Limbaugh: Gone But Not Forgotten

In one of her recent newsletters (February 17, 2021), Heather Cox Richardson included some information about Rush Limbaugh who, as many of you know, recently died of lung cancer.

Limbaugh was well-known as a radio personality, but he was especially welcomed in conservative circles for his approach to government and how it should be run. And it seemed the more “extreme” his ideas, the more famous he became.

In fact, one of Limbaugh’s claim was that “hardworking white men” are under attack in America because  “minorities and feminists” are too lazy to work and instead expect a handout from the government that’s paid for by tax dollars levied from “hardworking white men. “

Hardworking. White. Men.

To Limbaugh, this was “socialism”– and it was destroying America!

Moreover, it was his contention that Republicans needed to begin an emergency dismantling of the welfare system — which was “shredding the social fabric and  bankrupting the country‘’ and “gutting the work ethic, educational performance, and moral discipline of the poor.”

His solution? Congress should cut capital gains taxes, which would drive economic growth, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and generate billions in federal revenue.

(Forgive my ignorance, but how exactly is this supposed to work?)

As I was reading this, I thought to myself … it’s no wonder Republicans (were) are enamored with Limbaugh’s approach. So much so, that his suggestions are in play at this very moment. In fact, were it not for the recent election that put a more forward-thinking and equality-minded individual into office, we would probably be in the deep throes of Limbaugh’s government solutions even now.

Although Limbaugh’s voice has been silenced, unfortunately his ideas still echo on the Republican side of the U.S. Congressional Chambers and efforts to “make it so” will undoubtedly continue for many years to come.

26 thoughts on “Limbaugh: Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Uh, we have cut taxes several times along the lines desired by these assholes and their claims have never been shown to be true. They just keep repeating their lies, which as you probably know, is the recipe for creating “Big Lies.”

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      • Yes, because of the stupidity of our electorate. You may not be able to fool all of the people all of the time, but there are people in this country – hint: their states are largely red in color – that you can fool all of the time. This is one of the pranks they fall for; the ‘ol cut taxes for the rich and they’ll create jobs with the extra cash. It is pure nonsense and yet it works for every Repugnantcan administration.

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  2. Limbaugh’s methods work.

    Just look at Texas, where those methods are in practice. And they worked so well that senator Ted Cruz was able to take a vacation in Mexico instead of having to deal with weather related problems.

    (Please excuse the sarcasm).

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  3. When a pro-smoking person dies of lung cancer, it is karma for sure. In a way, when some people die the world becomes a better place.
    In politics, that is what works. If you have an enemy or a scape goat to blame, they will line up to join the party.
    Can I get an amen for a 63% approval rating?

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  4. The Four Corners of Deceit are government, academia, science, and the media.

    This, in a nutshell, was what Limbaugh’s Freedom Medal stood for, selling the idea that these social pillars that inform the institutions of secular society are not to be trusted, that they are the problem behind every social symptom of dysfunction. The Republican Party has made this distrust central to their principles and so are dedicated to their destruction, which is why this party today, granted any political authority, is an existential threat to the Constitution of the United States and every citizen who constitutes it, This is why every Republican is quite willing for everyone else to pay the price in loss of equality, shared rights and freedoms, life, and the pursuit of happiness. This is why the replacement institutions are supposed to be extensions of whatever populist strong white man leads it by narcissistic whim, faith-based belief, and pandering to wealth.

    Limbaugh played a central role is dividing people into partisan camps, bringing forth their worst qualities, and increasing the distance between them. Good riddance of a truly deplorable man.

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  5. I don’t think that the agenda he pushed started or ends with him, Nan, unfortunately. I think that he merely found a way to put (or push) it that resonated with many who didn’t even know that they were voting against their own interests, due to deliberately founded ignorance.
    This is why I work to create pathways toward continuing education, for all of our sakes.
    Stay Safe,

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    • Hi Shira. I didn’t mean to infer in my post that Limbaugh was the instigator of the Republican agenda. The politicians themselves are definitely the ones who define it and actively push it onto the American people.

      Limbaugh merely reinforced their propaganda, putting it into the words that would rile up his listeners. And one must admit, he was very talented at doing just that.

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    • Wimpy people–read Repuglygarbagecans–believe the rich are smarter than the poor, so they believe anything they are told. It does mot matter they suffer for their belief. Maybe one day they will win a lottery, and then they can be smart too.
      Do you provide barf bags on your blog, Nan?

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  6. A cruel and vicious man who could call a young college student a whore because she argued she wanted access to birth control. An audience of millions heard the names he called her. He was forced to apologise only because he was threatened with the withdrawal of many corporate sponsors.
    No redeeming features, no loss o society as a whole.

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  7. I started a post about Limbaugh a couple of nights ago, but scrapped it, for I feared it would be found too offensive to some of my readers. Quite honestly, without Limbaugh, I doubt Donald Trump could have become president, and Limbaugh has been a bigot all his life, so that’s two major strikes against him right there. I’m not one of these who thinks that just because somebody dies, they suddenly become some sort of saint. Call a spade a spade … Rush Limbaugh was an evil man.

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  8. Nan, I feel for the family and friends of Mr. Limbaugh as they mourn his passing. But, his words should not be held up as an exemplar. From a 2015 Politifacts survey, the Limbaugh accuracy record is very poor. Here is a snippet from the survey findings, aa reported in a Christian Forum.

    “According to Politifact, an incredible 82% of Rush Limbaugh’s claims fall into the categories of Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire. Atrocious lies are rated “Pants on Fire.” If you add in claims that are Half True, the figure goes up to 93%. In other words, Politifact finds that about 7% of what Rush Limbaugh says is true. That’s not very much.”

    And, for that record, one gets a Medal of Freedom from another untruthful person. It truly takes one to know one. Keith

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    • Truth? Who needs truth? Far too many prefer to hear the things that tickle their ears — which is why not only Limbaugh became famous, but it’s also why Faux News continues to be the station-of-choice among a certain segment of the populace.

      And that Medal of Freedom award? Well, when you consider THIS part of its description, it would have made perfect sense to Trump: A meritorious act or service which has aided the United States in the prosecution of a war against an enemy (my emphasis). Since we ALL knew who Trump’s biggest enemy was, in his mind, the award was appropriate.


  9. I will certainly hop over to Heather Cox Richardson’s blog. Thanks Nan for this mention and her newsletter.

    I’ve heard this mentality and economic design from white Conservatives a GAZILLION times. And Nan, as well as Richardson, are right… this does not completely work, certainly NOT for the lower 90% to 99% of the populous. 🤨 And it has been shown not to work time after time by Nobel Prize winners in Economics like Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krueger, and a host of others. Why?

    I could sum it up in one simple concept:

    Equal Equitable Opportunity for all who honorably want it… but then generously recontribute BACK to that same system of EEO for all others!!!

    IOW you Rush Limbaugh freaks of white man domination in all sectors of the U.S. economy, it really has nothing to do with “free handouts” to non-whites and women. Not in the least! It is essentially the incredibly novel idea of democracy, a republic and its Equal Opportunities for all no matter what skin color or gender. Period. End of economic debate.

    Now, how much prejudice, discrimination, hiring practices, higher educational admissions are truly equitable for ALL AMERICANS… especially in the Old Southern States of the defunct Confederacy? How much covert racism and misogyny has been going on in our 50 states since the 18th-century? How much still exists today, particularly in the Deep South?

    Btw, that’s a rhetorical question. 🤨 Here in Red-neck, Red (Lone Star) State Texas I see this subtle, covert inequality and Jim Crow-ish policies thrive Underground in this “At-Will” Labor Law state. All one has to do here is observe the disparity by zip code and the Republican Conservative economic models are FAILURES for anyone who isn’t a white man. Period.

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  10. It astounds me that his views were given air and had traction. As an outsider it also amuses me that conservatives in your country really do not know what true socialism actually is. The worrying trend is as with Limbaugh, so with trump, and onwards …

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