chillingI know that many of my posts are related to articles I’ve come across … but sometimes, the topic is simply so bizarre that there’s little-to-nothing I can add.

And this is the case once again as related to an article about Republican-led states — in particular, Texas.

It’s Chilling What Is Happening …

The descriptive line adds this:

Biden may be president but Republican-controlled states are busy introducing reams of legislation that is anything but progressive

As I read some of the laws the Texas Governor and legislature want to pass, I have to agree that “It’s Chilling!” One can’t help but wonder where things are going to end up. (Perhaps my blog entitled “A Crazy Idea” wasn’t such a wild idea after all!) 

I’d like to add that I’m aware there are, and always have been, differences between political parties. In many instances, they don’t amount to much more than a disagreement on principles.  However, the extreme measures some states are currently taking to ensure their platform is in effect is downright frightening.

P.S. A fellow blogger lives in the state where most of this is happening … and he will undoubtedly share his experiences and frustrations from a front-row seat.

Image by BlueStar200 from Pixabay

24 thoughts on “Chilling!

  1. Nan, I saw this piece as well and it made my stomach turn. The voter suppression efforts are not new and have been stepped up since restarted with intensity after the 2010 midterms, building off a racist tinted anti-Obama flood. Winning majorities in a census year permitted gerrymandering efforts to assure winning super majorities. This is not unimportant as with set elections, it led to more extreme winners in primaries. This opened the guard gate to the Marjorie Taylor Greene type candidates. This also led to the flood of cookie cutter Voter ID laws, which masked voter suppression.

    Now, many of these laws were rightfully ruled unconstitutional, but the damage had been done, and Republicans just retraced lines to ones that could pass muster while still cheating. Now, Dems have done their share of gerrymandering, but this effort by the GOP was an art form. Then along comes the last president whose thin skin could not let him accept losing. So, his planned and staged election fraud claims, which remain unproven and BS as his own attorney general called them, is allowing Republicans to cheat even more suppressing votes. All under the guise of voter fraud.

    We must call this out as the average Republican is unaware of who is to blame for these ten years of voter suppression. They have been told b enablers and sycophants that these steps are needed as they restrict voting. As I told the author of the North Carolina voter ID law, before it was passed several years ago, this is Jim Crow like. He proceeded to rip me a new one in two very unflattering emails. I finally sent him one back saying “I am a fifty five year old white male and former Republican raised in the south. You and I both know what these laws are all about.”

    And, that is the message which needs to be said to legislators in Texas and elsewhere who are trying to cheat. Keith

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      • Nan, this Vanity Fair article is just more evidence of how detached from reality the former president truly is. In your best toddler whining voice, repeat his words. “I didn’t lose, I won in a landslide. It was stolen from me.” One thing is for certain, winning one court case and losing over sixty may go down as the worst investment in litigation effort in history. I find it telling that funders of this litigation want their money back, his attorneys are being slapped by judges and the first January 6th insurrectionist was assigned jail time today. Keith

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          • Nan, based on his history, the former president will throw anyone under the bus to escape needed scrutiny. During the insurrection he instigated, it was said he was embarrassed by the costumes and antics of the rioters. So, outside of words that call them “great Americans,” he won’t try to help them, just like he has done with his three prominent attorneys who are being punished by the judicial system for parroting Trump’s lies. and bringing frivolous lawsuits to court. Keith

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  2. It’s unbelievable to think that one party is prepared to go to any means to gain power. It’s not like they don’t currently have power with the filibuster but of course that’s not enough to allow them to cement these disenfranchisement down with the backing of a Conservative Supreme Court. All this despite them not being the majority voters, that doesn’t matter. They had four years to prove themselves and their policies(none) and did nothing but still, think Trump is the best man for the job.
    If Joe Biden gets rid of the filibuster I think it will be years before anyone trusts the Republicans again.

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    • They had four years to prove themselves and their policies(none) and did nothing …

      Biden has accomplished more in less than a year than tRump did in four. And if anyone disputes that, they have NOT been paying attention … or, more likely, they are Republicans.

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  3. This is chilling, but not only chilling … it is heartbreaking. To think of our ancestors who fought, and some of whom died, to make this nation a democratic republic, to protect the rights of all, not just fat, entitled white males … and now, we are in the process of rapidly devolving into a theocracy, an autocracy run by radical fools who don’t give a royal f*ck about any but themselves! I’ve had it with this country! They can shove their guns where there is no sunshine, and their religious persecution as well. NOBODY should have to be afraid to walk down the street because of their skin colour … or anything else! If Congress cannot get off their asses and pass the For the People Act NOW, then this nation has no hope, except for those rich white dudes who are calling all the shots from behind the scenes. Sorry for the rant … but no, not sorry … I’m sick and tired of this country and its bigotry.

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  4. O.K. Here I go again, picking on ‘the church.’ Two or more years ago I found out about the Blitz Project. I’ve posted links to it so anyone who wished could check out their agenda. It is a long document. Too much to absorb at one time. I saved a copy to refer to. And here it is again:

    Follow this link to see what Rightwing White Fundamental Christians are planning for the future of America. Nothing less than a Theocracy.

    Click to access Project%20Blitz%20Playbook%202018-19.pdf

    (It still works, although I read/heard that they had gone underground.)

    The majority of these ‘new’ efforts to suppress the vote come from the religious community.

    The goal is to redefine America according to the Christian nationalist identity and then reshape the law accordingly. As of the end of April 2018, Project Blitz has resulted in more than seventy proposed bills nationwide.39 Christian nationalism’s identity is built on the foundational myths underlying these bills; this inescapable point is reflected in their legislative strategy.
    Seidel, Andrew L (2019-05-13T23:58:59). The Founding Myth Sterling. Kindle Edition.

    Fear begets hate. Fear in the white Christian Republican quarters is visible in everything they do legislatively. They are terrified of the prospect of blacks having equality and equity in governance. They have practiced hatred and preached fear until they now believe their own lies. People of questionable character and proven lack of intellect identify themselves as supremacists. They cannot achieve it by their own merit so they must declare it.

    Chilling is an apt adjective but we may be looking for something a little more intense shortly. A trapped animal is a dangerous thing. It trusts nobody. Fear becomes rage. Trump, the church, and the white supremacist groups announced ahead of time that there would be something happening on 01/06. They are now announcing that something will be happening ‘in August.’ We have been warned.

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    • It’s OK. Apparently if the link is to a document, it does what this one did. If it’s a link to another website, only the link will show.

      I think. 😏


  5. BTW, people of color are not the only targets of white bigotry. There is enough hate to go around.

    “In the early days of woman-suffrage agitation, I saw that the greatest obstacle we had to overcome was the Bible. It was hurled at us on every side.”
    —Elizabeth Cady Stanton, interview with the Chicago Record (June 29, 1897)
    Compiled by Annie Laurie Gaylor

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  6. P.S. A fellow blogger lives in the state where most of this is happening … and he will undoubtedly share his experiences and frustrations from a front-row seat.

    Would that fellow blogger living in Texas with aa front-row seat also be pretty long-winded, pedantic, sometimes brash with his peppery (jalapeno?) remarks, maybe kinda well-read and informed (educated?), terribly handsome and charming with a sly soft touch like a cactus? 🙂

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      • At least I’m not the dumbest hammer in the Texas bag of hammers. 😄😉

        Seriously though, pretty much everything one reads about these unprecedented legislative moves by the Texas GOP are absolutely true, essentially true, and only a few cases are a FIGHT between semantics—and in some cases it is a war to the death (mutually assured destruction, maybe?) or last person standing. The two latter parts are what moderate reasonable people would be and are blown away by. Me included.

        For the sake of time and comment space I will concentrate just on two issues here in Texas that are most definitely connected: 1) voter suppression, and 2) gun-control—or rather near non-existent gun-control. And Nan, I will TRY my best to keep this short, or semi-short. This current torrent of partisan GOP politics is a lot to untangle, unpack. But I’ll hit on bullet-points. I often use the Austin-based news agency The Texas Tribune as my go-to reliable source of unbiased journalism & news. However, one of my “fact-checking” and “biased vs unbiased” Monitoring organizations, has just recently moved The Texas Tribune* from a Least Biased score (center) to a “Left-Center” score. This isn’t much of a surprise, however, given the fact that the TX and national GOP has gone extreme radical over the last four+ years. This drastic movement has caused an overall shift in news media measurements—i.e. GOP politics has moved further & further away from center and other news outlets. Moving on…

        [For many years] Many Republicans, passions stoked by unsubstantiated claims of widespread voting fraud, see their hold on political power slipping away, and are clamoring for a firewall.

        Some of the voter restrictions (suppressions) in their Bills are bans on drive-thru and overnight voting, more stringent approved voter ID requirements (that directly & indirectly segregate Blacks & Latinos), fewer polling/voting locations in predominately Democrat zip codes, further Vote-by-Mail restrictions with election officials legally unable to send out Vote-by-Mail applications, banning the removal protocols of election “Poll Watchers”—i.e. during the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s inciteful “Poll Watchers” of the Republican Party would basically harass Blacks & Latinos arriving to vote, trying to scare them away. Consequently these “removal protocols” to PROTECT all voters (but esp Blacks & Latinos) at polling-voting sites were put in place and enforced. Today, GOP officials want to remove all of them. And this leads me to my next bullet-point…

        Remember all those news photos/videos of “protestors” outside of Islamic Mosques in Texas, or other hot-spot outdoor protests, or any other number of volatile events and many-to-hundreds of typically white men & women were fully decked-out in Camo-Velcro military fatigues holding their semi-automatic (military) rifles and holstered with other weapons & pistols? Well, if these polling-voting station Removal Protocols are banned, it is guaranteed that crowds of armed groups will stand outside of (or nearby the access to) these voting sites to scare away Black & Latino voters. And THAT is why back in the late-80’s and 90’s judges and Democrat officials passed laws for overnight voting, vote-by-mail, drive-thru voting, etc, etc, because in all honesty those methods were much easier and safer for Blacks & Latinos to have their voices heard!

        And so too, we see why Texas GOP officials want to make our gun-control laws either extremely relaxed (no permit or training required to publicly carry weapons) or basically non-existent… so that GOP constituents can run amok inflaming riots and violence simply by their appearance—fingers very near triggers—and begin causing insurrections (anarchy?) like we witnessed Jan. 6, 2021 in D.C.

        Yes Nan, this state is damn well near certifiably INSANE! For the safety of all moderate, reasonable, peace-loving Americans, we Texans (and our GOP officials) should all be legally committed to an institution or asylum! Then THROW THE KEY AWAY!!! You think I’m kidding? 🥴😨

        * – Source:

        P.S. For anyone interested in following the goings on here in our Texas GOP legislature, I will provide a link below to The Texas Tribune, which I personally think (over 3-4 decades) has always been an outstanding news source and fair. Naturally all Republicans disagree with me vehemently. Lol 😉

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  7. The Republican Party is owned by the ultra big corporations, organized crime around the world and far right religious groups. They orchestrate various leaders and political parties (usually conservative) and “in your face” church leaders to make sure the common ignorant uninformed people vote in their behalf to keep them all in power.

    It’s a game designed for total power and control and simply really. The tools are promotion of fear, racism, conspiracy theories, religious extremism and hate, climate change denial, white supremacy, gun sale freedom, corrupt inroads into police forces and military leaders, price controls on food, home prices and rents, benefits only to big pharma and other medical care and on and on etc. etc. it’s almost endless.

    And all this is possible because people are greedy, ignorant, uninformed, plain stupid and oh so gullible.

    This will not get better…for a long time, if ever and there are times I feel..Climate change, bring it on and get rid of man and let the earth heal. I’m just sick to death of the stupidity and lack of reasonable thinking of humanity. I know there are exceptions, but it seems there are too few and with no power. It’s overwhelming to me. Sorry to be a downer…but…just sayin’.

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    • No apology necessary. I think most people that frequent my blog feel exactly the same way.

      I’m in no hurry to “leave,” but there are definitely times when I’m glad I’m on the far side of life. Yes, I have family that will still be around, but since they are “part of the problem” (if you get my drift), I find it difficult to feel sorry for them. Sad, but true.

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      • I get it. I’m 74, luckily no children or grands, to be concerned about and no trumpers in immediate family and no close friends either. Couldn’t handle that..

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