Humanity’s Future

If you are an individual who tends to live according to the aphorism, Carpe Diem (“Seize the Day”), and find the ideas/thoughts/opinions related to humanity’s future as not particularly interesting, then you probably won’t enjoy reading the article I’ve referenced below. 

However, for those who like to ponder events that may or may not lie ahead for humankind, I think you’ll find the contents very thought-provoking.

The topic is centered around “Longterminism” (the definition will become clear in the article) and starts out thus:

There seems to be a growing recognition that humanity might be approaching the ‘end times’. Dire predictions of catastrophe clutter the news. Social media videos of hellish wildfires, devastating floods and hospitals overflowing with COVID-19 patients dominate our timelines. Extinction Rebellion activists are shutting down cities in a desperate attempt to save the world. One survey even found that more than half of the people asked about humanity’s future ‘rated the risk of our way of life ending within the next 100 years at 50 per cent or greater.’

Be warned … the article in VERY long but, IMO, well worth your time and consideration. As always, I will be interested in any feedback you care to offer.

 Here is the link to the article. 

P.S. An abstract from the “survey” referenced in the brief above (a separate study):

Almost 80% agreed “we need to transform our worldview and way of life if we are to create a better future for the world” (activism). About a half agreed that “the world’s future looks grim so we have to focus on looking after ourselves and those we love” (nihilism), and over a third that “we are facing a final conflict between good and evil in the world” (fundamentalism).