Reblog: The Conundrum of A Chosen People

Steve asks some GREAT questions. Anyone care to offer some insights?

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When I was young I wondered, just a little, about the idea of a chosen people. In the Jewish-Christian narrative Adam and Eve were “the first people” but then there were those folks off where Seth and Cain found wives, so it is a bit confusing, but these are not the “chosen people” per se as they are all wiped out in the Great Flood, which is roughly 1600+ years after Adam and Eve’s birthing. Yahweh makes a covenant with Noah that he will not again wipe out all of humanity, but that doesn’t make Noah and his offspring Yahweh’s chosen people, I think that doesn’t happen until Abraham comes along about 420 years later. The Abrahamic covenant is the one that makes Abraham and his descendents Yahweh’s chosen people. But then, I could be wrong.

Still, the idea of a chosen people seems wrong. Two thousand years of the…

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14 thoughts on “Reblog: The Conundrum of A Chosen People

  1. My comment over there at Steve’s blog. 🙂


    (presumes to be the Devil’s Advocate against Steve…)

    Oh Steve… Steve, Steve, STEVE!!!

    When will you learn that after some 4,000–6,000 years since the first traces of a Monotheistic God—that later Fathered the names Yahweh, God, and Allah and their THREE distinct natures—is MORE THAN enough time for their Followers to invent never-ending “rebuttals” to the never-ending plethora of theological holes, contradictions, fictions, and flaws… to REINVENT the imperfect religion back into a perceived “perfect,” one-and-only “True” religion. Well, until the next theological hole, contradiction, fiction, and flaw needs repair, AGAIN!

    ColonStrom, whoops, or rather ColorStorm (meowing) is one of MANY prime examples of an eternally perpetual game of theological Whack-A-Mole and non-stop hop-scotch jigs to plug their own leaks & holes. (Crack! “Oh no! There’s another one!”) 😄

    But that circus merry-go-round they consciously and unconsciously play with us can never gain what’s needed: pure empirical truth that secular humanity constantly finds in science. Questioning everything, until a century (or less) all necessary answers & truths are found, tested, retested, and established. Then we move on to the next set of solvable mysteries and achieve more higher knowledge. We see this to be the case, for the most part, for the last 200,000 years of history, albeit very slow at times. But nonetheless, transgenerationally for the secular scientific minds… truth, facts, and tested/retested knowledge become more and more refined. This stronger enlightenment leads to further intellectual expansion. 🙂

    The problem humanity STILL HAS, sadly enough, is in this day and age Earth has too many blind-faithers who still cling to antiquated, ancient myths, legends and fairy-tales that are stagnating, impeding, humanity’s faster progress. Period. Let’s meditate together that those ancient, antiquated paradigms go extinct soon, VERY SOON! 😉

    Great stuff though Steve! Great questions! 👍🏼

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  2. I am particularly fond of Sheldon Cooper’s (Big Bang Theory ) solution to the Middle East conflict – move Jerusalem / The Promised Land to East Texas.
    The Jews he mentioned it to on the show told him to, ”Go away!”
    He couldn’t understand the problem.

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        • Then I doubt you have anything relevant to contribute to the discussion of Yeshua’s/Jesus’ very Sectarian Late Second Temple Judaism/Messianism. In order to do this, all of us MUST go to the true authorities, the true experts of this ancient Jewish history and ancient Mishnaic Hebrew… the Jewish scholars thoroughly trained and educated in these matters.

          Have a great weekend Tikno. 🙂


        • Previously I thought you are questioning the heredity factor as the “chosen people”. Then I thought whether the bad attitude offspring still worthy as the chosen people. Allow me in the name of God, I say NO. This is the point that I want to tell you. There is a story in the Bible about the good Samaritans (thought to be not the “chosen people” at that time). Please search to get its point. Being the “chosen people” is in your hand.

          About your doubts on me?
          Well, there is a story in the Bible when Jesus was asked by a Pharisee who was considered to be “an expert in the law”. The Pharisee asked: “Teacher, what is the greatest commandment in the Law?”.
          The answer from Jesus to that question has summarized and simplified all of that into His two Great Commandments. Please searching to get its point. So, why I should to look back (the ancient teachings)?
          Btw, I like to learn all of well-known religious teachings: Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucius, and spirituality. Even my big family consists of (have the follower of) the religious teachings that I mentioned (plus one atheist). We are just fine in love.

          As additional, there is a story in the Bible about Saint Augustine and a little child at the seaside. While Saint Augustine was thinking hard about the mystery of God, the little boy wanted to pour the entire ocean water into the little hole in the sand. Please searching to get its point.
          The mystery of the universe / the Greatness of God (infinite) is beyond the circle of human logical thinking (finite). That’s why I don’t want to argue word for word (verbatim) within the circle of logical thinking (finite).
          Just open your heart for love and affections and let’s spread it to people around you. That’s the core of all teachings and far more better than this USELESS debate.
          Enough for me and see you later.


        • It’s more than “enough” for all of us. Live and let live and leave personal deities and divinities to personal private time, on private (legal) property, in private cognition and/or private imaginations. This is how it should be and how our Constitutional democracy—as horribly flawed as it is sometimes—was setup to be… because no one on Earth (except legitimate governments by the laws of those people) possesses any verifiable ultimate authority or truth. It would do all of us on this planet a world of good if religious zealots would remember this undeniable condition of life, here and now. Right now. 🙂

          See you later and be well.


  3. Left this comment on Steve’s blog, but just thought I would reprint it here for those who might not go there:

    There you are, a tiny unnoticeable human being, wanting to be better than others will allow you to be. They all have pantheons of gods, a god for this and a god for that. So how do you make yourself noticeable, standing out amongst the crowds. You invent a god who can do everything, one who needs no help, one who can count the flappings of a butterfly’s wings while at the same time counting the grains of sand on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the number of stars in the night sky all at the same time. Obviously this one God is far better than the rest, no matter how good they are. And, of course, this God is your god. You are his chosen person, because you invented him. But if you die, what then? No, you have to give this God a whole bunch of people so he will always be around. So you of course choose the people who are like you, your friends and relatives, to be the chosen people. How could it be otherwise!

    Your question about the biblical world being in such a tiny part of the entire world, which is an infinitesimal bit of the the enire universe, is the biggest proof there is that God is man-made. That world was only as big as what was known at the time by the people He choose to represent. Funny, that! An all-knowing God not knowing about Europe, or Asia, or especially not the Western Continents which had to be discovered by a mere mortal! How could any self-respecting God not know about Aztecs and Apache and Inuk peoples? And how the hell did they become Indians when they were nowhere near India.
    That was a crock of shit, just as was the One True God.

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