18 thoughts on ““Seenager”

  1. I refuse to comment for fear of incriminating myself. However, now that I have written this I think I need to read the post again to remind myself what it is that might be incriminating. I’ll be back …..

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  2. Also on a humorous note: On Sunday I found the perfect title for the book I’m not going to write, but if I did I would totally call it:

    “O Little Text of Christendom, How We Still See Thee Lie: Reflections on the Bible, Reality, and a Decade of Deconversion”


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  3. Yep, glad I have my slow old brain, these youngsters with their fast young brains make decisions far to quickly and often get it wrong, whereas I rarely get anything wrong because I always intended to do what I did whatever that was. “Now where are those slippers”

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  4. Nan, terrific post. However, that acne thing. To me, God has a sense of humor. He lets me lose my hair, but still blesses me with acne. Since I stopped drinking thirteen years ago, I do have a sweet tooth, so that acne thing will crop up – not like a teenager’s but, more like whack-a-mole. This was fun, especially the comments. Keith

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