chillingI know that many of my posts are related to articles I’ve come across … but sometimes, the topic is simply so bizarre that there’s little-to-nothing I can add.

And this is the case once again as related to an article about Republican-led states — in particular, Texas.

It’s Chilling What Is Happening …

The descriptive line adds this:

Biden may be president but Republican-controlled states are busy introducing reams of legislation that is anything but progressive

As I read some of the laws the Texas Governor and legislature want to pass, I have to agree that “It’s Chilling!” One can’t help but wonder where things are going to end up. (Perhaps my blog entitled “A Crazy Idea” wasn’t such a wild idea after all!) 

I’d like to add that I’m aware there are, and always have been, differences between political parties. In many instances, they don’t amount to much more than a disagreement on principles.  However, the extreme measures some states are currently taking to ensure their platform is in effect is downright frightening.

P.S. A fellow blogger lives in the state where most of this is happening … and he will undoubtedly share his experiences and frustrations from a front-row seat.

Image by BlueStar200 from Pixabay