I’m So Tired …

  • Tired of Trump and any and all news about him
  • Tired of reading about Marjorie Taylor Greene and her idiotic and perverted beliefs
  • Tired of The Pillow Guy
  • Tired of people defending Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions
  • Tired of WHITE law enforcement killing BLACK people
  • Tired of Antifa getting the blame for QAnon actions/activities
  • Tired of Faux News manipulating the facts to satisfy their audience
  • Tired of disagreements without compromise
  • Tired of people who refuse to wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Tired of churches claiming they are exempt from COVID-19 restrictions
  • Tired of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Tired of evangelists ripping off their congregations to satisfy their own biblically forbidden “worldly desires”
  • Tired of the evangelical community forcing their beliefs on others
  • Tired of individuals claiming false Second Amendment rights
  • Tired of closed-minded individuals
  • Tired of ignorance
  • Tired of … etc., etc., etc.

Are you tired also? Here’s your chance to kvetch!

Image by Stephanie Ghesquier from Pixabay

43 thoughts on “I’m So Tired …

  1. Tired, yes, but then I’ve made plans on getting fat and am finding quite a lot of success achieving this goal. That gives me the energy to plan on tomorrow’s hobbit-like menu planning.

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    • I hear ya Tildeb and I empathize with ya and with Nan.

      As the new COVID-19 UK and SA variants close in around me, more and more infections increase around me as I—like a hermit hiding in my hole of a domicile for almost 365-days straight with the exception of only a few hours on some days for bare minimum survival needs—I too have an unprecedented worn path between my kitchen, my bathroom, and my bed. Occasionally that worn path goes to my rarely driven car. All of those four points have necessary PPE’s, sanitizers, and surgical gloves handy, always stocked.

      Yes, for essentially the last year my life is defined by those 4-points: a square. A very square life with a non-existent ORGANIC social-life and an excessively virtual-electronic cyber-life… that comes nowhere close to face-to-face, yet still very unsafe, unnatural, but required human contact. It’s been replaced by “Trick Mirrors,” ala Ready Player One or Avatar worlds. I want out of this self-inflicted mishap and severely constrained mirror-world. None of this present living condition and the useless loss of 473,000+ (and still rising) prematurely killed Americans, devastating countless families… had to be THIS bad! All intelligent people knew in January 2020 what HAD TO BE DONE! When one recognizes the potential lethality of an enemy and you possess one of the most wealthiest, resourceful nation on Earth, you act and you ACT swiftly, going directly at enemy’s jugular! Our highest leadership did nothing so this is the consequence of abandoned incompetent leadership.

      I’m reminded in a peculiar way of Isoroku Yamamoto’s infamous epiphany for Imperial Japan when in December 1941 his navy failed to catch and sink the American aircraft carriers, vital target-objectives to make the U.S. Pacific Fleet too crippled to wage a long war against Japan. Knowing their victory at Pearl Harbor was not enough, he wrote in his diary:

      I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

      In December 2019 and January 2020, the U.S. would be considered Yamamoto with an abundance of advantages at his disposal and ready to implement, swiftly if necessary, as they had for several months before Dec. 7th, 1941. COVID-19 would be the attacking Imperial Japan on Pearl Harbor. Why didn’t the U.S. today wage immediate biological war, at least preparing for it, against this deadly pandemic!? Even worse, we KNEW the attack was coming! Yet, we did nothing.

      This is the shameful American legacy Nan alludes to here and that gnaws at me incessantly. 😠🤬

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      • Taboo, these are difficult times. By no means, am I suggesting we bury our heads in the sand, but I wonder if it can be prudent to watch less of the news?

        As concerning as the virus is, the chances of an essentially healthy person dying from this under the age of seventy or so?? Well, let’s just say the statistics are greatly in our favor. Hey, I”m all in favor of masking up when appropriate, socially distancing, avoiding large indoor gatherings, etc.

        But, at the same time life is too precious, a real gift to live in fear and bondage. There is some element of risk in everything we do.

        I personally would probably go crazed if I was just cooped up in the house for over a year. Maybe some outdoor activities, at least, Taboo. Some of these hiking and biking trails can be practically deserted depending on the time of day.

        I’m on a waiting list for the vaccine. I feel like getting it is the right and wise thing to do. But, oh, part of me is not looking forward to this as all.

        My youngest son works with autistic kids in Alaska, so he was one of the first to get it up there. He claims it felt like someone took a sledgehammer to his arm, and he felt totally miserable in general for a couple days. But, now is doing fine. Thank God.

        Hugs, Taboo. Prayers and hope that things will be better for you soon.

        Hang in there. This will not be forever.

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        • Thanks for the encouragement Becky. ❤️

          I’ve been quite creative in my safe, necessary change in lifestyle, that’s for sure. Some of the suggestions you give I have been doing. Less “news” is definitely one of them. But then, that only changes me, not my surroundings or my extremely rebellious, “Don’t Tread On Me” or “Remember the Alamo” deep Red, Lone Star State fellow Texans. Being arrogant and blowing-off our perceived enemies across the nation, the political spectrum, and Washington D.C., too many Red Texans love their pride, their state, and their Republican Party at the expense of public safety/health and the Greater Good. 😬 🤦‍♂️ I can do what is necessary for myself, but to effect some 6- to 8-million Republicans in Texas to do the same? HAH!!! 😄

          However, despite all the dismissal and defiance to COVID-19 in January, February, and March 2020 by one political ideology, then continued still to THIS DAY… I’ve only portrayed the daily reality I am living in here in DFW and Texas. Lots and lots of extremely PROUD Rebels here in the Lone Star State. And it is literally taught and indoctrinated, embedded into the conscious and subconscious of a specific demographic here. 🙄


        • I feel for you, Taboo. You’re living in the wrong state for someone who is progressive. It probably would be like me living in Portland, Oregon.

          I have to confess that I am more libertarian in my political views, and I have that same streak of independence. Probably, I would do fine in Texas.

          But, at the same time, I’m no fool. And, I know what you’re talking about. I think we have folks out here who look for conspiracy theories everywhere and wrongly think it can’t happen to them.

          It certainly seems prudent to me to take wise precautions and to care about others as well.

          Part of this issue is that the virus behaves in what I think are strange ways. There are people in my own family who have gotten Covid. For them, it was just like a bad cold or sinus infection. No big deal. One of them is my own brother who is very heavy with diabetes. Yet, he seems fine. Folks can see things like this and become too complacent.

          The truth is there are also those who can end up in the ICU on a ventilator. We have to think of them, Taboo. I tell my sons it’s not just about yourself, but also about protecting others.

          Take care. Hope that you will be able to get the vaccine soon.

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    • LOL, my fit bit and new running sneakers are waiting for me in the morning. I really am in the mood for a donut and coffee while reading in bed. If it’s snowing outside I’ll have an excuse. God hasn’t answered my prayer for self-discipline. 😄

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  2. Funny how many things on your list stem from just the first one on your list. A degree of management control, from the top down through the ranks of Government could have brought so many things under control instead of just appearing to accept that nothing was wrong.

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    • HEAR HEAR David!!! 🍻

      The consequences of incompetent leadership! Period. And is that one man suffering much or at all? Does he care that HE, his Administration and his Party are responsible for 473,000+ American premature or unnecessary deaths?

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        • That lousy excuse of a former fake President is completely void of even a gram of empathy for Americans, the dead by COVID, and the immeasurable pain on those families they will have to endure the rest of their lives. He is the epitome of indecency, leadership incompetence, psychological delusion, narcissism, and megalomania.

          Does anyone know if tRumpelstiltskin, the “Straw weaver” of Lies and stealing not only firstborns, but entire families… has he called the surviving family members of Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick murdered by his mob?

          Has he expressed ANY gram of sympathy to any survivors of any American families who’ve lost a loved one to COVID? It’s well documented the former President has no sense or level of remorse of his fuck-ups, but has he shown ANY sort of patriotic, Executive Office condolences to any American families who’ve lost loved ones in this war? This biological war he ignored, then turned his back on his people that he vowed January 21st, 2017 to protect? Does anyone know?

          I haven’t heard, seen, or read any hint of condolences or sympathy, much less remorse over what he started the last 3-months of his shitty term leading up to 12 noon EST, Jan. 21, 2021.

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  3. While reading your list, my cartoon mind heard Madeline Kahn singing “So tired . . .” from the movie Young Frankenstein.

    Maybe your list could be sung to some barely recognizable tune . . . where is Tom Lehrer when you need him?

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  4. It’s blog posts like this one that kind of make me feel guilty for living under radically different circumstances.

    It makes my irritation towards broken supply chains between Aotearoa New Zealand and the rest of the world seem trivial in comparison.

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    • I realize that I am nearly five thousand eight hundred years late with this reply, but this particular post just popped up as a suggestion on another site that i was reading. I saw the video and watched it. That letter that wrote in sounds exactly like me! A laundry list of stuff… all worse than the previous one… Her response is exactly how I respond to my laundry list – completely off-topic, random, rambling, and not focused in any way. Much like in the clip, it helps a little. Focusing on what is wrong just makes it feel so much bigger and so much worse… thank you for a good giggle.

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    • Luckily I curate how much news comes my way. So at least I am not tired of that.
      Religion is so entangled in our affairs I think they even pray before they steal from the public coffers.
      Have less tiring weekend

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  5. Worrying obsessively about things over which one has no ability to exert any control is a recipe for getting stressed out. I’m spending considerably less time paying attention to political news, now that the government is back in adult hands and we don’t need to constantly worry about Trump declaring war on Neptune or something. But even when Trump was in power, I sometimes went through periods of tuning out political news as much as possible. No matter what happened, there would have been nothing I could do about it anyway.

    As for the pandemic, we’re all tired of dealing with it, but it will never get tired of dealing with us. All we can do is wait for the vaccination campaigns to do their work.

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  6. Yes I’m tired of all those things you mentioned. If I had to say which one the most, I’d say religion, as I believe it is the root to much of the others. Just the stupidity of it all.

    But being older, I feel more free, in a way, to just not give a crap as much as I did. And I’ve developed a way to look at the long view of much of this and much of it is an old story, as old as time itself….

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  7. Well, Nan, one of the “I’m so tired of’s” has gone away. . We now don’t have to listen to what fool thing tRump has said or done every time we turn on the news. Isn’t it refreshing??? 🙂

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    • The new conversation needs to be about why the Republican Part itself is an existential threat to the American experiment (14.5% of the American population by voting Republican controls 35 seats of the Senate and effectively blocks the democratic will of the majority). If an armed insurrection against this majority isn’t enough a reason to make Constitutional changes to ensure fair representative government and hold its leadership accountable, what is?


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