47 thoughts on “Couldn’t Resist

  1. I cannot wait to see Biden’s humiliating videos. They are two old foogies that should have never been in power. Full stop. I just think that both Biden and Trump needed to be retired and just let someone else have a chance. You can correct me if you want! But my opinion is for the hope for change around the world.


        • Hello Weird and Wonderful. Young doesn’t mean you can not trip, stumble, or even have the best ideas. I agree that I would like to see all the branches of government run by and filled with people who can understand the current culture and wishes of the people with out being stuck 30 to 40 years in the past when they were in their prime. I think there should be an age limit and a term limits on most elected / appointed offices. Those who still want to help after that can take advisory positions. One thing I do like about Biden and his gaffs is he is humble about them and admits he does goof. Many with his decades of powerful positions can never admit a mistake and others are so delusional as to think they never make one. Hugs Hugs

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        • I like the fact you are coming out with different suggestions. As I think the whole world is stuck in a loop.

          I am sorry to say it but I need to laugh but I also, really do not think I should because it reminds me of George Bush. When we all made fun of jr. For his slurred speech, terrible things happened to the world in terms of Terror acts and other legal implications which led to a loop hole for an even bigger terrorist organisation.

          I am not saying we are perfect but a younger person is given a chance to make those blunders. Take for instance that Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. He is young and he helps the younger people, obtain the levels of satisfaction in their lives.

          We may want the people to be advisors but Justin is not of that of cold war stories. He can tackle the prospects of different arguments and international agendas.

          He doesn’t come across like a blundering idiot either like Boris. He is straight talking.

          So in effect this is what I mean, that even though you say Biden is a goof. There is something more to him becuase he has been in the background for so long he is the establishment. The problem is, decision making is supposed to be fresh and new.

          But all your arties keep doing is creating a polarised community where you only have ideas from one or two parties. This is not democratic really.

          It just has to be said so that you create a better world . Much love and admiration.

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    • I don’t share your rose colored view of our past, Scottie. There is never a golden age to look back on. For example, as amazing a President as Roosevelt was, the residents herded into Manzanar might disagree that he was all that. Licoln shepherded us through the Civil War but he also somewhat initiated the centralization of the state and the economy that has brought us to where we are today (not to mention the cultural and sometimes literal genocide of the First Nations continued under his successors). Past Americans elected horrible presidents like Buchanan, whose dithering and blatant sympathy for the slavocracy helped hurry in the Civil War. Jimmy Carter and his cabal helped create many of the foreign policy disasters we are still (not) dealing with today.

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      • Hello basenjibrian. It is a matter of degree and what issue you are considering. While there were good things and bad things about all administrations, there were few as deliberately malignant as #45. tRump was openly corrupt, open about his perceived superiority to all and any rules / laws. He was open about trying to plunder the US treasury and to move as much money as possible to himself. He encouraged people to disbelieve science, data, evidence, truth, reality and gave power to those who ruined entire systems of education. I prefer administrations that strove for greatness in science, understanding, racial equality, progressive programs to help the people, and a desire for improving things. The US has had those presidents and those times even if the President personally had flaws and was not morally perfect. So again it is a matter of degree and perspective. And as with all things there is room for improvement. Hugs

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        • True all that. But I look back at Grant. And things like Teapot Dome. And the prissy, pious, racist tool that was Woodrow Wilson, arguably the worst President this country has had on so many fronts (I blame him for WW1, which led directly to WWII).

          My main point is it is ahistorical to assume that there was some great period we have fallen from. I would rather argue that we, like all nations, have had our serious ups and downs.

          (Now…I do think our empire is tottering. Calcified and tired and corrupt and incompetent. But that is not a Trump thing. It dates back a good thirty+ years)

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      • I am going to say this COVID situation around the world was handled badly because everyone was all disbanded. There are no strong leaders really, not like yester year. Biden is not a leader.

        It would be nice for people to realise, Biden is not a leader. He doesn’t have people fear and revere him. This is what you need as a leader. To be despised by some so you can get the job done.


        • I don’t agree that fear and reverence is necessary for one to be considered a leader. Those are terms generally used to describe a certain entity referred to as “God.”

          A leader is someone who “rules, guides or inspires others.”

          In the world of politics, the title of “leader” is generally given to the person that belongs to one’s favored political party. The guy on the other side of the aisle is generally described as a “loser.”

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        • See this is where we need to change our perspective. As, I think many people saw Obama as this leader- a god like character.

          Irrespective of which angle I come from, he made some decisions where I thought;

          “Why are we perpetuating this middle east wars?”

          As soon as I did this, I did not want to call him a loser because this would mean, I would call the whole of the US as “losers”.

          The oppositions are meant to give a little attack and make change happen too. They are meant to challenge and say something against the leader. This is not how, life should be to describe other people’s ideas as a negative principle.

          However, Obama never really had that stature that was regarded as a fearful tactic to restore peace in certain parts of the world. This is based on the way the rest of the world’s principles are aligned.

          For example, in Thailand they have a monarchy that is in full control. Without understanding this, you cannot negotiate or even – grasp a true understanding of the nature of the people.

          We need to be able to show the world what democracy is because, it is fading away. COVID 19 made this challenging.

          The respect that is needed is dissipating. We need someone to say to conglomerates that things are not for the people.

          Most countries in Europe cannot afford to be in a conglomerate. Even though you want someone to inspire – they may not be able to be as assertive and have the whole understanding that is necessary to say – ” no” when it is necessary to defend people.

          I do not think we have had inspiring leaders for some time. COVID meant we lost our freedoms and certain governments wanted those freedoms to be upheld around the world.

          Now, we are at the stage where people’s freedoms are being exploited for big conglomerates to take advantage of us. A leader is meant to be feared and revered based on the fact we as the citizens of our nations, need to not be slaves to the machine.

          We do not want to be replaced by machines. The balance of our work lives gives us purpose and meaning. Having families gives people purpose and meaning. These principles are disappearing. We need a leader or the opposition to stand up for our daily lives. Not to cause chaos, or be belligerent.

          I say this our of love because God….. is also a significant role model, but respect is one of those things that is developed. If people truely reflect back about Trump, they did not respect him from the get go. I was one of those people. I saw his influence around the world. It brought change that was necessary—- but the conglomerates meet up at davos at the money economic forum.

          The leader at the MEF is not even democratically voted in but the leaders have been listening to him and not the people. I think this has gone on far enough. But this is my opinion.

          I have thought about those things and I hope what I have said, helps because I did not like Trump but he made me think. It sometimes hurts to think! Thank you for another perspective.


        • As, I think many people saw Obama as this leader- a god like character.

          Obama, as a God like character — absolutely not.

          I saw Obama a human with good intentions and willing to put in the work. That’s what made him a good leader.

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        • Interesting, that you saw him with good intentions but I am not trying to sound like I think people are being in sincere now but, they do come across like this because I see Biden as disingenuous. As he came across, as though he did not have good intentions because he would rather create the divisions of the past. (The same linjer as Trump in my eyes)

          But I see that Obama could have been a little more firm in terms of the banks: as there was a lot of fraud back then. Which has led to Bitcoin and other things not connected with the government.

          So he needed to be firm, and I really do not think that Biden is a firm hand or has a grip on the situation in terms of telling banks;

          – this is your objectives.
          – we want this information.
          -we need to prevent this.

          Obama was fresh and he was certainly what the world needed at the time because we wanted to see a new face instead of the Clintons or, Bush. You know!

          But I do think Obama was a little soft because of the background noise. He could have been a bit more firmer to corporations . We could have less to worry about now in the world in terms of the World health organisation and corporations having control over something that should be affiliated to countries and not businesses,

          I do not think Trump was ready to take that on. Although, he was firm in action when it came to change. I like that we had an oppoortunity to see a new face. I do not like the fact he had a shorter period of time because he was making the world change.

          There are certain other qualities that I am now addressing and I see where you are coming from about the good intentions thing. Hence, we should not have people of a certain age do the job.

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        • No, Obama could not have been more firm.

          He was well aware that he was a black man in a very racist world. He was walking on egg shells for the entire 8 years of his presidency.

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        • Utter tosh! Because he was a black man he could not be firm! Totally, why I get furious talking to Americans. It is the content of the character not the image. Damn right he was walking on eggshells.

          Think he was going to get rid of the Clinton dynasty? You think after Bush and his family it would have been a simple job? No!

          But this is why people from the MAGA are right in a away. It is not about black and white. You need a leader who says NO…. to certain things. The conglomerates and the corporations used Obama, and so did the deep state to create division and more division of wealth.

          As it has nothing to do with the man’s skin colour. He had the chance to know he was going to be bold and create universal care. Okay that is what a FRESH FACE DOES.

          It had nothing to do with his colour of his skin. British people, French people, even Scandinavians know there is something you look for. The diamond in the rough, but you are always going to see the negative. You are not going to know when the going is good.

          The banks and the corporations took advantage of Obama. Thus the economic crash. They needed to be told NO.


        • The conglomerates and the corporations used Obama

          The conglomerates and corporations use EVERY president! All any of them are concerned about is how they can manipulate and direct whoever is sitting in the Oval Office to improve their existence.

          I really don’t know what you have against Obama (or any other president, for that matter) since it appears you don’t even live in the U.S. You are welcome to sound off, but it would have far more effect if you were someone who directly experienced living under their leadership.

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        • No I do not have anything against any government in the slightest other than we should not be following the MEF.

          If I am honest with you, Nan. I want the world to improve, so therefore I make the comments I do. Even my own government deserves a criticism now and again. It is not all flowers and chocolates.

          The government should fear the people— because they will get voted out. This is how it is in politics. People find things they’re not comfortable with. But, many parties rather than two political parties, brings balance and a nice perspective. Take Bernie for example and Alexandra Cortez. Fine people whom are able to challenge the establishment and are not afraid.

          It is based on the content of the character.


  2. I don’t know whether to thank you or to call down Jewish laser beams from outer space to zap you into a cinder.

    I could not find anything to laugh about. That man sat at the head of our government. He represented us abroad. And we have those who would send him back to the White House. We have Federal judges making decisions based on the lie that the election was stolen amid great voter fraud that was repudiated by courts across the nation and by the SCOTUS.

    I’ve decided to thank you, Nan, and whoever created that compilation of disgusting reminders of what we have been through and what we can expect if he is elected again. We need to be reminded. We need it in our faces constantly. We need to know democracy is in the balance.

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      • What did he “move and shake” except for eviscerating anything that stood in the way of the conglomerates you are complaining about w/r/t Obama? Her fear was probably because she thought he was going to foam at the mouth about something or other.

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        • I love it when someone does not understand the context of what I am talking about when I say “mover and shaker”.

          He stirred the pot. He was a bit of a storm in a tea cup. He began to make trouble with certain people. He made them worry about their positions.

          Obama had the opportunity to do the moving and shaking with the healthcare system. So do not try to misconstrew what people are critising.

          The one thing Obama could not do to the pharmaceutical companies that Trump did was try to get free insulin. Now I do not think Biden has it in him to fight, if I am honest with you. Those pharmaceutical companies have been riding the public for quite some time.

          Thus, I am saying you need someone to be ballsy and take these companies by the short and curlies (pubic hairs) as this is a world wide issue.

          Is that clear enough? Trump was a wrecking ball and scared those companies. In fact he pretty much bullied them. You may not like that tactic; you may be embarrassed about it. I do not know! But for the sake of millions of people with diabetes it was worth the pharmaceutical companies to be told by Trump to pack it in!!!

          In my humble opinion. I could have not been so brash but, if I was going to be frank this has nothing to do with skin colour. It is character.


        • Hello Weird and Wonderful. You seem to have a naïve idea about what projects strength on a world stage. Obama did, Biden is, and Angela Merkel does. In my view tRump did not because he was too mercurial and easily moved by his vanity and financial interests. For example when tRump caved before Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey and pulled our troops away from the Syrian border and let Turkish troops slaughter our allies.

          I also would like to address something you seem unaware of in the US that seriously effects our politics and that is both right wing media misinformation and racism. The right has long stoked the fears of the angry black man ready to do violence on the whites, out of control with homicidal rage. When that same black man was not being lazy in drug induced stupors, the right likes to have it both ways. Obama at all times had to make sure he was never seen as that angry black man, no matter how much the right tormented and prodded him to it. Hugs

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        • “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey and pulled our troops away from the Syrian border and let Turkish troops slaughter our allies.”

          I live in Europe and that is not how this went down.

          The Erdogun threatened us!!!!!

          Not you in America. He threatened us in Europe.

          OKAY right up during COVID and he went after the FRENCH, THE ITALIANS AND he was a Tyrant.

          By the end of the day America has only one ally in the middle east and that is Israel.

          SYRIA was a Russian thing.

          This has nothing to do with racism and whether or not I read right wing media.

          It was in the GUARDIAN for crying out loud!!!

          You are meant to criticize your government because the government is meant to fear you the people.

          Obama could not play that game. He got the Clintons to do his work. Thus people were so happy that Hilary never won because the world is sick and tired of this staged stuff.

          You haven’t the right leader now to tell Erdogan were to shove it and nor does Europe. If you have not been paying attention Ursula got kicked to the curb because of Erdagons crazy radicalised ways.

          He will not talk to a woman!

          Some countries believe in this and they like a ballsy leader.

          This has nothing to do with angry black man….. that is all in your head. We have to rectify this right now. When I critique…. I do not use skin colour.

          I did not go around saying ORANGE MAN BAD either because I am not racist.

          I just like whom I like which is Alexandra Cortez because she is bold.

          I know that this is going to be hard for America to break those stereotypes and try not to think of a persons skin colour. But hey! You are meant to lead by example.

          I would not have voted for Biden, which makes me not BLACK ENOUGH! Doesn’t it???

          I mean, it is all a skin colour that I can’t change. But I can change my mind. I do not like Biden because he is a racist and all of you perpetuate the racism. You have not even seen my skin colour but, yet you were all quick to call me far right this…. and that.

          Look I am left in my country. Good luck and I know you can all change, this message has to get through some how.

          I mean, this out of love. The world needed you all to start thinking about healthcare and thinking about how to solve the finacial crisis and not create one internationally.

          Think about it…. but not on an emotional level where we think —-we cannot resolve problems here.


  3. He’s hysterical too bad he’s so malignant and has a bunch of ignorant sheeples following him. Hello Hitler except he’s not as smart. . To use that morons name in the same text as President Biden is a sure sign of stupidity.

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  4. WAAAA!!! WAAAAAA!!! Stop making fun of Donald!! WAAAA!!!! You made me cry, Nan! This poor man is SOOOO persecuted and mocked, it makes me cry!! WAAAA!! WAAAA!!! I’m in tears over here!!! Ya know what, Nan, WP needs a safe space from bullies like you who post things like this about this sweet, intelligent, kind, loving man!! WAAAAA!! We MAGA folk are deep, sensitive people, and we simply can not stand to have our god mocked by no good bully libs like you!!! WAAAAA!!! WAAAAA!!!! Oh, THE HUMANITY!!! 🙂

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    • I criticise Donald, Obama, and Joe as if we did not: we would not be able to get what we want in this world. People forgot this when Obama was around because he was so, kind and loving.

      Trump came in like a wrecking ball and gave people some rebirth around the world like I have never seen before!

      I just think that Biden has been apart of the establishment so long, its kind of creepy to see our world leaders whom have been in positions of power be so swarmy and friendly towards each other after Trump. Something doesn’t bode well with me there.


      • The wrecking ball focused on basic politeness, kindness, and rationality. Count me unimpressed. The only people given “rebirth” were racist tools, people who thought the world owed them something because of their race and religion and nationality.

        Punching down is never a good thing.


        • Like I explained, again. The pharmaceutical companies needed to get with the program. For some time, they have probably walked all over Obama because he did the Healthcare reforms.

          But Trump came in and told them to stop exploiting people. Now, he said it in a less polite way. But it needed to be done.

          Those whom are on the poverty line, are not just Black, Hispanics or Asians. It could happen to anyone and you need a government whom does not allow people to live in tents and fights for you.

          Good luck if you get diabetes because like I said, exploitation has been a thing where these conglomerates have taken money and put it in their back pocket.

          The thing about Trump is…. he did not need that money. He was already rich and new how to work for it.


        • Of all the things you’ve written, this is the most spot-on … you need a government whom does not allow people to live in tents and fights for you.

          Yet it has been shown time and again, through their political actions, that one party in the U.S. is FAR more interested in helping their rich buddies than they are the people you mention.

          I appreciate your remarks related to diabetes as it seems you have health problems. But again, since you are apparently not a U.S. citizen, the criticism does lack substance.



          WASHINGTON — President Trump on Tuesday will announce a prescription plan drastically reducing the cost of insulin for American seniors who rely on Medicare.

          The deal struck with the nation’s insulin manufacturers and health care providers will limit the co-pay for a month’s supply of insulin to $35 — a 66 percent reduction to current costs, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said


          Sometimes, politicians sweeten (no pun intended) deals so they can have the rich bring the prices down.

          This is how it is!, I get how you would be offended by something because it has Trump attached to it… but I could not give a fudge (again no pun intended)

          You say pharmaceutical companies are not a global thing—- they are. Okay… it takes brass balls to try and tell them what to do. They have the money…. they can make our lives hell. So …. <

          CORTEZ for president! Because if Cortez did not shake the trees or be a mover and shaker….. things would not change either.


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