Caution: VERY Disturbing Video

I subscribe to an email newsletter from NPR. In today’s issue was the following blurb:

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre’s carefully cultivated image as a hunter and outdoorsman is taking a hit this week after a leaked video showed his clumsy marksmanship.

Since I have fairly strong negative feelings about LaPierre, I was interested to see what the video showed so I clicked on the link.


The headline on the linked page was: “Video Leaks of NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Missing His Mark on Elephant Hunt.” Sadly … disgustingly …  the headline was correct. He definitely missed the mark. The video shows him taking FOUR shots at the elephant … and it still wasn’t dead. The final –and deadly– shot was made by another member of the hunting party. NOT LaPierre.

What was even more sickening was the “praise” by the individuals accompanying LaPierre on the hunt – “Well done. Great shooting. Good stuff.”

(After LaPierre’s messed-up shots, the video also includes images of his wife shooting an elephant. Although she achieved her goal much quicker than her husband, the video images are even more disturbing.)

As I have expressed on numerous occasions, I’m not totally against guns, per se. I personally don’t like them, but I know there are many who enjoy and use them for non-nefarious reasons (such as target shooting or collecting various models, usually older ones). I do, however, condemn those who have them strictly for bragging rights. Or to mock the Second Amendment.

Or to conduct mass shootings.

But above and beyond that — I DEFINITELY do NOT support using guns for “Big Game” hunting! Especially elephants, which have been proven to be very intelligent animals.

Although the article blurb indicates LaPierre is “taking a hit,” I truly wonder how many will see it this way since he has achieved a “god-like” reputation within the NRA.

If you have the stomach for it, here is the link to this VERY disturbing video/article.

40 thoughts on “Caution: VERY Disturbing Video

  1. Hunting tourism is really disgusting. Even many hunting enthusiasts are turned off. Yet, it’s embraced by enough people to keep it going strong.

    This reminds me of a sportsman television show that I watched several years ago. A man was hoping to take down a wild boar with nothing but a hunting knife. In his mind, he succeeded. Yet, in the show his guides used dogs to track the animal while he tagged along. When they found the poor beast, the guides literally held the boar down so the “hunter” could slit its throat. This was on a syndicated sporting show.

    After the kill, the blade-wielding miscreant jumped about in triumph, whooping about the rush of adrenaline he’d just experienced. His behavior was sick but totally normalized by the show’s presenters.

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  2. I vote we teach elephants how to shoot and present them with the La Pierres as targets. Maybe they can practise on the Trump sons. Why do these inhuman people count it such an accomplishment to shoot something that’s done them no harm and can’t shoot back?
    Huge Hugs

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    • Sadly, these people are not inhuman but only too human.

      I know hunters. While I would never do this, at least my acquaintances save their prey for food or clothing.

      This kind of bragging rights hunting is yet another demonstration that our elites are largely sociopaths and narcissists. Hunting other intelligent beings seems awful to me.

      Yet….I am not a vegan. So should I be self righteous about it?

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      • I am told that big game hunting is a good thing because those darn elephants invade villages and cause mayhem. I express…skepticism. And even if that is the case, it still does not excuse the toxic macho egoism of the hunters. Wayne LaPierre doesn’t care one bit about African villagers. Heck, he doesn’t even care about his dupes…errr…members in the NRA, who he ripped off.

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  3. Im not watching the vid. I’ve had a long irritating day and my cussing allotment is used up. Plus I have way more respect for elephants than those who would shoot them.

    Disgusting. Should be outlawed. With the elephant numbers in sharp decline, there should be no killing of elephants. None, zero, nada. That anyone with deep enough pockets can go on a controlled “hunt,” and I use the word loosely, is downright deranged.

    I’ll do a fair bit of cussing about these buttheads tomorrow.

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  4. I did watch it, or most of it. It’s about as bad as it sounds.

    But it exposes how disgusting, and actually absurd, the concept of “sport” hunting is. Those elephants were wandering around minding their own business and these people appeared out of nowhere and started shooting at them for no reason. When somebody does that to humans, we know what to call them, and I suspect some of these people would hunt humans for “sport” if they could get away with it.

    I can understand killing an animal if it’s threatening you or if you’re desperately hungry and have no other source of food. This is just murder.

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  5. I can’t watch the sickens me these people who actually enjoy killing another living being. What kind of monsters are they! It’s not like they’re starving and need the animals for food for their families.

    We are a sick species. We destroy, if not through killing, by greed, lust for power and corruption. Look at world history, the gun problem in the US, the genocides throughout history, the abuse of animals and the extinction of many. Cock fights, dog fights, the killing of bulls still, in Spain.
    I wish there was a way the animals could rebel.

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  6. I am sickened by this … although I cannot watch the video, I am sickened by ANYONE who uses a gun to kill another, whether animal or human. You are more tolerant in your view on guns than I, for if it were in my power, I would destroy every last one and the factories where they are made. Wayne LaPierre deserves to die a slow, painful death at the hands of sadists like himself. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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    • Ha! I pretty much knew what you would say if your visited. 😛

      Part of the reason I can’t simply dismiss gun ownership is because people I’ve been close to over the years have owned and used guns … for hunting deer, birds, “varmints,” and for collecting old guns. My other-half greatly enjoys target shooting as he considers it a demonstration of skill.

      Personally, I don’t have any kind of affection for guns — and, like you, I wouldn’t mind if they were banned completely. But since this isn’t going to happen, we need to coalesce both gun ownership laws (there is FAR too much variance among the states) and the type of guns available to the public. If we could do this much, I think it would be at least a step in the right direction.

      As for LaPierre? While he’s dying that slow, painful death you mentioned, he should be forced to watch himself in the video and be reminded of how he clumsily and uncaringly tried to kill an elephant.

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      • Heh heh … of course you did! I’ve never made any secret of my views on guns and the NRA, and we’ve been friends for a while now, so you probably could have written my comment for me! 😁

        Indeed, I know you are more tolerant than I, but that you don’t like guns any more than I do. I actually forbade my brother-in-law entry into my house once unless he put his gun back in his car. My husband was furious with me, but I didn’t care … my kids’ lives meant more.

        I fully agree with you about LaPierre … let him watch himself in the video, let him see the world laughing at his ineptitude and incompetence. Except, there isn’t anything funny about killing an animal. Ever. Sigh.

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  7. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:

    I hadn’t planned a fourth post today … I generally try to stick to two posts plus a music post, but then I read Nan’s post and … I was so sickened that I couldn’t let this one pass. The head of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, is in my book, the lowest scum of the earth … and now this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thanks, Nan! The world needs to see this jackass for what he is!

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  8. Hello Nan. I feel the same as all the other commenters. Did Biden ever put the ban back in place that tRump took off of bring the parts of some hunted animals back to the US? I remember tRumps hell spawn Jr went on some of these hunts and wanted to bring back the trophies. I hope they are banned again. Hugs

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  9. And they think that hitting an elephant – completely defenseless not endangering them in any way – with a high powered rifle equipped with a scope you can see Pluto through is supposed to be what, some incredible feat of sport? They don’t hear enough of how many of the animals we share the Earth with are in danger of extinction and even that isn’t enough to temper their murderous impulses? They disgust me and I can only hope that Karma catches up with them in some way.

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  10. I won’t watch. But I do have a question.
    Was the elephant shot in Botswana, as this country has lifted the ban on shooting elephants since 2019
    Also, I read that the US has a ban on importing elephant ‘trophies’.

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  11. On this irritating subject, I have witnessed a “necessary” hunt during a holiday, just before World War II, on a rubber plantation in Indonesia – where I was born. Later, I made up a short story. Nan has read it and asked me to share it on this blog post.

    When I was 9 or 10 years young, I was having a wonderful holiday on a rubber plantation managed by my uncle Fred. In those days, boars were damaging trees, which made it necessary to hunt them, and I was thrilled by the idea that he had invited me to come along.
    From high above, on a watchtower in the nearby forest, we heard the beaters coming near, they seemed to have found a boar. A minute later a wild pig, frightened by a group of chasers, came out from among the bushes. It desperately ran across the open spot, but before getting to the other side, it stopped abruptly: there too, were enemies! It tried to escape to the right, when Fred fired off a mortal discharge. He had been waiting for that precise moment of indecision; being an expert hunter, he knew the unnecessary risk of missing the difficult shot at a running animal.
    The boar staggered and fell on its left side with a deep shuddering groan. I looked at the scene with a mixture of fascination and horror. I had imagined the hunting activity as a romantic, adventuresome event, an exciting pursuit full of missed gun shots, and other animals closing in to help the imperiled victim and attack the beaters. What I had seen instead, was not exactly what I had expected. It seemed to me a cowardice, a crime.
    Fred realized what I felt. He put a hand on my shoulder.
    – You don’t like this, do you?
    There was no need for an answer.
    – Listen, son. Bloodshed is cruel and useless. Animals also kill other animals, but they do so in order not to starve, or to prevent them from invading their territories. But to kill an animal to eat it or because it is causing harm to crops, is not a bad thing to do. It even makes sense, when there is a biological necessity.
    Although I supposed that my uncle was right, I was not quite convinced of it. I needed time to absorb the experience. Some years later, I would read in a book on wild animals a paragraph that would appeal to me and bring me back to those moments:

    … since the beginning of all times, a message is being passed on from man to man, from tribe to tribe, among all those who kill the flesh but have respect for the spirit: it is the old hunters’ ethics, which considers as the most important taboo to kill more than is needed to survive …

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