Is the U.S. a Capitalist Commonwealth?


The following was a comment in a discussion taking place on “Ark’s” blog. I would provide a link, but the conversation is quite lengthy — plus it has somewhat wandered from the original topic.

Nevertheless, I felt this particular entry was significant and would be interested in your thoughts.

The US is not a Republic or a Democracy.
1) We do not follow the Constitution.
2) We do not listen to the majority of the people.

The US is a Capitalist Commonwealth

Money controls the government, business, health, home, religion, science, and culture. The poor staff the military to fight wars for resources that the middle class uses to make the rich richer. Even the news we watch is controlled by money.

While I feel there is a measure of truth in this person’s remark, I would tend to be a bit more circumspect in that I feel we DO follow the Constitution, albeit selectively, and often based on “political” interpretation.

Do “we” (the government) listen to the majority of the people? Generally speaking, I would say yes. However, one has to ask – when laws and measures are passed that benefit one group over another, has the “majority” been served?

I doubt there is much disagreement with this person’s comment that MONEY is the controlling factor behind much of what takes place in the U.S. But does this make us a “Capitalist Commonwealth”?

So what do you think? Is this person’s comment “spot-on”? Or is it too extreme?

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay