ReBlog: What is a god? Any god. Who is it?

Some VERY good thoughts here …

Dispassionate Doubt

I Googled ‘God.’ I got about 2.16 billion hits. Wow. The answer must be there. Right?

One was from a Christian religious site. Everything they claimed about God was supported with biblical citation by chapter and verse, of course. But there were two important exceptions.

First, the article claimed it’s obvious: “God’s existence is so conspicuous….” So, everyone should know. Second, it championed God by further claiming that “creation,” or existence, and human consciousness make God manifest. The writer did not answer what, or who is any god. But they continued to try.

The rest of the post made interesting claims. Such as, they said if you don’t get God right, that is idolatry, which is a sin (Pardonne-moi s’il te plaît). “God is spirit, by nature intangible.” No help there. But then they said, “We know certain things to be true of God…” Then they quoted more…

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22 thoughts on “ReBlog: What is a god? Any god. Who is it?

  1. Saw this somewhere…2.4 billion Christians, 1.9 billion Muslims, 1.1 billion Hindus, 1.1 billion nones , atheists, agnostics, and 1 billion Buddhists and other folk religions. This equals 7.5 billion total in the world. Minus the 2.4 Christians leaves 5.1 heading to hell. It better be a big place that loving god has set aside for the rest of humanity.

    I’m sure these numbers are off some, but you get the idea.

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    • Do the Christians (in general) actually think all of them get to these assumed Heavens? Most people who I know who are members of some Christian sect or a nother do not think of these things much and belong to their religious groups more out of a habit than a conscious choise.

      Christians do have a history of bloody wars against each others on the grounds, that the other Christians do it somehow wrong. Enough so, that at times they have purposefully tortured each others to make them confess, that they are doing it somehow wrong and presumably belong to Hell to be tortured there for all eternity. Heck, most crusades were against other Christians, because they alledgedly were somehow the wrong sort of Christians and even today, when the Christians claim, that they are the “most persecuted religion” in the world they seem to be totally able to ignore the fact that the persecuters are often enough simply other sort of Christians…

      Even if what they think is, that all the Christians are getting into them Heavens, they are describeding their god as an immoral monster. Same of course applies to all other religions, that claim only their followers are saved from some divine punishments. It is sad, because it makes people who believe in such nonsense seem both unable to understand morals and quite idiotic, though most likely they are just as capable of moral choises and equally clever as the rest of us.

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      • Unfortunately most religious Christian people in the US, at least the ones I run across, are the far out evangelical fundamentalist types who live in a mental cuckoo land of fear, hate and judgement. These people are not sane and use no rational thinking process.

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    • there really isn’t anything at all in the Bible about such a place as “hell” in the way most people think of it. There’s no lake of fire or any of the Hieronymus Bosch images that we’re so familiar with. Certainly Jesus never implied or insinuated any such place. His interpretation of “hell” would simply mean to die and lay in a grave for eternity in the absence of god’s love. The church and the Christian crazies invented all the hellfire stuff to facilitate recruitment efforts. Of course the irony is they lie like rugs as they still do.

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  2. When I was a kid, my dad used to tell us, “You don’t make deal with God”. I actually worked that line into a poem I wrote for his 80th birthday … he died just before his 85th birthday … one of the things everyone remembered about him at his funeral was how he said that all the time. It refers to Jesus’ temptation by Satan in the desert.

    But that’s bullshit because we’re supposed to make deals with the gods/goddesses, that’s how religion works. The Bible, indeed all religious tracts, are filled with deals made with one or another deity.

    I realize now that HE was the god he was talking about, whether or not he admitted it, even to himself. There was no making deals with HIM. His word was law & that was the end of it.

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  3. If there were a God and he, she, or it were as godly as Hebrew-based religions say he, she, or it is, there would be no non-believers. I am a non-believer, therefore “ipso facto” God does not exist.

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  4. not ‘a great being’. but Being-ness.
    existence is individual. but being-ness is universal. it belongs to all life. that is the source of all.
    we connect with it in the core of our heart.
    like when you look into the eyes of another creature, what you see in their being-ness, consciousness, awareness (all words for same thing). we focus on the form only (dog, fish, woman, mother, etc) but is not the essence the same in all? the difference is only in the qualities that covers their being-ness which has no quality at all. how can see being-ness?? you cannot. so, it needs to take a shape, a form, a body.

    when that form dies, the quality also disappears. but beingness cannot be destroyed, like energy, it only undergoes a transformation. like gold being shaped in any form of jewelry, when melted, it just goes back to being gold. god is gold, and the world we see is the jewelry! 😄

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  5. A very interesting, enlightening questions and amusing ponderances Nan, and to Bill, its author. I enjoyed the read very much. ❤️

    I commented over there, but if you don’t mind I’ll share it here too…

    Could we now include Google as a newest God—e.g. “Google-God” as we call It/Him/Her in our family and from a society glued to our cellphones 22/7, 365-days a year—inside the many Pantheons of Living & Dead God’s easily found littering our world on every continent, in every culture, living or dead? 😉

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        • Well, here’s what happened. Ark was crucified for annoying evangelical Christians in America. They buried him in a stone tomb with a BIG rock in front of it. When I went to visit the tomb, the rock was rolled away and Ark was sitting on it with a beer in his hand listening to Jimmy Hendrick’s music on a 70’s boom box! I bowed before him and he said, “Get outta here ya a-hole! I’m listening to music!” That’s the last I saw him.

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        • I too was beginning to get a bit concerned, though I do not have the amount of spare time I once did, but I do manage sometimes to check-in quickly on my handful of all-time favorite bloggers, especially the one who loathes & despises Man. United like an ingrown toenail. 😛

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        • He does know well how to make an “entrance,” spread himself around, then remarkably seems to STAY around—with a lingering air of Parfum équestre—despite being at the bottom of the world in S.A., huh? 😉 😛

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