Things That Make You Go Hmmm …

If Trump is still the U.S. President (as he claims), that would mean he’s not eligible to run again since the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution reads as follows:

No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice …

To put this as clearly as possible: Two terms (four years) is the limit that a person can serve as President of the United States.

So the question becomes — How can Trump “stake a claim” (as he is expected to do at the CPAC conference) as the presumptive 2024 GOP Presidential nominee?

Wouldn’t that put him into a constitutionally forbidden third term?

Hmmm …


Feel free to share other things that make you go Hmmm … 🤔

36 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmmm …

  1. Trump has never believed that the rules apply to him.

    In any case, deep down he knows he lost the election and is no longer really the president. He keeps whining about it because he can’t accept losing and wants to keep his followers whipped up.

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  2. In my mind, he never was a president, not even for a single day, though of course technically he was. If he runs again in 2024, and if the people of this nation are stupid enough to elect him again, I will be leaving this country forever.

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    • Jill, I am right there with you. I still hold out hope that the majority, mainstream, moderate America—who foolishly cast their vote in 2016 against Hillary Clinton and blindly followed strict Party-line obedience—will hold true to their core principles, support, and protection of our Constitutional democracy functioning thru THREE EQUAL Branches of government and vote in at least another more qualified Republican Presidential candidate. Trump was NEVER that person, but by then the Party had become extremely desperate to hold on to some type of white American power and status in an already highly DIVERSIFIED nation.

      Unfortunately, the American general public who are not well versed or educated in local, municipal, state, and federal government under the Constitution—and have poor critical-thinking, analytical skills—are today very gullible to outrageous, alternative realities propagandized by social-media. This makes the threat of Trump in 2024 a real possibility. Too many American voters have gone asleep at the wheel of their civil virtues and duties. They have lost touch with what was, how, and why the U.S. is no longer a pure, true democracy according to the EIU’s Democracy Index:

      Worse still is that they also do not know how to rectify the severe setbacks the last 7-10 years; I’d argue the last 25-years!

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        • You are right Infidel. I guess I should have said “strict, unprincipled loyalty” to Party overrided better judgement for “the best Presidential candidate” for ALL Americans. But in today’s America that ideal, those political principles are a ridiculous pipe dream aren’t they? 🙄

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        • Only because he promised to pay them exorbitant amounts of money to vote for him. True to his normal Trump-Antics, he never paid them a penny, but seeing as they had all signed non-disclosure-under-any-circumstances contracts, they were afraid of him, until he had Saudi Arabian agents assassinate them all, and the whole issue became moot.

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  3. But, not to be mean to anyone, not even the iDJiT, he has a date with destiny coming up in 2022. A massive heart-attack will prevent him from ever running for anything ever again, and all his debtors will finally get to sue his estate for the trillions of $ he bilked them out of while alive–IF there is any money left after the IRS seizes his bank accounts as remedy for years of rax evasion.
    Now, if I was running this universe, that heart attack would happen in the early hours of the morning the day of the 2024 election, and there would be no time to take his name off the ballot. His psychophantic followers would be so stunned they would not be able to even make it to the polls.
    (Speaking seriously, what would happen if those circumstances ever came to pass, a presidential candidate dying at the very last minute?)

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    • Not to wish such an event on anyone, but your last question does present an interesting scenario if Trump were the candidate. Truly, it would put his devoted followers into a tailspin.


      • So I take it, as far as you know, if something happened just before or during an election, they are no laws or rules on how to handle the situation. Would the election be postponed, or cancelled? Would it go on in spite a candidate had died ir been killed? I’m disturbed this has not been prepared for. While the odds of it happening are astronomical, it is still withing the realm of possibility.


    • But he would still run…and be gloriously victorious, from his new Seat at the Right Hand of Republican Jesus! He would then rule Gilead from his heavenly gilded toilet throne in the name of The Lawd!

      You laugh, but there are “prophets” who are making claims like this!

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  4. Hello Nan. Thought provoking post. I think people missed that tRump never felt he was restricted to the two term limit at any time. He constantly floated his third and further terms. I really think if he had won the last election he would have simply tried to first over turn the term limits in the constitution and then simply declared himself president for life. I remember how he praised China’s president Xi Jinping when he got their laws changed to give him give the title of president for life. Putin kept changing the laws to let him stay as president or in power over the president, then gave himself and his family complete immunity from all laws including even being questioned by police / law enforcement. These were the things tRump was fighting to do here, what he really wanted. He almost got it. He may still. That is why he will grift and run for president again, the power is intoxicating to him as is the adoration he desperately craves. Hugs

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    • Yep! I don’t think the average voter had any idea what was in store for this country when they voted for Trump. A wealthy TV star with a gift for gab, along with a “really cool” talent for trashing others? What could go wrong?

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  5. Who are you talking about, Nan? I never heard of that person.

    It was Bush 1, Clinton 1, Bush 2, Obama 1, A Hoax 1, then Biden 1. Did I miss something? (Snickers and stops.)

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