The Black Vault

Just discovered a website that might interest some of my readers. I found it through a daily email I get from The Guardian. As the title indicates, it’s called The Black Vault.

What prompted me to investigate was this line in the email write-up:

The CIA released thousands of documents on UFOs this week, which the agency claims is all of their records on the objects. 

It seems The Black Vault is an online archive of declassified government documents.

While I personally have no doubt there are UFOs regularly being detected, I am far from the belief they are extra-terrestrial in nature. Nonetheless, I’m aware there are MANY who are convinced that we are being “visited.” Thus, I decided to share the link for those who are interested and would like to investigate further.

Also, when I visited the website, I noticed there is a Message Forum and one of the categories is “Religion/Spirituality” … in case anyone is interested. 🙂

If you’re like me, you’re probably getting a bit saturated with all the “Trump News” — so I figured a distraction might be in order.

Enjoy! And report back if you so desire.

Image by Stephanie Curry from Pixabay