Did You Miss Me?

If you did … it’s because I’ve been out-of-service for a couple of days. (If you didn’t, you don’t need to read any further.)

Long story short … I had some very sharp stomach pains that started early, early Monday morning. After about four (!) hours, they finally let up. I ended up sleeping the rest of the day (surprise!) and felt a bit better when I woke up. However, later that night I developed a fever, so I decided it might be a good idea to go to Emergency and see what was going on.

After an entire night of tests and more tests, I finally got a diagnosis late Tuesday morning. 

End result – they performed an ERCP (I’ll let you look it up) on Thursday. (The wheels of medicine often move slowly.)

I got back home yesterday (Friday) — a bit worse for the wear, but slowly returning to normal.

I checked posts and comments as I felt like it during my “adventure,” but I’m way behind. Do hope I’m forgiven.

P.S. Thoughts and prayers for my return to full health are neither needed nor requested. 😈

52 thoughts on “Did You Miss Me?

  1. I hope you’re feeling better! If you’re like me, it’s old lady digestive system! & hopefully — you are unlike me in this one — cancer treatments that ruined my GI system — but hey! I’m still alive!

    Hang in there honey!! I’m glad to be getting your blogs! Hugs

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    • So sorry about the cancer thing. Major bummer! But yes, the digestive system and age often don’t get along too well.

      And I’m glad you’re still hanging in so you can read my erudite blogs! 😄

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    • Getting old … an adventure???!!? Surely you jest. 😮

      Seriously, getting older most definitely tends to keep a person on alert. Little did we know what we had in store for us those oh-so-many years ago.

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  2. Nan. I was joking about those damn space lasers, ok? Coming from M. T. Greene, I didn’t think they were real!

    Kieth never seems to be too out of sorts from our heretical behavior. He understands we don’t do thoughts and prayers.

    Usually, when I suffer these long dry spells and think I have been legitimately blocked, I find that for some unknown reason, everything is going to junk mail. This happens with other bloggers and other e-mail.

    I also miss Scottie.

    Every time I open my mail I expect/hope to hear from someone, even if it is just to bust my chops.

    I hope everything is well with you and yours.

    When you post a blog, you never know which directions(s) the conversation will go, yet you post the blog. Good for you.

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  3. Of course I missed you, Nan! When you said on Tuesday that you had been sick Monday, I had no idea it was so serious. I did the research on ERCP and learned more than I wanted to know 🤢. I’m glad you’re feeling better, hopefully that is behind you now! Hugs!

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    • Actually, the procedure wasn’t too bad considering I was enjoying “induced sleep” while it was happening. 🙂 It was the lead-up to it that was the real bummer. 🤒

      Yes, I’m hoping I won’t have any repeats! Thanks for the well-wishes.

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    • (Natural) stones from the kidney area got stuck in the ducts. Apparently not uncommon for some people … and it seems I happen to be one of the “lucky” ones. 😣

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  4. If you weren’t before, you are now a member of the endoscopy gang. Isn’t it fun, or did they put you to sleep? I get to watch them on CCTV. It is weird watching the picture while being snaked through your body. Hope you are okay, and don’t have to lose any parts.

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    • Yes, they knocked me out … thank goodness! I don’t think I would have enjoyed watching. 😬
      The only “parts” I lost were the stones that got stuck in the ducts.

      Is there a club I can join now? It seems to be a fairly common procedure. 😄

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      • No, no club, unless you ever lose your large bowel and are given whatever the modern version of the J-pouch is. My own pouch predates even that, called a pelvic pouch. Believe me, you don’t want to be a member of this group.
        Yes, endoscopes are a fairly common procedure nowadays. Some doctors use anaesthesia, others don’t. I gave up on it years ago.

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    • Yes, with a little help, all seemed to move along OK. Fingers crossed that I don’t get a return visit! Thanks for the good wishes.


  5. As see, we are psychically linked! I ended up in hospital for severe shortness of breath recently. I have no idea why.

    Getting old sucks is the proximate cause, I suspect.

    Glad to here you came out okay! I like having you around, even if you only betray your existence through electrons!

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    • Would you mind terribly if we “unlinked”?? I would prefer not to make any return visits … at least for awhile!

      Yes, undoubtedly that “age thing” played a role. Seems my body doesn’t listen to my mind when it says that I’m still young and vibrant. *sigh*


    • HA-HA! So it’s OK if I’m sick … but definitely don’t stop writing posts! 😁😂🤣😅

      Just kidding. I really do appreciate the support of not only you, but the several others that contribute now and again to the “stuff” I post. It definitely helps to keep the mental juices flowing.

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      • I’m not kidding, but as of now, you have my favorite blog, so yes I’d miss it and the interaction between such smart people.
        But I still don’t want you sick😊

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        • YES! I agree! It’s the interaction that makes a blog stand out. Sure, the subject helps get the mental juices flowing, but the feedback is what keeps it going. And I have, very fortunately, been able to draw on some of the best!


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