Oh! If Only …

Male seahorses could talk! stockvault-seahorse-sketch108487

NewScientist.com reports that male seahorses form close, monogamous relationships with the female … and it is the MALE that carries the pregnancy from shortly after fertilization all the way to birth!

Were this true of humans, one can’t help but wonder if there would be a VERY marked difference in the way abortion is viewed by some …

21 thoughts on “Oh! If Only …

  1. Hidden within this post is my TOTAL disgust at the MEN who want to take the abortion option away from women. Perhaps if the roles were switched, as it is among the seahorses, they might change their thinking.

    Then again …

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  2. Being a man, I completely concede that men are assholes. Never met one I really liked, when it came right down to it, not in real life. On the internet there seem to be a few nice guys, but the internet never gives the whole picture.


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