Deseo está muerto

In the soft light
He comes to me
His eyes are bright
With desire

It’s just the two of us
All else has flown
The air is full of lust
And thick desire

As I feel his tender touch
He speaks softly in my ear
Take off your clothes
You are my desire

But sometimes the dust
Of past pain and lies
Cannot be brushed aside
Sorry, mi deseo está muerto

11 thoughts on “Deseo está muerto

  1. Wow… I didn’t know you are good at poetry. Alright, I’m interested to write my poetry too.

    Happy and sad
    Always there for me
    Disturbing my desire
    In my solitude

    But life must go on
    I bury the sad
    Release my burden
    So I can fly

    There is light
    At the edge of firmament
    Decision is mine
    Reach it or not

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    • I used to be much more creative, but have gotten away from it over the years. This particular creation was prompted/inspired by song titles (Easy Listening on Pandora).

      I actually have an entire website devoted to creativity — although I haven’t added much to it for quite some time. Anyway, check out my blog menu ☝ if you’re interested.

      And thanks for the compliment. 🙂


  2. This is rather good …. sultry and hot ! 🙂
    As I finished reading, my first thought was to ask you where you nabbed this from. And the next instant I realised the poet ‘t’was you!
    I note that Prof T hasn’t visited yet!

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