The Virus of Masks


There is a singular point about wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID that consistently gets ignored by the mask protesters — and that is that masks protect OTHERS.

Every breath that human beings expel goes into the air of those around them. 

Even though the people with a bare face may be convinced they are not carrying the virus (“I feel fine!”), there is a very real possibility they could be carrying a dormant form of the virus. Thus, although they may not be experiencing any symptoms, the culprit could very well be in their body … and being expelled with every breath.

This means that every person this individual talks to in the grocery store, at the bank, across the dinner table, on a nearby bar stool, etc., could very well end up on a ventilator –or worse– if that person happened to be someone with a compromised immune system.

Thus, when you wear a mask, you are protecting the “other guy.” Certainly there is benefit to the mask-wearer as well, but because of warped thinking and a demand for “personal rights,” Anti-Mask-Wearers ignore this very relevant fact and focus entirely on themselves.

The sad thing about this is that the anti-maskers will never know whom they might have infected — so they will continue demonstrating their “rights” to the world around them.

Further, to those who believe some supernatural entity will protect you from the Coronavirus … think again. Dedicated church-goers have suffered and died in very similar numbers as the “heathens.”

One more thing. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask because they have been convinced by whatever source that the virus is not as deadly as “they” say … or that the vaccinations are “unproven” … you are a fool.  Yes, that is a very uncomplimentary description. But when a person puts the word of those who have dubious credentials over the suffering and deaths that have taken place by REAL people …


The title fits.

Please. Honor your fellow humans and wear a mask. 

Better yet, get vaccinated! You will not only be providing better protection for yourself, but for your fellow humans as well. 

Please people. Let’s do what we can and GET RID OF this virus!! None of us are enjoying the restrictions.

41 thoughts on “The Virus of Masks

  1. Hello Nan. Well said, very well said. I have been wondering do any of these anti-maskers demand their surgeons or doctors stop wearing masks. I use to work in the ICU’s of a major hospital and we wore masks, the doctors wore masks, both to protect our selves and the patient. Do they ever wonder why medical people do that if masks don’t work or if masks cause all the problems these people claim? But I do have a mask question I have not seen an answer for yet, does anyone know what right is being violated to require masks in businesses and establishments or government offices? I did not see the right to not wear a mask in the constitution? I don’t hear these people claim wearing pants, shirts, and shoes violates their rights, so I am confused. Hugs

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  2. How people talk about the reasons for masking is I think the most telling aspect of what they understand about the virus. If they understand it protects others from the person wearing the mask, they usually have a good understanding why vaccinations are the best defense. If they they assume masking is some kind of (poor) defense against getting the virus from others, they usually have little understanding why vaccinations are anything other than some infringements on their rights and freedoms.

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    • You forgot one thing, Nan, unless I read over it (my apologies if I did): Even if you have had two vaccinations, and feel you are fully protected, WEAR A MASK anyway. It is possible you can still get the virus, the vaccines are NOT 100% effective. But more importantly, you can still carry the virus around with you, and you could still be a super-spreader. Nothing in life is ever sure, except death, and in this pandemic, nothing is ever sure either. Do your part, wear a mask!
      Nobody around you knows you are fully vaccinated. And unless you paint a VV on your forehead, no one can know. You can be the best citizen in the world, and do everything right, but if you don’t wear your mask, no one knows for sure. Tell them, in no uncertain terms, I care about you, that is why I am still wearing my mask.

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      • I didn’t mention this so no, you didn’t overlook it.

        While I definitely believe vaccination is a VERY important step in conquering this virus, the resistance to masks seems to overshadow the push to get vaccinated.

        Further, as you mentioned, even if a person is vaccinated, there have been breakthrough cases. (In fact, just in today’s news, a U.S. Senator who was fully vaccinated has tested positive for the virus.)

        So yes … masks are still the best deterrent.

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  3. It sure is disappointing to realize that we’ve reached a point where so many people are unwilling to undergo even a mild inconvenience to protect public health. And yes, I realize that “disappointing” is not nearly a strong enough word.

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  4. and even if a member of Trump’s Trogs has convinced you the virus is a hoax what harm does wearing the mask to make others feel safe really do? Try and hide your contempt for the rest of the human race for a while, they’ll thank you.

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  5. (presumes & pretends to be Nan’s Antagonist with a very low, basement-dwelling IQ) 😉

    Hey! Here’s a fine analogy, or parody 😛 , of finely refined intellectual brilliance that will demonstrate MY personal expertise in cytology, epidemiology, virology, mask-ology, with Grandiosity in Bullshitology! Ready Nan? 😁

    Let’s dismantle and meltdown ALL of our nation’s speed limit signs, especially school zone signs and their flashing lights! ALL OF THEM! Every single one of them! They are an insult to American freedom and “My need for speed” anywhere I go, including residential neighborhoods with parks and playgrounds full of kids; YOUR KIDS and grandkids! Public Safety is a JOKE & HOAX!!! I’m a proud, loud, patriotic American & Texan and I urinate on any rules, laws, and safety measures made for the public’s health or safety! EFF ‘EM ALL!!!

    YEE-HAW! COVER YUR EARS BOYS & GALS! (pulls out his two semi-automatic, ivory-handled six-barreled Gatlin guns and UNLOADS THEM in the air!) If you got a hard-hat, put her on… cuz it’s gonna rain lead here in a Lone Star minute! 🤠 I lives in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! (spits his chewin’ tobacco on the ground!)

    Yeah. Public safety? Who tha hell needs it. Ain’t this a free kuntry!? What biological enemy & war are you people skeered about!? I ain’t skeerd of nuttin’ I don’t see! ☠️


    Now, back to reality and the obvious fact that NO human being lives on his own island with their own rules and needs NO ONE! That is about as certifiably mentally-ill as Jack Nicholson in The Shining and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, probably a few more too.

    Do I make my point clear about the exceptionally smart reasons & need for public health & safety? Yeah, thank you! Now, will a specific portion of the American people pull their heads out of their _____ before Natural Selection hauls your ignorant corpse 6-feet under! Geeezzz. 🙄 🤦‍♂️

    Alright, I’m done Nan. Thank you for your patience & understanding with me Ma’am. ❤️

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    • You forgot. I am offended by Big Gubmint’s demand that I not drive with a BAC of .2! That is my right as a fire breathing (maybe literally with a BAC of .2) American patriot! I should have the right to determine how sober I am, not kowtowing to some Big Gummit Breath machine.

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      • 😆 Oh dear! Apologies basenjibrian! Take off and trash ANY vehicular speed and breath governors you encounter! Here in the Land of the Brainless and Home of the Reckless… you can even NOT wear any clothes if it helps you breath better and make people runaway from you faster!!! 😉 😛 hehe

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  6. Hello Nan. I would like to add that if your masks is one of the older ones, please replace them. Your masks should be at least five layers now to be effective. N95 / KN95 are rated the best, and can be gotten in most drug stores or the hated Amazon. Hugs

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  7. The utter selfishness of people in this nation astounds and angers me. But, I suppose I should not be surprised by this, since the VERY SAME people who claim being told to wear a mask is a violation of their ‘rights’ also claim that being told to keep their guns under lock and key is a violation of their 2nd Amendment rights. Methinks we have a few too many rights and too few responsibilities in this country and we have created a monster … a greedy portion of society who think only of themselves, who have lost any compassion, empathy or humanity they may have once had. They have, single-handedly, kept this country under the thumb of COVID for nearly a year-and-a-half now. I have only one word for them: Stupid.

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    • I agree with you, Jill. I understand that these vaccines have been approved under emergency criteria and so mandating them cannot be done legally until they are determined to be ‘safe’. That will arrive (apparently) in January if the process unfolds as it should. Because Trump gutted the FDA and replaced people who were qualified with followers who were not, the process that should have been competed this past June has been bumped a further 6 months as qualified people were found and hired. So there’s that.

      If the vaccines for polio and smallpox were treated this way by volunteerism alone, we’d still have polio and smallpox circulating in the community and causing unnecessary harm. Just like measles. SARS-CoV-2 is no different and I hope it can be mandated for all kinds of public access. Sure, you may be exempt from getting the vaccine now, but that should automatically exempt you from, say, attending school, eating out, going to movies, using health facilities, flying, taking the subway, and so on. I think choices that put others at risk should have consequences at least as inconvenient as getting Covid itself and preferably significantly harsher and ongoing throughout the public domain.

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      • Thank you, Tildeb! Granted, even I had concerns that they were rushed through, but that didn’t stop me from being vaccinated … the alternative was simply unacceptable to me. I have no doubt that FDA approval will come … sooner or later … but meanwhile, if we all waited for that, how many more would die needlessly? I agree with you … those who choose to invoke their ‘right’ not to be vaccinated, not to wear a mask, should then stay home and well away from the rest of us.

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    • Jilldennison I think you touch on something bigger here. We have the same sort of fools here in Finland you see. I have spoken to some of them. The other thing they shared between each other, exept for their obvious denialism for the current pandemic and their own self centered selfishness, was that they had very strong emotions about having been called stupid. I do not know what else to call it, but I got a very strong impression, that they had been called stupid often and for a reason. Nobody likes to be called stupid, but I guess it hurts more when one is not so stupid as to be at least a little aware that they actually are and that they fear it comes out again with new people. The average, or self content person, does not get too agravated by being called stupid from time to time, because we all know, that we sometimes are stupid. However, the really stupid person may not lack intelligence – what they do lack is a method to make evaluations about the reality around them. Or their method is flawed by some cultural trait, such as authoritarianism or fascistic values.

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      • I generally do avoid the word ‘stupid’ because it is unkind and because it will bring any meaningful dialog to a screeching halt. However, in the words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does”, and there are simply some situations where stupidity or ignorance are the only possible explanations for people’s behaviour.

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  8. Sometimes it takes dying for people to finally face reality. With their dying breath, some people call on their loved ones to get the vaccine and wear the mask.

    Evolution works in mysterious ways.

    We will never be able to find all the reasons people refuse to get the vaccine and wearing the mask. We will have to find a way to protect ourselves. They listen to their preachers, legislators, and Tucker Carlson. Truth and facts are assaults from an alien world. Their right to die has come head to head with my right to live.

    I’m not saying that some of them cannot be reached or that we should just give up. They are either unaware or unconcerned about people who are already on oxygen, use a nebulizer, take ‘breathing pills,’ and rescue inhalers daily. I don’t think suffocation is a good way to go out.

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  9. I’m fully vaccinated & I wear a mask most of the time because I take public transportation & a mask is required to get on a bus … they won’t even open the door if you don’t have a mask on. & of course I have to wear a mask in any doctor’s office … lately I’ve been in quite a few of those. They are not required in many other places here in NY but I am not going many other places nowadays … I know people who are saying they are vaccinated & I am sure they are not … people who say they have “health problems” & they have fewer issues than I do … or my 86-year-old-mother … so I will gladly stay out of places where people are gathering … one more year. But I don’t mind solitude.

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    • We HOPE it’s only one more year!! In fact, we HOPE it’s less than that.

      But so long as the “I’m my own person and I’ll do whatever I damn well please” individuals continue to rant and rave against the things that will bring this virus down, there’s no telling how much longer we’ll have to endure. Sad, but true.

      At this point, I tend to think that all we can hope for is the virus itself will play out and fade away. It seems to have done that in some parts of the world, so maybe …


      • This notion of the independent person (the newly baptized My body, My choice crowd) is exactly what needs to be challenged and encountered by enforced admission rules. The no-vax, no-mask people’s public interactions needs to be subject to strict rules to support that independent separation – like no school, no teams, no hospitals, no shared transportation, no public events, and so on. That’s what independence from social rules and regulations looks like in action! Then, let’s create the kind of actions that must be undertaken to rejoin responsible society – with all the ongoing repeating testing and costs and associated bureaucracy – so that the choice of getting the vaccine is the simplest of all these choices. So let’s help them ‘realize the dream’.

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  10. As long as the govt doesn’t issue a mandate to stop me from spraying myself with a fine, highly radioactive mist whilst I’m in public places, I’m fine with mask wearing. Just PLEASE, don’t take away my god-given right to spray my body, and my environment with radioactive, cancer-causing mist!!!

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  11. Here’s a graph that tells the story of breakthrough after vaccination.

    From Eric Topol: US Covid hospitalizations have shot up to >42,000 today, almost 3X in the month of July, due to Delta infections in nearly all, and the lack of shots, in some states, as high as 98% of admissions are among unvaccinated people. A Déjà Vu that was so utterly preventable.

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    • I see it. You see it. My readers will see it. Eric’s Twitter followers will see it.

      Even the non-vaccinated and anti-mask wearers may see it. But even if they do, it’s a case of “Well, it won’t happen to me because … (fill in the blank).”

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  12. “De Nile is a river in Egypt.”

    Salem Saberhagen.

    I think the refusal to wear a mask or be vaccinated is the result of fear and an extreme reaction to being scared. The ignorant person is more likely to be extremely fearfull, because they do not have the means to tell what is an actual threat and what is not. Sometimes the reaction to such intense fear and scare is denial. There seems to be three clear stages of denial, that the scared person goes through and they tell a tale about why a person might react like that.

    1. It is not true.
    2. If it is; It is not my fault.
    3. Even if it is; Nothing can be done about it, so I do not have to either.

    Wether it is about the climate change or the pandemic the same people seem to take the very same emotional steps. Then they declare that they are the ones being rational – as if proclaiming it made it somehow true.

    I am no psychologist, but when you compare the comments and answers people in denial make, it appears they have very infantile approach to the problems, that seem too overwhelming for any single person to solve.

    It seems to me, that today the person most voulnerable to the most extreme conspiracy theories is more likely to be politically right wing – or in other words, they find self interrest to be the prime motivator, if not the sole motivator. Some sort of “anal stage” is still being represented in fully grown human beings, that have no means or method to approach and evaluate the world around them. I am not saying that all people with right wing values are infantile, but I do not know if that makes it better or worse, because it says those who are not so infantile are willing to use the others for their own purposes. Then again, people who are willing to use others are not so rare in any political camp.

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        • Has there been an actual study about what are the political affiliations of this particular (I assume expensive) series of products?

          Do you think using some wellness products is comparable to being voulnerable to “most extreme conspiracy theories”, that I referred to? By those I mean ideas like Trump did not lose the election, that the entire scientific community is in league with supernatural embodiment of evil to deteriorate the word of a particular god with the theory of evolution, or that the entire scientific community is lying about the climate change, and so on.

          Do you see why it is, that it is indeed the right wing conservatives, who are extremely voulnerable at the moment to these and even much more ludicurous claims? Why it is, that it was the right wing extremists, who stormed the US congress? Do you see, that the Taleban are in fact right wing conservatives?

          I still do not see the relevance, even though I agree, that there are voulnerable people in every political affiliation.

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        • The intention of my comment to R was to point out that health promotion like wearing masks is not facilitated by assuming a casual connection with some mindset on one side of the political divide whose members are susceptible to this or that form of crazy, that in fact the same susceptibility crosses the political spectrum. Clear guidelines (independent of political affiliation) that elevates the issue at hand (or in this case across face) for medical reasons alone should be promoted by public offices. Look at the gong show when medical policies and Best Practices become political fodder, from reproductive health care for women in foreign policy to domestic vaccinations. Not just Covid: for crying out loud, we’ve had vaccinations for measles for almost a century and STILL we get outbreaks caused by people whoo do not understand that medical issues are best understood and addressed as medical issues and not all the other unrelated ‘concerns’ and ‘factors’ and ‘beliefs’ people bring into it.

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        • Nan, I am sorry, that I crossed a line somewhere there. I must admit, though I’ve tried, I do not see where I did so. My apologies. Please, would you help me out here?

          Is this there no political divide in the US between people who believe, that masks are unnecessary and people who choose to wear them? Here in Finland there is a distinct division between conservative right-wing nationalists + their islamistically inclined counterparts and ALL the rest of us in this medical matter and a bunch of other issues.


        • Yes. There is definitely a political divide. But I was attempting to avoid that divide in my post and focus on the singular point that wearing a mask is protecting others as much as or even more so than yourself. IOW, I was trying to reach people at their core level — not through their political ideology.

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        • From where I sit, the anti-vax movement certainly crosses the political divide. I commented about the assumption that anti-mask or anti-vaccination-against-Covid is a Right wing thing because the thinking might present in this case right now only as more of a Right v Left issue but the root – especially the anti-vax movement prior to Covid – is very much a Left wing thing (often demonstrated by measles outbreaks in very Left wing communities and organizations). So the anti-vax blame, I think, should not be politicized this way but widely shared by everyone who thinks they ‘know better’ than what science has historically demonstrated to be a extraordinarily effective treatment.


        • Oh, now I see the error of my ways. Thank you. A good idea. Again, my apologies.

          And I DO agree with you and Tildeb, that this is not about the black and white political division, rather it is about health. Besides, the societal field both poltically and otherwise is much more diversive, than simple line from left to right. Nor was that line ever simplifiable to wise to stupid. Even though I still stand behind my previous points also and I fear such questions are about the methods how we percieve the world and about values resulting in our methodology of conceptualizing reality.

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