“Get Your Guns”


The following is a quote from Heather Cox Richardson’s latest newsletter, but I read about the incident in other sources as well.  

At a protest in Santa Monica yesterday before a vote on a mask mandate, a man held a sign with the names and home addresses of each Los Angeles City Council member and said protesters would go to the homes of anyone who voted for the mandate and, if it passed, “Civil War is coming! Get your guns!”

“Get your guns!” 

One can’t help but wonder, along with Heather, how many are going to get caught up in this radical thinking? 

Certainly Tucker Carlson at Fox News agrees. Although he was condemning the recent actions in Afghanistan, his words exemplify the thwarted thinking held by so many in today’s society:

This can’t go on … We need to change course immediately… or else the consequences will be awful. 

In this instance, Tucker is correct. If these non-mask-wearing idiots carry out their intended actions, yes … “the consequences will be awful.”

Never in my lifetime (which includes a considerable amount of years) has this type of grade-school thinking been so prominent. Certainly in this country there have been multiple uprisings in all shapes and sizes and for multiple “causes,” but threatening specific individuals with weapons of death simply because a person doesn’t like a mandate — not even an actual LAW (!) — is mind-boggling. 


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Image by kerttu from Pixabay

30 thoughts on ““Get Your Guns”

        • Did you click on the link to see if it opened up? If not, try going to Heather’s newsletter. She provides a link as well and I would tend to think it would be available to any/everyone.

          If not, then I can’t help you much except to say there was a group of anti-vaxxers standing around and this guy was holding a sign in front of him and screaming at someone (it never shows who). His final words included the civil war/gun threat.

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        • It should work. I don’t have a Twitter account but I can still view the accounts of people who do, and watch videos which they’ve twitted (twoten? twatten? whatever). Your link worked for me. I always have to unmute videos, though.

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        • Typical red neck, I guess. We have lots of them in Northern Alberta, which is why the area I live in has by far the lowest vaccination rate in the province.
          From your description I’d rather not see the video, but thanks for the offer.

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        • Alberta and Saskatchewan would seem to be a complete mess lately with respect to COVID. Of course this bad situation is something that was a predictable outcome, but is hardly surprising given the political climate out there.

          Stay safe!

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        • The mess is not just in respect to to Covid. There are so many problems and issues. The “powers that presently be” don’t give a shit about people or the environment. They are destroying the public health system, and the education system. If this goes on, we won’t be Canadians anymore, we will be Trump MAGAts.

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    • Fred Clark gave a good illustration of this today on his “Slacktivist” blog. He pointed to an example from 1963. Back then, it was a Republican who was calling out the insanity. These days, the Republicans have embraced insanity as party policy.

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  1. I dunno. Various brands of wingnuts have been making threatening noises about an armed uprising and/or slaughtering people they don’t like since The turner Diaries came out. Hardly anything ever actually happens (we get a major incident like Oklahoma City or January 6 maybe once a decade), and when something violent does happen, most of them claim it’s a “false flag” (leftists or government agents doing it to make wingnuts look bad), or fake news, or not as violent as claimed, or whatever. I think most of them talk big but don’t have much stomach for actual violence — not that that means we shouldn’t be keeping a close eye on them.

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    • Your point is well-made — and I definitely agree it would be good to keep an eye on them.

      While the “incidents” you mentioned are not commonplace, neither was Trump. And these idiots drool all over him and his words — which causes me to think it wouldn’t take much encouragement from him for them to carry through on their threats. And while it might start out small, who knows what could happen …

      I suppose time will tell.

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  2. Nan, since I left the Republican party to become an independent about thirteen years ago, one of the reasons was their unhealthy relationships with guns. Another was the difficulty with the truth, which has only gotten worse with the previous president. I have said for several years, the Republican party is not a pro-life party, but a pro-birth party. Once you are born, you are on your own. The list is long but includes stances against better gun governance, against vaccines and mask requirements, against the ACA, against environmental protections and climate change action and so on. Keith

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    • You’ve mentioned before about your departure from the Republican Party. If I haven’t said it in the past, let me say it now … IMO, it was one of the smartest moves you have made in your lifetime.

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  3. Aside from the OBVIOUS facts/science that our social public response to this has to be (since Jan. 2020) truly an “E Pluribus Unum” country—the national motto of this nation!—on all fronts against a literal, evolving/adapting aggressor of “biological warfare” just as we were in WW1 and WW2, but against an indiscriminate invisible-to-the-eye enemy FAR WORSE than all Nazis/SS troops or Imperial Japan Kamikazes! And these dimwitted parents and political groups screaming divisive rhetoric and threatening violence and harassment… are literally arguing the asinine logic that they REFUSE to make their at-high-risk children and other students concentrated together for 6-7 hours daily, wear let’s say plaid skirts or collared shirts to school because that’s unfashionable in THEIR simple minds! Wow. The mundane sh*t people scream when in reality we are talking about our nation, let alone our children, being in biological warfare and forcing them into combat zones with no weapons or protective gear to increase their chances of NOT DYING!!!

    Nan, I cannot even comprehend this level of sheer stupidity. 🤦‍♂️

    Oh, btw! So far the medical science & data is repeatedly showing that when EVERYONE in public domains get vaccinated or are fully vaccinated and wear masks as well as social-distance 6-10 feet… SURPRISE!!! The COVID-19 virus and the Delta-variant do not spread and soon after overrun our already exhausted frontline medical staffs, ICU’s, hospital ventilators, beds, and oh yeah, just an additional little perk from proper public health and safety with “E Pluribus Unum” collaboration, DEATHS of all ages drops way down! Imagine that! COVID deaths might even be permanently eradicated* in the world just as smallpox was in 1980! Polio, mumps, rubella, and measles to name only four, are completely managed down to near zero cases in some regions of the world BECAUSE OF medical-biological vaccinations based upon extensive sciences. Common knowledge.

    * — Source: https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/articles/disease-eradication

    P.S. Yes, I am surviving. However, we are still squarely in Acute Survival Mode here. I think it will take an undetermined time-span for this to change. We’ll see. Gotta run Ma’am. ❤️

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  4. And today is the the first day of open carry in Texas (where I live). FUCK!

    Given all the violence of the past with concealed carry, I am wondering about this. If I am accosted by someone packing a gun and threatening me, what am I supposed to do?

    If he or she shoots me for wearing a mask or getting a flu shot, is that someone performing a patriotic act?

    The word politicide didn’t just make itself up. I am looking down the tunnel and I see no light.

    “I don’t know what happened. The damn thing just went off. But he looked like a libtard to me.”

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