Ze Wall! Ze Wall!

Not everyone reading this post will remember the TV series, Fantasy Island (1977-1984), but for those who do, you will understand why I reworked its signature introduction for my title.

As most of us are aware, “THE WALL” has been an ongoing (and highly debated) promise of you-know-who. While the conjecture that Mexico was/is going to pay for it soon became irrelevant, the IDEA itself never completely faded away. It was simply replaced by the several hundred “other” things that have been part of this presidency (e.g., impeachment, COVID-19, etc.).

Unfortunately, all these more-pressing news items resulted in THE WALL slipping to the bottom basket of many news reporters. And this is a shame because this is what has been happening in the closing days of a president whose stubbornness is creating havoc at every turn:

Contractors Dynamite Mountains, Bulldoze Desert In Race to Build Trump’s Border Wall

As the NPR newsletter puts it:

Contractors are pulverizing the wilderness in southern Arizona to construct as much of President Trump’s U.S. border wall as possible before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. Builders are even dynamiting mountains — infuriating landowners and conservationists — as they plow through sensitive nature areas without regard to the work’s effects on wildlife.

I probably don’t need to say it, but the current leader of the U.S. has no scruples at all! The ONLY thing he cares about is remaining in power, no matter who or what it demolishes in the process.

I was particularly disturbed by this line of the article: they’re working all night long under light towers to meet Trump’s goal of 450 miles of new barriers before his term is over.”

The president of a land conservation group commented about what was happening: “As an American, I feel ashamed.” I totally agree.

22 thoughts on “Ze Wall! Ze Wall!

  1. And how much money will be wasted on the Big Wall of Diaper Don? Money that could be much better spent on fighting Covid, for one, or health care for the poor…
    Just wondering, who owns the company doing the work? But it can be traced to Trump, or one of his psychophants!
    Just saying…

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  2. I don’t know why Trump is racing to gt his wall built before his term is over. According to him, he won the election (by a landslide yet), so he has another four years, one month and twenty years.

    And speaking of landslides, I wonder how many will be caused by his contractors dynamiting mountains?

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  3. The “wall” that’s been built so far is crap that falls over in high winds and can be cut through with tools available for a few bucks from Home Depot (and presumably from whatever the Mexican equivalent is). Too bad about the desert getting blown up, but everything is going to be shit until Trump is out of office, and I’m afraid I feel more concerned about stuff like Indian reservations getting their water supplies trashed by oil pipelines than about a bunch of scorpions and rattlesnakes.

    The wall Trump is so desperately trying to build will be an appropriately cruddy, kitschy monument to him as a sort of bargain-basement Ozymandias, crumbling into the wasteland in months instead of centuries, not awesome or tragic but just cheap and embarrassing.

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    • Nonetheless, in his efforts to “keep his promise,” he is destroying natural resources along the border. But I do agree that some of his actions and “executive orders” have done far more damage to some people in this country than the wall ever could.

      IMO, as much as anything else, he’s going to use THE WALL as one of his “accomplishments” in his 2024 campaign speeches.

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  4. I remember that series alright but only because you mentioned it.

    As for your writing, “I probably don’t need to say it, but the current leader of the U.S. has no scruples at all! The ONLY thing he cares about is remaining in power, no matter who or what it demolishes in the process!”

    No, we need to keep saying it over and over and more. We don’t ever want to forget what he has done to our country. I am a bit afraid some are going to say “We need to heal and let bygones by bygones.” NEVER EVER!

    I get a bit excited in the morning. 😉

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  5. I have not seen that TV-series, so I may be missing out on something here. However, I find it ironic how often the conservative do not have any knowledge about history. They are trying to preserve what is good and has “always been”, but they have no notion about what has been, or how it all went before.

    The wall as an idea may sound like an effective measure to achieve limitations on human movements (that are feared by some), but as the most famous American general Patton put it: “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.” Aside from what he thought about war, he was right in that history teaches us, that such walls are not effective in limiting human movement. Nor are they good for the human wellbeing, wich might be seen as some sort of priority. Not the general human wellbeing of those who are being limited by them, nor to the wellbeing of the idiots who wish them to be built to protect their own sense of woulnerability, that is the result of them not being able to understand the world much. These walls represent violence, that causes suffering and hardens the violent party to become less human.

    Brezhnev – a true conservative, if there ever was one (his rule in Soviet Union became known as the “Era of Stagnation”) – propably thought that the Berlin wall was a fine construct, that served it’s purpose. What do we think about it now? The very same moral problems are concerning the Berlin and Trump walls and for the very same reasons they will eventually be torn down, but what damage will they cause to individual lives (and possibly even nature) is nothing next to what damage they cause to the ideologies, that set them up. Ideologies supporting such violence will inevitably be condemned by future generations, as they have always been.

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    • The series introduced each episode with Herve Villechaize yelling “Zee Plane, Zee Plane!” as Fantasy Island guests arrived to find out how bad their fantasies were for them. (He also called Ricardo Montoban “Boss”, for whatever that is worth)


    • I would argue that the American right wing is not conservative at all, but radical. Utter capitulation to finance capitalism plus domination by arguably heretical/radical, certainly not traditional religious sects to me seems a RADICAL position.

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