Gasp! Socialism?

Scottie at recently posted this video and I found it well worth sharing. 

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of “opinion” videos. Much of the time the speaker rambles on and on and overall, offers very little. Or the subject matter, while relevant, is over-treated and from about half-way to the end, the speaker ends up repeating his/her same thoughts — just in slightly different ways. Thus, in most instances, I ignore many/most video links.

So now that I’ve shared my overall distaste for videos, when I say THIS video is well worth watching, you’ll know it’s … well worth watching

As always, I look forward to your feedback.

18 thoughts on “Gasp! Socialism?

  1. Forget that it was Jon Stuart that compiled this video, please. Listen to the video. Jon Stewart is getting paid quite well to tell you these things. Listen to his words. Listen to what he is saying! SOCIALISM IS ONLY BAD FOR THE BIG BOYS AND GIRLS, little people, even mefium-sized people NEED SOCIALISM! Socialism is the only hope for people with callouses on their hands and minds! Without Socialism you are forever going to be a little person, living from paycheck to paycheck.
    Please ask yourself, why are countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland always in the top 10 countries in the world to live in, while countries like America, Canada, Britain, Russia, China, and North Korea ARE NOT in the top 10? Because they are Socialist countries, while the others lean to the extremes. Capitalism and so-called Communism are only good to the people on top. They live off the little people, but no way are they ever going to BE little people. The little people are the backbone of every nation on Earth, and yet, they are shat upon and pissed upon and farted upon and vomited upon by the Big People! Why? Because the Big People are scared they won’t be big people anymore if Socialism is allowed to grow. WE NEED SOCIALISM NOW! And you, the voters in democratic nations, are the ONLY ONES who can give it to us.

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    • Waaaay too many of the older generation (and who are the most likely to go to the polls) associate the dreaded “C” word with socialism. Until they are shuffled off to eternity, our efforts will be meager for any significant change.

      It continues to dumbfound me that the anti-socialism people are so blind to its advantages to EVERYONE. But hey! Freedumb is the by-word, yes?

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      • Being part of that now “older generation” I kinda resent that statement, but I know that that part of my generation who did not tune in, turn on, and drop out were victims of the anti-socialism propaganda. They believed in the America the politicians of the time were up-playing. They never understood what Steppenwolf were singing about in Monster. Everything was so rosy, according to them. Them I will never understand.

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        • Stop the resentment already! I’m quite sure I’m older than you. Besides, AGE per se is not what I’m referencing.

          I’m talking about those who experienced all the communist hullabaloo that was prevalent in the 50’s. Many of these individuals are still around and are simply unable to differentiate the socialism of today and that of the “communist party” that proliferated their younger days. Until these folk become the minority, socialism, unfortunately, will remain a “dirty word.”

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        • Easy, Nan, easy. I was trying to be funny. Who cares who is older, we are both old, lol. (But if you care, a week today, 1949.) And l was referring to the Communist/Socialist scare propaganda that first started in the 30s, or so I read, and peaked in the 50s with McCarthyism. It did not only affect those generations, but their kids and grandkids too.

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        • Hello Rawgod. I never heard the song. I admit I like what lyrics I can understand. I have tried two versions and still can not make it all out. In the versions I have listened to so far there is a bit of difference in style. I would like to share with you the one I found easiest to understand but that would post the video in the comments and Nan frowns on that. Hugs

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        • The single (45 rpm) was the best recording in my view, but the album version split it into a number of short songs. Not sure why you are having trouble with the words, or is the music too loud in your versions? One thing about stereo players with diamond needles, the clarity was so much better than CD or MP3.
          I’ll send you the words if I can find a good rendering.

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        • The single (45 rpm) was the best recording in my view, but the album version split it into a number of short songs. Not sure why you are having trouble with the words, or is the music too loud in your versions? One thing about stereo players with diamond needles, the clarity was so much better than CD or MP3.
          I’ll send you the words if I can find a good rendering.
          I hope you don’t mind, Nan, but I need to do a bit of self-advertising. I just posted Monster ()with lyrics) for Scottie.

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        • Hello Rawgod. Yes that is the problem I have with some music, if the music sounds are too loud I can not hear or distinguish the lyrics. Even some music with great musical sound if it over powers the words I simply can not understand it. Which makes me dislike a song that if I could understand it I might really like. I don’t blame others, this seems to be a problem with me and how I hear things. There are entire music categories I dislike because the music parts are so over whelming to me it sounds like noise and I can not make out any words. Thanks for the link. Hugs


        • I have the same problem. You’re too young to know this one, but in the mid 60s a group called The Toys did a song called Lovers’ Concerto. It went straight to No. 1 on the charts. I had no idea why, I could not understand anything but the opening line, “How gentle is the rain that falls softly on the meadow?” After that I was lost. It wasn’t until the advent of the internet, and sites that tried to give lyrics, that I learned the rest of the song.
          Punk and Grunge were horrible, the singers mumbled the lyrics. How that “music” ever got popular I had no idea.
          But I remember on American Bandstand a whole lot of the dancers did not care one whit about the lyrics, all they cared was the music danceable. For me, I liked the music, but the words were paramount. If the song did not say something, it was useless.

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        • Hello Rawgod. Very powerful. Seriously I recommend anyone interested in the mind set of the US from how it started to the Vietnam war and it really that time could be our time today they way the song describes it. I wish the song music were softer because the words, the lyrics ring true to me and seem to be something we in the US need to understand. Some people in the US need to understand other people, other beings have rights also, not just those born on our piece of the planet or have something we want from them. Thanks again Rawgod, I am glad to know what the song was saying. Hugs


        • My pleasure, Scottie. When it comes to Steppenwolf — no one would remember them if not for Born to Be Wild — Monster was the best thing they did. And I was surprised Nixon did not ban the song, the way he banned the Smothers Brothers off television.

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  2. Socialism is a political and an ideological attempt to try and fix what is wrong with the economical system called Capitalism. When applied properly it seems to work wonders, even if it does not solve all the problems.

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    • As you said, it doesn’t solve all the problems, but IMO, it could sure make a HUGE dent in a lot of them!!

      I found the about-face among the Faux “news” people hilarious. Too bad their fans have short memories.


  3. Odd the way this form of indoctrination has done more damage than one can imagine and American politicians still punt it as if it were some sort of elixir of life: the American Dream(sic).

    A nation that looks after its people will have people who look after it.
    And a healthy, well-educated population is a productive population.

    This nonsense that caring for citizens through universal healthcare will produce a nation of ”slackers” ( to borrow the expression from Back to the Future) is simply daft.

    I’m sure there are studies showing how many days are lost through sickness and such studies probably include mental well being as well.

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