Calling All Poets


For National Poetry Month, NPR is soliciting poetry to help celebrate the “art of the verse.”

They are asking for original poems in your favored format:  haikus, couplets, freeform, you name it.

You can submit your poem(s) –140 character or less– to Twitter with the hashtag #NPRpoetry. You can also send your submission(s) to TikTok using the same hashtag (no more than 15 seconds and radio-friendly).


P.S. You are encouraged to share your compositions in this blog’s Comment section! 😍

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Calling All Poets

  1. Here’s a quick one in honor of cancel culture. It’s called “Da Dems”.

    Da Dems, Da Dems
    Dey canceled Me
    I spoke to dem but,
    Dey canceled me
    ME, ME, ME!
    Dem damn Dems!
    Dey canceled Me
    Dey ain’t fair
    Dose dirty Dems
    Dey sure ain’t
    Cause dey canceled
    ME, ME, ME!
    Dem damn dirty Dems

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  2. National, as in American, I presume. The Canadian Broadcasting Coorporation started the Canadian Poetry contest today too. I will be entering it, but lately they have been choosing a particular style, free verse prosaic.

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  3. 140 characters? I cant even write a stupid review on a thingamajig with 140 characters!

    I hate those places where you are character limited. Ebay comes to mind. I’ll be writing away and look up and see it stopped taking my text 2 paragraphs back! Dammit!

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