What Say You?

As most people know, the outcome of the recent presidential election isn’t really in doubt, yet Dear Leader continues to dispute the results.

No news there.

But the question becomes:  Will he … can he … succeed in his efforts? Or will he FINALLY go down in defeat?

According to Politico, in order for Trump to overcome election results, some unprecedented legal steps would be required.

  • Republican-led legislatures in states Biden won would need to move to overturn their state’s popular vote and appoint a slate of Trump electors when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 14.
  • Since such maneuvers would be certain to meet vetoes from Democratic governors, the lawmakers would also need to secure a legal determination that they hold the sole power to appoint electors — a disputed legal premise that has never been tested.

Both actions are considered long shots; however, as most of us know, Trump is desperate.

So what say you?

No sure? Perhaps try consulting your crystal ball. Or do a bit of ommmm and see what the universe says. Or … I know! Ask your Republican neighbor!

Or better yet, make an educated guess.

53 thoughts on “What Say You?

  1. All I can think to do is keep all my fingers crossed and trust that Biden will be able to be sworn in. We are dealing with a terrified man, here, and there is nothing scarier than a Narcissist on the losing end of anything. He has the morals of a goat, so anything is possible.

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  2. I think everyone would agree you need a functioning President by Jan 20th. The current incumbent is clearly not functioning unless you count in Golf Games. Joe Biden won the election and unless there is overwhelming proof of election fraud to be presented I’d guess Trump will be quietly escorted from the premises, and when I say quietly I don’t mean Trump. He will have a melt down and need psychiatric care. Eventually he will claim he’s just been preparing for 2024 when he won’t have any of the backers he had for 2016. Some people can learn a lesson.

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  3. If this came down to one state the situation might be different. But it isn’t. I tend to side with the POV that all the antics are ultimately serving other objectives – perhaps bettering his bargaining position for a pardon, 2024, money raking, etc.

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    • This is my take as well. Thankfully, multiple states would have to get flipped for Trump to win, and that’s really a long shot.

      Trump’s efforts to tilt the playing field (i.e. cheat: gerrymandering, postal slowdown, opposition to mail-in ballots, etc. etc.) were insufficient. His lawyers’ efforts in the courts (where they can’t just say anything they want; they have to tell the truth) are a laughable dead end. Trump’s thinking that ACB and the 6-3 Supreme Court will be his magic wand is fantasy. Only a few of the states in play have Republicans in a position where they could mess with the certification of the vote and selection of the electoral slate, and while we need to watch carefully, I think it’s highly unlikely he could accomplish that in multiple states.

      So Tweety McThinSkin will keep petulantly insisting that “I WON THE ELECTION, BY A LOT.” And he and his staff will try to strew as many caltrops in the path of the incoming Biden administration as they can. On the final day, we might even see some dramatics when it’s time for him to vacate the White House. But I’m pretty sure he will be out, one way or another.

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  4. Michigan alone cannot change the outcome. No matter what they may want to do, Republican legislators cannot make retroactive changes to the election laws of any state. As someone mentioned already, what they are doing now is to affect future elections. The mistrust they are building will be a factor.

    I hope all right-thinking voters remember what we are witnessing now. One party determined to destroy our democratic process. Steve Bannon promised the conservatives that the intention of this administration was to “deconstruct the administrative state.” In other words, destroy democracy.

    A sad side note is that the Christian Nationalists think only white evangelical Republicans have the right to govern. (One thing the Republicans have proven over and over in the past twenty years is that they have no ability to govern.) Christians want to close all public (secular) schools and have the church in charge of education, seeing as how all secular education is elitist and our government is a weapon of Satan. Anyone who disagrees with or pushes back against the church is guilty of persecuting it. Likewise, if you mention the ‘wall of separation’ between church and state.

    If we cannot take the majority role in the Senate this election cycle, 2024 may be expected to be a disaster for democracy; worse than what we see now.

    Anyone for drinks?

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  5. This 2020 election is essentially OVER for tRump. The only slim, damn near invisible thread he could have a microscopic, subatomic chance of changing the ultimate results are for key, loyally blind Republican legislatures in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to disavow their Constitutional oaths and indict many trusted, long-term state election officials in those states… and switch their state’s Electoral College votes to him. This won’t happen because it isn’t just ONE state, like Florida in 2000 with Bush vs. Gore, it is at least 4-5 states and several of those states Biden won handily!

    The new looming nightmare for the USA and the world will be in 2024. If tRump can get out of his own way, not shoot himself in his own foot by opening his mouth and behaving like an immature 6th-grader Mob-boss… then he COULD very well reignite those 73.8-million ignorant, gullible, rural voters across America to rally behind him again. On top of that, if the remaining portion of registered voters across the U.S. then go back into hibernation, not persisting in their legal right, duty, responsibilities, and virtue to VOTE—do AT LEAST a 67% Voter Turnout Rate or higher in 2024—then tRump and the minority of white Republicans in this country WILL TAKE BACK the White House and one or both chambers of Congress.

    The Supreme Court is lost; it will be Conservative, Right, Republican leaning for the next 20-40 years or more… which is already another nightmare that has started for this crumbling democracy/republic. Mitch McConnell has assured this. 😔 Unless of course Justices John Roberts, Jr., or Clarence Thomas die of natural causes soon. :/

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    • I think Trump’s chances of even getting a shot at running in 2024 may be pretty slim, at least if the SDNY has any say in the matter. I think there’s a good chance that he’ll have to face criminal charges once he leaves office at the state level, and quite likely at the federal level as well.

      My concern isn’t Trump. I’m more worried about some who comes along and is smarter, more eloquent, has a good facade, but also is able to stoke the fears with right wing populism, while appealing to Christian nationalists. Trump sounds like a crazy uncle, but that’s just his lousy presentation. Trump has shown that there’s an appetite for Trumpism, and who knows who’s going to exploit it next.

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  6. I feel that there was widespread voter fraud found during the election. But, I don’t think enough was found to actually overturn the result of the election. I really don’t buy into the whole dominion software conspiracy theory. At least, I can’t buy into it without credible evidence. I also feel like part of the problem was that the states had difficulty dealing with such a massive number of mail-in ballots. I’m sure there was plenty of innocent human error involved also.

    I feel that if there was a conspiracy to impact the result of the election, it falls more to the feet of the vast majority of the mainstream media. As far as I’m concerned, they are more an arm of the left and the Democratic party than agencies promoting objective news reporting. I feel like every opportunity was taken to present Trump and his supporters in the worse light possible. On the other hand, some very legitimate concerns with Mr. Biden were simply glossed over if they were raised at all.

    People’s minds are conditioned by what they see and hear. At best, it can be difficult to come to the truth as it is.

    For myself, I’m ready to move on. I’m hoping that we can all work together for the best interests of our country. But, I realize this is difficult simply because well-meaning folks on both the left and the right, have very different visions and ideas about what this would actually entail.

    I don’t know how to surmount these barriers between us but still remain committed to trying.

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    • Dear Becky, if you are still falling for the idea that the media can lie to the majority of the public, you need to stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid. It is nice that you want to put all the bullshit behind you, but you are clinging to the wrong bullshit. As a Canadian who has no real interest in what pretends to be politics in the USA, we and others around the world can look with unbiased criticism at the games Americans play. It is Trump lying to you, not the media. There was very little, if any voter fraud. That was just a figment of Trump’s narcissistic ego. How can you still believe a man who refuses to accept real defeat?
      His score was lower than that of the opposition. The referees called the game according to the rules.
      What would you think about Tampa Bay whining they really won the World Series? You would laugh! Why aren’t you laughing at Trump’s whining.
      Just curious, though, what flavour is the Trump Kool-aid? Fake cherry?

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      • But, Rawgod, you see, I know from my own experience. The mainstream media has portrayed those who voted for President Trump in general as this pack of “deplorables,” uneducated folks who are gun totin racist, xenophobes who are working to enforce white supremacy. This in no way remotely describes me or the vast majority of folks I know personally who supported Trump.

        Do you know that President Trump was able to garner the largest percentage of the African-American vote for a Republican president in 60 years? These people are then vilified by the left as not being authentically Black. How racist is this statement? As if people of color should represent a monolith and can’t think for themselves.

        Many have billed the RNC as the most inclusive in history. Black unemployment reached its lowest level ever during the Trump administration. I mean I could go on and on. This is only one issue.

        Rawgod, I listen to outlets such as CNN and MSNBC. I can sense the pure contempt and mockery. I see how they are able to take statements out of context such as President Trump’s remarks in Charlottesville.

        It makes me sad.

        Rawgod, I think you are wrong about voter fraud. But, we have to see how this plays out in the courts. As I say, I don’t feel the evidence presented will be enough and to the degree to overturn the result of the election. But, it seems naive to me to suppose there were no, let’s say, “irregularities.”

        We will have to agree to disagree. Pax.

        I am partial to strawberry. 🙂

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        • There is no doubt there are intelligent, well-educated people that vote Republican … and I would daresay most of these people vote on principle, rather them for a person. IOW, they support the Republican platform, not necessarily who’s sitting in the Oval Office.

          HOWEVER … there most definitely are “uneducated folks who are gun totin racist, xenophobes who are working to enforce white supremacy” who think Trump is the god that’s going to show those “niggers and mexicans” that they don’t have the rights and privileges of White People. And unfortunately, these are the individuals who make the most noise and get the most press.

          Further, you say you listen to/watch CNN and MSNBC and can sense contempt and mockery. Those on the other side of the fence listen to Faux News and Newsmax and sense the same. Thing is … much of what is reported on the former is often proven via government and medical documents to be accurate.

          As we’ve discussed before, you are definitely on the other side of the fence from most of my blog readers. Having said that, I have no problem with you continuing to express your POV. You seem to have the backbone and cojones to put up with confrontation.

          Have a good week. Stay safe.

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          • Nan, Becky, might I suggest that people watch PBS Newshour or BBC World News America. The former requires civility among its guests and, every Friday, has a weekly recap of the week with Mark Shields and David Brooks. I would also look to sources like Reuters or Politico online, as well as reading news from reputable sources.

            What is interesting on Fox is the night time editorial hosts are increasingly at odds with the news side of the network – Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace – on the outgoing president’s voter fraud claims. The lone exception is Tucker Carlson was asking for proof on the wide-spread voter fraud claims from the president’s legal team and not getting it.

            It is one thing to litigate and ask for recounts, but for the outgoing president to claim wide-spread voter fraud without proof is both reckless and dangerous. Right now, the outgoing president’s team has lost over two dozen cases, winning only one small one that threw out a few votes in Pennsylvania. Yet, as I noted in my earlier comment, Chris Krebs, the head of cybersecurity for Homeland Security said the election was the most secure in our history contradicting the outgoing president’s claims. So, he ended up being fired.

            I like to think of the Occam’s Razor example, the simplest explanation is often the case. Is it easier to believe that Republican election officials (who have said there was no wide-scale fraud) and judges colluded with Democrats to steal the election or is it easier to believe a person with a vested interest who is known for having a hard time with the truth is perpetrating a fraud on the American people?


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            • Keith, your news sources are right-on. Much more “equalized” in their approach to the nation’s and world’s happenings than many others.

              There’s little doubt that it’s difficult to hear and/or view news sources that don’t support our personal preferences, but if we truly want to be informed, it’s important to be able to “walk away” from our prejudices and seek out more neutral and less-biased sources.

              Thank you for your usual “good sense” comment. Have a safe and tasty Thanksgiving! 🦃

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        • Dear Beck, you do realize you are not really thinking for yourself, but toeing the Republican party line. We know not all republican voters are unkempt, uneducated, unintelligent people, but we also know there are a great number of them out there. If you believe Trump garnered the biggest portion of black voters ever, you have not checked your facts. That is only one of the 30,000 lies Trump has told in the past 4 years, verifiable lies. He started from embellishing the size of the crowd attending his inauguration on Jan.20, 2017, and he has embellished every pro-Trump number ever since. The millions who came out to celebrate his 2020 non-victory he again said was over a million, while pictures and videos showman be 20 or 40 thousand people. Trump cannot accept facts for what they are, he lies almost every time he opens his mouth.
          I am not about to argue this with you, your eyes and mind are closed, no matter how open you think you are. As I said, being a non-American I have no stake in this election. I am free to look at the facts. They are not as you believe them to be.
          But I do hope there are more people like you willing to move on, and deal with a Biden government. From where I stand, safely inside Canada, you are headed for a second civil war. I do not want to see that happen. Please, don’t make it happen. Accept the results and move on.

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          • Rawgod, I didn’t say though, the largest number of Black voters ever. I know that’s not true.

            But, here’s an example of why numbers of people of color were drawn to Trump.

            As far as I know, this video was never aired on CNN. 🙂

            You can be certain that I will not be participating in a Civil War, no way. Thanks for your concern, Rawgod.


            • Rats, rawgod. I’m not very tech-savvy myself, so I don’t know either.

              I didn’t fully agree with every point our black brother shared, but I think he offered a different perspective and shared legitimate concern with both Biden and Ms. Harris’s record on race-related issues.

              I think a lot of folks are going to be deeply disappointed in what they think the new administration will actually advocate and accomplish. But, we will have to see, and as I say hope for the best.



          • You know…to some extent I disagree with the “look at the hillbillies” meme. Trump’s core is indeed superficially rational, even kind people…like, not to get personal…our very own Becky, who for religious reasons have persuaded themselves that Trump is a Godly source of strength for America. Like all of us, they exist in a bubble that mouths nice sounding fictions….or vile lies. Heck, this occurs on “the left”, too. There are many of us who still burble happily about how progressive the Peace Prize President, Barrack Obama, was…which is damn completely untrue.

            The BIGGEST group, though, I would argue, is found not at the crossroads greasy spoon, but at the local gated community, the small city country club, the local prosperous “worship center: megachurch at the freeway exit on the “good” side of town. The core of the Republican Party remains, as one way put it, “third largest Nissan dealer in the metropolitan area who wants to move up.” I know we are trained to worship “small bizness”, but the local nabob class has always bee the source of much of reactionary politics in the United States. They are insular, they are often racist, generally conventionally religious, and to be fair, they are threatened very seriously by the economic trends in the capitalist west…more and more concentration, more and more automation, more and more stress on their local customer base as the traditional economy is destroyed by the Lords of Silicon Valley (read some background on the vile, arrogant, frighteningly smart Peter Thiel if you want to understand this class.)

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            • There is truth to what you say, but it’s just a part of the whole, and there are many parts. There are a lot of weirdos on the Democratic side too, but few of them tote open arms, they use spray paint cans. At least they can create beauty, whereas the Repubs create most destruction and division.
              Obama was nowhere near perfect, but internationally speaking, which is what I am doing, he is the best president the States ever had. Why else did Trump apend so much time dismantling what he created. Trump knew he could never match him, so he tried to excise him. Stupidest thing he ever did. Well, there were so many–but it was a big one.

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            • Brian, I want to share something here that I think is overlooked by many on the left. I did not support Trump at all for religious reasons. I don’t feel that either of these candidates really exemplifies the “fruit of the Spirit,” so to speak. I would not want either President Trump or Mr. Biden to be my pastor. 🙂

              I would never vote for someone based solely on their religious beliefs and convictions. To me, this is foolishness. Someone could be a committed Christian believer and make a terrible president. On the other hand, a person could be an atheist and be wonderful.

              IMO, we need to attempt to be objective and look at the actual policies the person is advocating and attempting to put into practice, and think about how this will impact our country in the long term. Even that is a tall order because generally, we’re not going to agree right down the line. I would alter part of President Trump’s policies toward immigration, for instance, especially toward asylum seekers.

              Anyway, I wanted to put it out there that this idea that all the folks who voted for Trump think he is “God’s man” or have the intention to abolish the separation of church and state sounds crazy to me. I’m not saying that there aren’t some people who have this opinion, but it’s not me, or many other Trump supporters.

              There are different reasons why people vote Republican. I’m more libertarian and support smaller govt. in general. I’m for peace and feel that a Trump administration is the best bet to keep us from foreign conflict and war. I oppose identity politics, feeling that it divides us all the more and gins up racial division. ..I feel like supporting free markets and employment opportunity is the best way to lift people from poverty as opposed to massive entitlement programs.

              Anyway, suppose I am beating a dead horse. But, there are just a lot of stereotypes out there imaging all the Trump supporters that are not true, Brian.

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  7. Nan, the outgoing president has lost over two dozen court cases, with the latest one in Pennsylvania being thrown out as it was frivolous and stitched together. Republican Senator Ben Sasse noted the attorneys in all of these cases do not use the term wide-scale voter fraud, as if they lied to a judge, that is a crime. Plus, Republican election officials pushed back on the president from numerous states saying there was no election fraud. And, we should not forget the outgoing president fired Chris Krebs, the head of cybersecurity for Homeland Security, for saying the election was the most secure in our history.

    As we have discussed, this president has orchestrated this fraud on Americans for over six months, defaming the mail-in voter process, hobbling the post office, hiring 1,000 attorneys and asking his voters to vote in person (as those votes are counted first). What the outgoing president is doing now is predicted and predictable. It did not take a rocket scientist, but I wrote a post back in September called “Take it to the bank – the president will sue to avoid losing the election.”

    If the president is going to fire Sidney Powell for doing exactly what he asked her to do with fraudulent and frivolous claims of voter fraud, then he needs to fire Rudy Giuiliani and the guy who stares back from the mirror. The only voter fraud is being perpetrated by the petulant person looking back in the mirror at the outgoing president.

    That is what this independent and former Republican (and Democrat) thinks. Keith

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  8. All in all, the Electoral College is a racist dinosaur that needs to realize it has become evolutionarily useless. It protects the wishes of the southern states against the wishes of their northern neighbours. Time has marched on, but they cling to the old ways because they are afraid to get calluses on their dainty hands.
    You already know I have no use for democracy, and America has been showing the fractures for the past four years. The EC is the glue trying to hold the old style of democracy in place. Get rid of it while you can. Let things evolve as they must. That is the way of nature.

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      • Thank you for asking.
        I support no style of government, because governing people destroys their ability to govern themselves. For a label, I call it Responsible Anarchy. Each person is responsible for themselves, and those around them in ever-widening circles until every living being in the entire cosmos is included. Okay, that dream cannot happen for a millennia of millennia, but that is the ultimate goal.
        For now, I’ll settle for a world non-structure where there are no borders, no nations, no nothing that separates one group from another. This is where evolution, in particular Spiritual Evolution, is heading. I have spent over 60 years (I am presently 71.) studying not just the history of humans, but the history of life on Earth, and extrapolating where we are heading providing we do not destroy our home ourselves in the myriad ways we can from where we have been. No university teaches such a course, I had to do it all on my own.
        The best part of self-education is not having any pre-conceived notion of what one will find, no boundaries to what is possible. Humanity has wrapped itself in so many boundaries that it is almost impossible to look beyond them. Because we have had governments of some sort almost from the beginning of human primate life–starting with the rule of family–to our present mix of various forms of government, that is all we know. I challenge that belief. Given enough time, and no more fools like Trump, we will get there for the betterment of all living beings.
        This is my gift to the world. Luckily, I do not have to do anything but let people know this is possible. The rest will take care of itself.
        And that is one purpose of life, IMO.


        • Thanks, Rawgod. I have never really studied anarchy. But, I do tend to lean toward the libertarians and have read that anarchy and libertarianism are like opposite sides of the same coin. Would you agree with this?

          I suppose for me what you’re describing could not be achieved this side of the parousia simply because of human nature. I think we will always need some form of govt.

          But, I like hearing and exploring other ideas, and I respect and appreciate you for sharing.

          Be well and stay safe, Rawgod. Blessings.


          • Thanks, but no blessings needed, nor no capital R on rawgod. I’m just a normal guy. I have an ego huge as or huger than Trump, but no need to pander to it. I’m secure in who I am. I can even wear pink, and eat quiche. I don’t guzzle beer, or any alcohol for that matter. Haven’t touched THC-laden marijuana for over 30 or 40 years. Haven’t willingly been in a church for over 50 years. The only authority in my life is me. And I love being me.
            I hope you love being you.


          • Oh, and I don’t think anarchy and libertarianism are related, though I do not understand libertarians. Minimal government is still government. My brand of anarchy would not work in our present society, there is too much emphasis on money and religion, as well as government. As long as those three things are omnipresent, and dominant, there can never be true freedom. We each need to be our own authority, while respecting that we are one group, with everyone being responsible for everyone else. That is not possible in a class culture, or a wealth-based or religion-based society. When all beings are truly equal, only then can we have true anarchy. Again, IMO.


            • rawgod …

              The definition of anarchy is “(government) A state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government)” — whereas, anarchism is “A political theory favoring the abolition of governments.”

              From reading your various comments here and elsewhere on this topic, I’m wondering if a better description for what you promote would be Responsible Anarchism.

              IMO, anarchy tends to bring up a negative reaction since living in a society of “lawlessness and disorder” isn’t exactly a pleasant scenario. Further, I tend to doubt humans, being who/what they are, would be able to adhere to “Responsible” Anarchy.

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            • Anarchy sounds better than Anarchism, but, yeah, it’s gotten a bad rap because the early Anarchists tried using violence to get what they wanted..
              Humans have had governments of some sort almost from the dawn of human life, though it took a long while to turn into national governments, and those we have had seemingly forever.
              But it will not always be that way. That is my studied prediction. People are changing, not quickly, but changing nonetheless. I just hope we will give ourselves the time we need to get there.

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            • In all seriousness, since humanity moved away from small hunter and gatherer based societies organized by clan, there has never been a long lived human society that is not class, wealth, religion, or ethnic group based. Certainly not an urban or “advanced” society. I struggle to understand why you think such a society would evolve when it has not yet.

              But again, I think this argument will be moot. Climate change is coming, and it will be devastating.

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  9. I think the only kind of anarchy we are going to see is that featured in The Road Warrior movies. Once climate change REALLY starts cranking down, modern civilization will collapse. Of course, so will population levels. Sadly, rawgod, I doubt that a 71-year old westerner will be the kind of person who survives the new “non system” system. I need to find an open air gym still open so I can become HUMUNGUS and rule over the wasteland as a glorious non-state ruler. Because despite the fevered dreams of “anarchists”, there will still be rulers…and the ruled.


    • Aha! There is an “old school iron” gym in my town that is completely open to the elements (un air conditioned or heated industrial garage whose entire wall is open) that has not closed yet. I am less afraid of the contamination from people touching things. COVID, (according to my doctor landlady) is spread more through the air than through surface contamination. Not sure about risking it, but… At least, living in California, I can largely still ride my bike. Particularly as we are facing another drought year. 😦 California has faced long term dry periods before in history, even without climate change, so…. 😦

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    • I’m feeling much more optimistic. We will solve this together. I’m tempted to share another one of those “awful” Prager videos but will refrain. LOL

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Despite everything we are blessed and have so much to be thankful for.


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      • I appreciate your restraint, Becky. 😄

        Enjoy your Thanksgiving as well. I do agree there’s lots to be thankful for if we just take a moment and think about it.


  10. rawgod: For a realistic appraisal of President Obama’s wonderful foreign policy, I loved THIS. http://thisislikesogay.blogspot.com/2020/11/whats-in-name.html We live in a One Party State, and it is the War Party. The Wall Street Party. The Dems are just a little more queasy about it as they make deals. (The Senator from MBNA was Biden’s nickname at one point)

    Heck, people like Duncan make me much more sympathetic to your point of view than I may let on. (Anarchism). In addition to “atheistic” (militantly so) I consider myself more and more a-nationalistic. So, protests to the contrary, maybe there is a touch of anarchism in me after all! 🙂

    I think by definition, if you are a U.S. President, you are a war criminal. It’s the nature of the office, the nature of the shambling, violent, reality of the crumbling American Empire. I read somewhere that even as the Roman Empire began failing at the basic tasks of governance (roads, aqueducts, food supplies for the peons) they still maintain the legions to the very end. Sounds familiar, no? We are epically broke, but by god we can still afford the “advanced” F35, a jet fighter that some wags have noted has trouble flying in the rain. 🙂

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  11. logically he is 74 years old, almost 300 pounds, dumb as a rock yet sly as a trash panda but less charming.
    i think…..a massive stroke…..and melanoma gets to wipe his chin and his ass for the next 10 years as he wastes away in adult diapers ironically making more sense with his aphasic gibberish than he ever did with all his lies


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