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Over the past few days, at his request, I’ve been helping Scottie ( move his paid WordPress-hosted blog to a “regular” hosting company. He explains why this became necessary in his initial post ( at his “new” blog.

Unfortunately, the move has not been without hiccups. Some actions fell right into place. Others? Not so much. And some are still “pending.” (I think we both learned a lot about blog transfers!)

Anyway, while all this was going on, I gave some thought to moving my own blog to a regular hosting company as well. HOWEVER, I very quickly changed my mind!

When you have a free blog with WP (as I do), your domain name includes “” in the URL. In other words, to access my blog, you must type in “” (without quotes).

Now, if/when a person ever decides to move her/his blog to a “regular” webhost, the “wordpress” part is removed and the domain name becomes “”

Anyway, just out of curiosity, I decided to see if “” was available as a stand-alone domain name.

Imagine my SHOCK when I discovered that yes, it’s available — for $20,000!! Plus a yearly domain registration fee of $18.99 (which is considerably higher than the average)!

It’s been suggested that the reason for this high cost is I have “established” the name since my blog has been online since 2008.

In any case, I think it goes without saying, I’m most definitely keeping things the way they are.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

12 thoughts on “Domain Names

  1. There’s lots of dubious activity in the domain name business.

    I went with a free wordpress blog, because I’m old enough that I did not want to take on a new responsibility. It’s much easier to allow wordpress to manage it.

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  2. Hello Nan. Thank you again for all the help. I will read those two links you sent tomorrow and finish that part as best I can. I wonder who owns that domain now? Did you try to find out who owned that one? I just learned it is big business to find popular names on line and to register the domain, it is also done on people who might run for office knowing those people will want to own that domain. I wonder if people make a living registering and selling domain names? Hugs

    Grrrrrrr it wont let me comment unless I sign in to $&*^$&^$& *(%^&%^$$%

    I so hate this.

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  3. I almost never type in a domain name for a blog, so what those names are is a moot point. You could pick another domain name, maybe one based upon your name to allow easy recognizability (

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    • Oh, I’m not really looking to change my domain name. It was more that I was curious. In fact, if I were to change (not), I would use “” since It’s available at a considerably more reasonable price!

      Way back in 2008 when I first set up my blog, the “sayitnow” just popped into my head. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would one day be worth $20,000!!!

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  4. First, thank you! I was unaware of Scotties ongoing issues. I feel better now, knowing what’s up. And I was able to find his new digs thanks to your post.

    Second, 20 G’s! Wow. If someone contacted me with intent to pay 20G’s for my domain name, it would be a short decision. Gimme 30!

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    • Oh I’m not really interested in changing anything. I just looked into the sayitnow name out of curiosity … to see if it was available. No, I like my setup as is. Besides, it’s served me well for at least 12 years! 😍

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