It’s Almost That “Time” Again


No, it’s not here quite yet, but it’s coming up fast!

What am I talking about? You guessed it! The TIME CHANGE!

Yup! In approximately two weeks, many of us in the States will “gain” an hour’s sleep. 

I don’t think I need to point out the various and sundry “adjustments” that are needed within one’s household to compensate for this event, but I bet several people reading this will agree with me when I say it’s One Big Pain! 

Not only do we have to alter our personal sleep patterns (which experts say temporarily messes up our circadian rhythms), but many of us are put into the awkward position of having to “explain” to our pets why they’re not being fed at their usual time. Or why their morning “walk” is a bit off schedule. 

I do recognize there are parents who have expressed their preference for this event since it’s currently dark when children go to school and the time change “lightens” thing up a bit. (However, since I’m personally well past that stage of life, I find it difficult to share their joy.)

On the other end of the spectrum — since the change means it’s dark at a much earlier hour of the day, many bemoan the fact that various outdoor activities are canceled. And to this point, the early darkness can actually trigger depression in some people. 

In any event .. best to start preparing NOW for whatever changes are relevant to you and your household.

P.S. If you happen to be one of the fortunate individuals who lives in a state (or country) that doesn’t have to go through this pain-in-the-rear routine, consider yourself lucky indeed! While there is talk among various locales to make DST permanent, overall agreement is still a ways off.

21 thoughts on “It’s Almost That “Time” Again

  1. Our stupid premier, Jason Kenney, (he wanted to be a Kennedy but fell one letter short) ran a refendum question about permanent changeless time just last week in the midst of our province-wide municipal elections. He asked whether Albertans want to move to permanent Mountain Daylight Time. What he did NOT do is offer us the choice between Daylight time, and Standard time, which any caring person would have done. In the end it really doesn’t matter which time is selected, if Albertans want to Stop the Change, but as with everything else mini-Trump does, it has to be His Way, or the highway.
    The thing is, we heard all the election results the day after the election, but as of last count we still have not heard what the people voted for on this referendum. Do you suppose he is hand-changing the ballots to get his way, or is he just not going to tell us that Albertans voted to keep the Change.
    Personally, I don’t care. Being retired, I don’t go to sleep or wake up by the clock. But given the evidence that more motor vehicle accidents happen on or just after a time change as compared to the other 359 days a year, I think one time should be permanent. Given where I live, way up in the far north of the province, where we get 18 hours of sunlight in summer and barely 6 hours of sunlight in winter, what time it is has no real bearing on anything. I think we should use Eastern Time, at least then we would be on a similar schedule to the centre of the Universe. For those non-Canadians reading this, the centre of the universe is Toronto, Ontario. If it doesn’t happen in Toronto, no one cares.

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  2. I dislike DST, but am fine with Standard Time. Most people I know have a much easier time dealing with going back to Standard than going ahead to Daylight Saving, but most of those also dislike it becoming dark earlier in the evening. I’m a weirdo who enjoys the dusk, and prefers Winter, too, though I know that’s another blog post another time. 😉 Anyywaay, after losing over 60 hours of my life to DST (no, we don’t get our hour back, or we’d go backward 2 hours for a day. Also, why do we have to do it overnight? Why not at 2 PM on a Thursday? Anyway.) I’ve given up trying to talk people into staying on Standard time, and will be fine if we just pick a time and stay there. That’s my .02. It’s probably no more popular here on your blog than it is in my life, but I make great chocolate chip cookies and other good things, and I love to share, so people put up with me.

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    • To each his own … but I tend to think your preference for winter 🥶 and Standard time puts you in the minority.

      However, I do think if we must continue to put up with this event that your suggestion related to an afternoon change definitely has merit!

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  3. If you stop and think about it there never was a good argument for the time change nonsense to begin with. The argument for the change at the time was that it would reduce the need for artificial lights in factories back during WWI, and that myth has remained with us ever sense. It was nonsense then and it is nonsense now. It doesn’t somehow increase the hours of daylight, all it does is change the time during the physical day when work shifts begin and end, and if that was really important they could have just change the clock time of day when the work shift began and ended. Back during the Arab oil embargo in 1973 they tried fiddling around with it again, claiming changes would reduce energy use. It didn’t and they gave up on that idea almost immediately.

    All of the reasons for the change have been thoroughly debunked long ago, and there are valid reasons to NOT do it. The problems with increased number of accidents, health problems, etc. are all well documented. But we keep doing this twice a year for — for “reasons”…

    Here’s an idea. Split the difference. Instead of “springing ahead” an hour next spring, only go half an hour, and then JUST LEAVE IT THERE. Or better yet

    P.S. It also really, really p*ssed off the cows back when I was still farming. It screwed up their milking schedule, for one thing, which they hated. And you try to explain to a bunch of 1,500 pound cows why their breakfast is an hour late (or an hour early).

    Of course we could all just switch to UTC and get everybody mad except us amateur radio operators because we use UTC all the time anyway.

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