Reblog: Enemy

I follow this very talented writer and every so often she shares a real “zinger” with her blog readers. This was one of them.



I walked alone

into the night,
I gripped my knife

within my hand,
And thrust it deeply

without a fight
my aim precise

although unplanned.

And when I saw

my blood flow free

the glowing moon,
I realized

that it was me,
I was the enemy

that I had hewn

‘Cause it was I,

I couldn’t face

For I was lost

within the pain

So I gave myself

a cold embrace,

and then I died

in gentle rain

~Melanie Thomason

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4 thoughts on “Reblog: Enemy

    • I’m so sorry it affected you personally. I suppose I should have considered that when I posted it … but unfortunately, we don’t always consider all the ramifications of our actions. 🙁


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