason no longer makes any sense. You have to fight fire with fire.

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        • As I mentioned before, I live with a guy that supports the “other side.” No, he does NOT like tRump, but he does vehemently argue against (what he thinks) the Democrats are trying to do.

          Let me give you an example: He’s owns several guns (kept in a gun safe) and is a RESPONSIBLE gun-owner. Yet he is CERTAIN(!) the “liberals” want to take away ALL guns from ALL people. No matter what I say to counteract this, he’s CONVINCED I’m just spouting liberal propaganda. IOW, he’d rather believe the NRA than the POTUS.

          This is just one example of the mindset the Democrats are up against. And yes, tRump has contributed mightily to this and unfortunately, he continues to do so.

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        • Thanks for the example, Nan. There is a mindset, dare I say a mini-zeitgeist, that puts fear into the hearts of those who think they are losing their way of life. And that just increases their blindness. I wish that instead of looking at what they have to lose, they could see what they have to gain. But they are not interested. Maybe you can tell me why your hubby feels the way he does. Although I can see it, it is beyond my ability to comprehend. The world is way better now than it was 500 years ago. Why would anyone want to stop that progression?

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        • Apparently, somewhere along the way he was influenced by someone or something. It could have come from his parents, but I tend to think it’s more from association with other people. He did serve in Viet Nam and that may have also played a role.

          Obviously, I tend to avoid political discussions with him … 👎

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        • That is how many of us see it from here in Australia, Trumps lies and his raving rubbish has had an effect on some gullible idiots here also. The anti-vaxers and anti- mandates and anti- whatever often go out to demonstrate and there always seems to be MAGA flag waving around. I have a few women friends who think Trump did a good service to the US, however I have constantly tried to get them to listen to the facts on the BBC or our own ABC or some more creditable media but to no avail, they take their obscure beliefs from Fox and social media. I ask why they are so stupid many times.

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        • It’s the same here in Canada, but it’s not half the nation like in the States, though it is more than I like to admit. Hate crimes in Alberta sre up over 200% since 2015. It doesn’t help that out present premier is called mini-Trump.

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        • This:
          >Trump has given HALF of America the permission to be assholes, and that is who they are now. They like being assholes. They enjoy it. And they think they can Make America White Again. <

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  2. I feel like the republicans just want “to own the libs”. That s all that many of their voters care about. Then others are oblivious to truth and reason. Some agree with all the racism, voter suppression, anti women’s rights etc. Some live vicariously through trump as wannabe bullies. They fit a patterns.

    Then the Dems, with many great ideas and goals to help all people’s interest, don’t get their ideas and views out there enough. Even the mainstream media doesn’t promote these ideas because they’d rather report trump’s latest outrageous lies.
    Democratic voters have more apathy than the republicans. The republicans vote.
    And of course the republican politicians court trump for votes from his cult.

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    • As you said, if people would just get off their partisan high horses and actually pay attention to some of the things the Democrats put forth, they might actually see that the policies would benefit THEM! But noooo. Their view is blinded by partisan SH__!!

      And anytime you try to reason with them, they put their fingers in their ears and sing “La-La-La-La.”

      It’s frustrating, to say the least.

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