The Afterward

One last post (I hope) on Trump and the election. This is from Quora.


Mary Trump says her uncle is going to “burn it all down” because he can’t face losing the election and deal with criminal charges. She says; “If he’s going down, he’s going to take us all down with him.” What are your thoughts?

Response by Greg Hackney:

I’m sorry, and deeply upset, to have to tell you that I believe every single word Mary Trump has said. trump will lose next Tuesday, and will have three months to do as much damage as possible out of sheer spite because he lost. After Joe Biden is sworn in as our new President, he’s going to face a huge problem trying to undo all of trump’s national vandalism. Once he’s gone from the White House, I can certainly see trump saying “Serves you right America, if you had reelected me, you wouldn’t have all these horrible problems to deal with now.” And then trump will blame Joe Biden for all the destruction trump himself will have generated. It’s what he does. 

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  1. Nan, I am praying a convincing Biden victory, so Trump will not make too many waves. If that is case, he will declare he was unfairly treated and fume, but won’t do anything too untoward. I fear a contested election, which will further divide Americans. Right now, the stock market is up expecting a decisive win. Let’s hope they are right. If God forbid, Trump wins, most of America will be sad and in shock. Keith

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    • I don’t remember the number, but our state has a rule/law that a challenge can only be made if the difference in results is a small percentage of the votes. I don’t know how much we can lean on that, seeing that courts have a record of taking cases they would have rejected prior to 2016. I hope all their intended challenges and suits are not allowed.


  2. Nan, I am quite prepared for absolutely anything extraordinary to take place later tonight or starting tomorrow. I have a very close female friend who was a State Trooper in CA, a Deputy Sherriff in one of the Carolinas, and in her last years of work here in Dallas she is a police dispatcher. She has informed me that all Texas State Troopers, every single one of them across the state, are on high-alert and standby today and for the rest of the week in preparation for riots and violence. I kid you not Nan! 😲

    Nothing in the U.S. right now surprises me much. Why? Because it is our POTUS who unleashed this wave of anti-intellectualism in America in favor of chaos and blatant delusions of false realities, literally throwing open the gates so that the (minority), his Trumpanzees, the Lunatics Can Take Over the Asylum/America… 😬

    Yes, today and these next three months could be the most bizarre and appalling times this country has ever seen and experienced, and quite possibly (I hope) will ever see again. Or…

    …we will all go through four more years of MORE unprecedented non-governing and seizing of power and control over good, moderate, and civically asleep-at-the-wheel Americans.

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    • You have a point. But I think this is referring to the damage he could do while he’s still holding office (until January). He’s already accomplished a ton of “stuff” that favors the Repukes … and I have no doubt he would sign as many EO’s as he can that will upset, overturn, and totally mess up things for Biden.

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    • Infidel, I think he could do more damage, maybe more than we could’ve imagined. All we need to do to see what a mentally-unstable President can do, one that for decades in the private business sector has shown his true colors, his narcissism and megalomania (to name just two psychiatric disorders), all we need to do is look back over America’s history on War Powers and who has the authority to “make” war and “declare” war. It is a messy, cloudy, grey area of our Legislative and Executive Branches, and honestly, IMO it reflects exactly what James Madison wrote to Thomas Jefferson:

      …the Executive is the branch of power most interested in war and most prone to it…

      Since then Presidents James Polk, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, then Richard Nixon all misused and abused their Executive powers until the War Powers Resolution of 1973 or the War Powers Act was passed to reel-in Presidents who intentionally bypass our 3-Branched system of Checks-n-Balances. Why, as I’m sure you know Infidel, is to prevent authoritarian takeovers of our nation and military without approval by Congress. But sadly and at the cost of millions of American lives, that 1973 Act has not been too effective.

      Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama all found ways to go around, misuse and/or abuse their supposedly “limited powers” of our 3-way system of protections. And THOSE past Presidents were at least mentally stable, well educated (mostly 😄), could speak above a 6th-grade level, and had better grips on reality than tRump ever has! So I’m afraid that this maniac has several past Presidential models of how to further abuse his powers (scorch and burn everything behind him) if he loses and then carry out those abuses/misuses, etc, for the next 3-months. 😨

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  3. He’s a danger to our country and has already destroyed so much its hard to imagine getting our country back. Guilianni said over the weekend if Trump is re-elected we will not believe the power that he will have. He should have been removed via the 25th amendment. He’s really screwed up our democracy, He has ruined the GOP , they can pack it in .

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  4. While walking our black lab, Cody, this morning, Sadako and I passed two black women, one of which was carrying a baseball bat. About fifteen minutes later we watched a black man get an iron pipe out of his car, to walk with. It wasn’t a cane. I called an African American woman who lives here in Decatur and told her what we had witnessed. She said word had spread through the Black community to be on the lookout for MAGA thugs who have indeed taunted Black voters with messages, e.g., Vote tRump or else, We know where you live…shit like that. She told me her sister had called her this morning from Florida to say when she came out of the polling place, all four of her car tires had been slashed.

    So, what will tRump do? If the Blue Wave occurs which it might just do washing out the WH and the Senate, then I think after some extraordinary nasty remarks, tRump will give something close to what might be called a “concession speech.” And then he will launch his war, firing folks, Fauci first. I don’t think though he will be able to do any horrific damage because the enablers around him don’t want to go to prison with him. Even Steven Miller, a soulless Nazi will not hang around. No loyalty among thieves.

    If tRump wins, then I’m looking to leave the country.

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    • I totally agree with your last sentence! EXCEPT … with the Pandemic, not many will accept us. Canada won’t.

      The other stuff you wrote is unsettling, to say the least, but not surprising.

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      • Nan, where would you go? We’re in this together. All countries have their problems and differences. But, we have a balance of power in the US. So, even if Trump does win the presidency, it looks like he won’t have the House. He’s limited. If Biden wins, his party doesn’t have the Senate. And, in four years, we get to vote again. No one gets to be president for life. IMO, we need to hang in there with each other.

        I would certainly hope you don’t think that the vast majority of Trump supporters are out there threatening folks. Look, there are people who are just unhinged on either side of the aisle. Their partisan political views have become more important than just loving and accepting one another through our differences. They are ready to think the worst.

        As a Christian, looking at this from a spiritual perspective, I think we can’t place our political views above the gospel. And, we should always be open to the possibility on both sides of the aisle that we might be wrong about some of these issues.

        Also, it’s darn cold up there in Canada. 🙂 Unless, of course, you love cross-country skiing. …

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        • Quite frankly, Becky, if I was single — and younger — I would go almost anywhere to get away from Trump!

          It’s a platitude to say “we’re all in this together.” There may have been a time when this was true, but certainly not in today’s world. And Trump is the one that has made it this way. His primary talent as the leader of the U.S. has been to DIVIDE.

          Further, your “spiritual outlook” related to politics and “the gospel” is in error. Essentially, they should never be shared. If the “religious” want to live a certain way, then they should go for it … BUT they have NO RIGHT to use the Law of the Land to force others to live the same way.

          As you know, Becky, we will never see eye-to-eye on these matters. Nonetheless, I do appreciate you input. It helps the rest of us to understand how people can be so misguided.

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          • Nan, I feel the same way. I was speaking of me personally. Of course, we need to maintain a wall of separation between the church and the state. The vast majority of religious people feel the same way. Nan, maybe I can put this in another way. For me, it’s important to understand why people think in a certain way. I think one of the primary difference between conservative and more politically progressive people just boils down to the proper role of the government. In a real sense, I think the bigger the government, the smaller the person. We are less free. But, I don’t feel that folks on either side are necessarily more or less racist, compassionate, xenophobic, etc. It depends on the person.

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          • Yes, but why would you even say/think that? Government is what this country is all about. When the “people” are in charge, you have exactly what we’re seeing now … chaos and dissension and conflict.

            We elect individuals to (hopefully) run this country for the benefit of everyone.

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            • Nan, when Becky stated:

              But, we have a balance of power in the US.

              That made me scream a “HAH!” and chuckle because that was indeed true many, many decades ago, perhaps over a century ago. But that is clearly SO NOT the case today as I explained in an earlier comment to Infidel that since James Polk and then ESPECIALLY since Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama that a “balance of power” between our 3-Branches is anything BUT true… just indicates how Mb>far out of touch too many Americans like Becky are. They don’t really understand what has taken place politically in this country—on a county and state level then up thru federal levels—that they make blanket untrue statements like that!

              THAT right there is what got tRump elected in the first place!

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        • From what I’ve seen Trump supporters are willing to spit slap curse rip the masks off faces, carry long rifles and pose for photos that say “ this is trumps fire wall”. I’ve lost all respect for them and don’t understand how they can be so filled with hatred. For The sake of this country Trump has to go. Should not be allowed to stay in the White house till Jan when he plans to fire essential people like Dr. Fauci and Wray snd continue to let covid kill us with his plan for herd immunity which is the same as murder. He’s got to go.

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          • These people should be charged with assault. But, to suppose that they represent all the Trump supporters is analogous to supposing that the folks who loot and riot or who accost diners in restaurants represent all the Biden supporters. There are good people on both sides of the aisle, and there are those with real problems as well.

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            • There are not good people on both sides. There are people who care about saving lives from covid and human rights ( not snatching children and caging them ,separating them permanently from parents) and going along with herd immunity because the elderly or compromised people are expendable. People who are willing to elect an authoritarian who is deranged are not on my list of good people.
              Trump has incited violence since the day he yelled lock her up and throw him out at his rally’s. Don’t want to hear about violence when we have a president that you are defending who promotes
              it. This wasn’t going on 4 years ago.

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            • House of Heart, the situation is so much more complex. My heart is with immigrants and refugees, but at the same time, I oppose illegal immigration as much for the sake of the immigrants themselves, especially the children. Check out this film. You can rent it on Amazon Prime. The woman who produced it started out very much to the left when she began filming, and then revised her position.. Here’s the link.


              I agree with her that part of the answer is that we need to greatly expand our guest worker programs.

              Also, there is controversy even among the experts on how to best address the pandemic. Check out the Barrington Declaration… My own position would be somewhere in the middle. We need to take reasonable precautions and protect the vulnerable, but I don’t think our country can survive another total lockdown.

              And, indirectly it’s the poor in third world countries that are also very much impacted as well when the economies of the West fail. Here I’m putting in a plug to support the Fair Trade organizations. Volunteer to work with refugees and immigrants. It is better to light a single candle….

              What I’m trying to say is that people and why they come to their views are nuanced and deep. It’s one thing to say that we disagree and even feel that the other side is deceived. It’s another to suppose that they are evil with intentionally malevolent motives, have nothing to offer, and should be shut down.

              But, tragically, this latter view seems to prevail on the left, IMO much more so than on the right really. But, of course, there are extremes on both sides of the aisle, as I’ve mentioned.

              Anyway, there you have it House of Heart.

              Pax and every good thing.


            • Becky, your reply is directed to HoH, but once again, you’ve made a comment that I simply cannot let stand.

              It’s another to suppose that they are evil with intentionally malevolent motives, have nothing to offer, and should be shut down. … But, tragically, this latter view seems to prevail on the left, IMO much more so than on the right really.

              I would be considerably more inclined to suggest that, from my observations, these actions have been much more prevalent on the right, so I would be interested in you providing detailed examples of how “the left” has had “intentionally malevolent motives” and “has had nothing to offer.”

              And NOTE TO READERS: Please let Becky respond before you add your two-cents. Thanks!!


            • Nan, you’ve misunderstood my comment.

              What I mean is that I think people on the right are more likely to be open to people on the other side and feel that they are simply misguided or deceived or just wrong. Where, I’ve found that people on the left seem to feel that conservative/libertarian people who voted for Trump are not simply wrong, but also are just “bad people,” racists, nazis, xenophobes, white supremacists, care nothing for human rights, ignorant deplorables, what have you.

              I’ve actually known people who voted for Trump who have lost friends. People are estranged from family members. It’s all craziness.

              Look at the “cancel culture” on some of the college campuses. Conservative/libertarian speakers need security to be able to speak on campus or are barred altogether. They are shouted down.

              If there’s ever a place, where young people should be exposed to a variety of thoughts and ideas and engage in civil discourse, it should be at university.


            • No, I didn’t misunderstand at all. You said it quite clearly … the people on the RIGHT think the people on the LEFT are “simply wrong but also are …” (the several other adjectives you mentioned). And based on your original comment, you said you thought this type of thinking prevailed on the LEFT … “much more so than on the right.”

              So to sum it up, you feel people on the LEFT are the culprits, right?

              Yet which “side” was it that tried to remove a Democratic governor and even threatened to kill her? Which “side” drove their SUVs and trucks plastered with Trump signs (some even carrying weapons) and pepper-sprayed BLM protesters? And these are just two of the MANY incidents that have taken place.

              Sorry, Becky, but I think you’re wearing rose-colored glasses. There’s no argument that there’s always been tension between the two parties, but under Trump it has reached an all-time high … and he encourages it. Don’t believe me? Read his tweets.


            • From an article in The Guardian: In 2020 [Trump’s] sexism, racism and lie-telling have been legitimised and emboldened.

              When some Americans protested “This is not who we are”, Trump voters replied: “This is exactly who we are – and we’re not going anywhere.”


            • Nan, I’m telling you the truth. I oppose violence of any kind. I know many, many people who have voted for Trump. Absolutely none of them fit this crazy, out of control profile. None are racists.

              I think there are some out there folks on both sides of the fence. But, I sincerely believe that the majority of people out there rioting and going crazy in the streets right now are not Trump supporters.

              But, the bottom line for me, and I feel like it should be for all of us, is not what all these other folks are doing, but it’s about what we’re doing. I have friends and family members who are quite progressive politically, and I’m not about to abandon them any time soon. I hope they feel the same way about me.

              Guess we won’t agree, Nan. Our experiences have clearly been very different.


            • I concede that the “crazy Trumpsters” probably aren’t the majority of Trump supporters — they just get all the press. But you have to admit Trump eggs them on through his constant and never-ending tweets.

              As to your comment: rioting and going crazy in the streets right now are not Trump supporters, again I have to disagree. Many of these protests start out peacefully, but because most of them have been related to racial issues (deaths) and it’s the black people who are demonstrating and Trump is clearly and obviously a BIGOT, his supporters get involved and things get messy.

              I’m smart enough to know that political views are bound to be different. What’s unfortunate is we have (had) a person in the role of POTUS that can’t seem to control himself. For me, it’s not so much a matter of policies as it is to how those policies have been carried out. Funny that former presidents have been able to run the country without all the ugliness we’ve experienced over the past four years.

              Anyway, thanks for the discussion.


            • Nan, I do want to add one more thing to my comments. I really believe part of the reason for this divide between us and perception is due to the media. I can’t think of a single news source that is truly unbiased and objective. So, say, if someone watches almost exclusively MSNBC or CNN, and has limited contact with folks who voted for Trump, or doesn’t understand some of their reasoning, what impression do you suppose they will have?? It’s bound to be negative.

              And, frankly, there are many folks on both sides who really don’t want to know or understand. I’ve been dismissed from two left-leaning blogs, myself.

              There are people who really do not want to have reasoned and open dialogue at any length with folks who disagree with them.

              And, of course, when folks cannot be open, talk and reason together, the divide between us will never be bridged.

              Again, thanks for listening and for the conversation.


          • I totally agree. Now he’s lost even his own cowardly mob should be willing to agree to 25th amendment to get him out now before he sacks everyone who can offer some continuity of service. Before all troops can be withdrawn without an alternate force to ensure stability has been found and without creating problems with Iran so that Joe can’t reinstate the agreement to control the build up of nuclear fuel. Trump s a danger and he will create problems wherever they come to mind. Surely the Republicans don’t want to start a new term with a new president at virtual war with each other instead of offering some co-operation.
            Huge Hugs

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            • Unfortunately it turns out that Trump is trying to overthrow our democracy. Once he leaves the White House he is in serious legal trouble and In an attempt to protect himself he is attempting a coup. There’s no other way to describe his behavior.

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    • I suspect and I hope you would reconsider that statement. We can’t just give up our Republic to the church, which brought Trump into the race in 2016, capitalists, who will accept any form of government they can buy, and the dregs of the Republican party who respond to the lowest elements of the party.

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    • Paul, I guess all those alleged racist Trump voters must have been exceptions to the rule when they elected a conservative Black man, Byron Donalds, to represent them in southern Fla. I understand that his constituency is like 85 percent white folks.

      Friend, do you truly believe that about half the country is racist? The margins in this election are razor-thin?

      Maybe there’s something else going on??

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      • I hope you’re right. And I greatly applaud Byron Donalds for being able to gain the trust of a majority of voters in Southern Florida. I wish that were the norm rather than the exception. I believe in the long haul we are moving toward a more just and fair democracy, one that chooses its leaders according to their stated policies rather than their cultish adherence to a personality .

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        • You know, Paul, I actually agree with you and think we have found common ground. I honestly voted for Trump more because I agreed with most of his policies and the direction of the Republican party not because of a kind of cultish worship of the man, himself.

          I really had concerns about both President Trump and Mr. Biden in terms of other personal and character issues.

          I also hope that we can all find a positive way forward together as a country.

          Thanks for responding.

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  5. Ah, good point. Shit. Looks like we’re stuck for at least another year. The next two months are going to be devastating. I agree with Prof Taboo up to a point. There’s no doubt, tRump will try to put a spin on the COVID disaster into which he has pushed us all as Biden’s fault. I think the media will keep up the obvious messaging that shows how tRump and his Senate have failed this country.
    Biden, I feel strongly, will win, but he’ll inherit a crippled country, and if he doesn’t have the Senate and the House on his side, then getting rid of tRump won’t matter much. We have to get rid of the Republican Party.

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    • I think we may have elected a very brave man.
      And consider: this is a man who spent 8 years watching a decent
      man run a smooth, even, presidency, without too many hitches.
      He undertands politics, and government. Trump only understands
      what he can get.

      At this point, not only is Biden the best man for the job,
      I can’t imagine Bernie or anyone else able to do this.

      I try not to keep track of the votes counted, the ‘almost’
      and the “oops” and the ‘not yet…’

      Call me when the last votes are counted.

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      • In spite of Trump, Graham, and Cruz’s unhingend rremarks on election fraud and cheating, it’s obvious that Biden will soon be the president elect. I think we are now getting a preview of things to come for the next two months, i.e., FOX News, Trump, and his whiny followers will raise as much bullshit as they can that will do nothing more than still up alot of unstubstantial hate. It will subside. I’m now hoping for a 50/50 senate. That would put the brakes on the other enemy of democracy: Mitch McConnell. What we need to do now is to focus on 2022 when we can tsunami the dregs of Trumpism out of the senate which will pave the road for six more years of Biden/Harris. Yay! 🙂

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        • It will subside. … Perhaps. But I would lay odds it will continue for many months to come. Trump does NOT give up easily … if at all … and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to hack at Biden via Twitter far into the future. Remember, he still attacks Obama and Hillary on a regular basis.

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          • You’re right. I saw this morning where FOX had Graham Cracker on and he spouted all the hatred he could muster a la Trump. Cruz is doing the same. And now Brian Stelter is reporting that FOX news will refuse to use the phrase President-elect–even after Biden passes the 270 mark, which he will soon do. Their reason? Pending litigation. It’s laughable, but at the same time, it could become dangerous because again it will stoke the active hatred and ire of the far left.

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        • Oh i don’t quite dare to hope yet, Paul… But I want to. Ive seen too many negatives about Biden, of the “well, yeah, but he’ll never get anywhere” type, and it’s an incredible downer.
          Like hinting to your kids that maybe…just maybe.. Santa didn’t bring you anything this year…

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  6. That’s exactly right and his ignorant base will still buy every word of it. And the republicans, whether they keep the senate or not, will lust for the next four years to pass, when they can try again. We live with perpetual stupidity, racism, religious extremists. They never seem to go away and they’re more of them than I ever could have imagined.

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    • Mary, you’re not the only one who realizes “they’re more of them than I ever could have imagined.” Trump has brought them out of the woodwork, and I fear that they are not going to go back in when Trump is defeated (especially if the Dems don’t also win control of the Senate). And even if they do go back in, they’re not going away…but at least we now know America for the almost-half “deplorable” state it’s in.

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      • BINGO mistermuse. tRump has made it okay for militants and extremists to come out and “punch them in the face” [Dems and Liberals] as he blatantly encouraged at his rallies verbatim! He has made it normal for incompetent radicals and ill-tempered, volatile, saber-rattlers to disrupt peaceful demonstrations as he condoned (by silence) first after Charlottesville, VA, children and families at our borders, utterly defamation the service/death of our combat veterans, up until this year never answering the question of denouncing White Supremacy and far-right militants!

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        • On his very first rally, way back when, I watched part of it, and I noticed two things: one, he actually used the Naze salute (but never again, obviously someone thought that was not a good choice), and he said “You know, those skin heads, those Klan guys, they’re not such a bad buncha fellas’. And that’s when it hit the fan. He played right into 1952. We never really left it, sadly. And all of his fans played right into it.

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      • There are some people who simply should not be allowed to breed. I think the thing that has surprised me most is that a large number of law enforcement agencies are either passive in their dealing with the thugs, or are in support of them. It was a surprise for me when our sheriff changed parties and join a ‘militia’, declaring that the laws would not be enforced if they were contrary to Red Neck rule. That is a disturbing situation.

        Trump, the church, and the GOP have given the groups of white nationalists their best freedom to act since the ’60s. You are right, they will not give up their new power very soon. Militias have been around a while, but this is the first time we’ve seen them taking over statehouses at the president’s request, and getting no push-back from law enforcement. Not a good look.

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  7. Nan, it is now 9:45pm CST and the early indications from polls/votes is that this will be a very long night, a very tight close race, and may not be decided until well into the wee hours of Weds morning. THAT deeply disturbs me. 😖

    That also means that a significant portion of the American voting population—assuming of course that Russia may or may not be interfering in our elections; which are a distinct possibility AGAIN. What has the U.S. done to stop enemies of the USA and democracy from attacking our institutions?—is STILL strict party line loyalists, even if it is a megalomaniac, psychotic narcissist leading their political party. 😵 Whatever the results will be tomorrow (or days from now?), this reality greatly disturbs me about Americans today AND how our form of government has deteriorated the last 3-4 decades toward the wealthy and oligarchies.

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    • 12:50am and we are a long way knowing. In the past 4 years, we have not done anything to protect our institutions, but rather we see Trump carrying out their agenda from the beginning. Steve Bannon declared their intention to “deconstruct the administration”. Bills to provide financing for securing our election still sit on McConnell’s desk, never having been sent to committee. (McConnell is returning to Congress.)

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      • 8:30am CST and we still have no official winner despite tRump’s bogus, false victory speech(es). 😄 What planet does that idiot live on? 🤦‍♂️

        And already tRump is making false, idle threats about getting the Supreme Court to stop counting votes—because he thinks mail-in votes are fraudulent. Geeezzzz, will this circus ever end!?

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  8. Excuse my ignorance over US Election Rules, but from what I am reading at this moment it looks to me as it Trump is going to take it.
    Am I misreading the figures?
    Can someone please explain in more straightforward, simple terms for one as ignorant as me of these matters?
    Vielen Dank

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    • If you’d been here in Aotearoa New Zealand this afternoon and evening, you would have the system explained to you at least once an hour. Our major TV channel ran an election special from 4 pm local time amd didnt resume normal broadcasting until almost 10 pm by which time almost all America had gone to sleep and updates had all but dried up.

      Americans don’t vote for a president. Tbey elect an electoral college that chooses tbe president. If i recall the details correctly, there are a total of 538 delegates, with the number from each state roughly proportional to the population. All but 2 states require that all their delegates vote as a block, which iw why so much attention is viven to swing states. Essentially a presidential candidate must get the support of 270 electoral college delegates to get elected.

      It’s getting on towards 3 am here but the last i heard, neither Trump nor Biden had reached that magical number or 270. It looks like it will be close, However Trump’s speach to his supporters made it quite clear that he’s going to use whatever means is necessary to ensure the result goes his way. He’s telling his supporters the only reason he could possibly loose is because of massive cheating and fraud. I think the narrower the margin Trump looses by, the more ugly the situation will become

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    • Ark, Barry’s explanation is correct. Our Electoral College puts the next/new President and Vice-president into office. As Barry correctly explained, to win the U.S. Presidency the candidate MUST win a minimum of 270 EC votes. At this very moment, 8:40am CST, Biden has 224 votes, tRump has only 213. There are still votes being counted in 4-5 key states with LARGE metropolitan areas/cities. Depending on how those 4-5 states swing, either candidate could win. So…

      …hurry up and wait. 😉

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      • It’s 19:00 here in Johannesburg and according to the live update of the Guardian the count sits at 238 / 213 in Biden’s favour.
        It has been static for several hours now.
        I hope I’m wrong but I still think Trump is going to pip Biden at the post.

        Sssh … in case Nan reads.
        How was that CL match last night! 5-0 the Pool and a Diogo Jota hat-trick.

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        • This whole democratic process Ark might not be finally, officially, legally decided until late tonight, perhaps tomorrow, or (worst case scenario) next week. Why so long? Because all 50-states have their own unique polling/voting guidelines and processes. They are literally counting votes by hand & human eye-sight, not computerized like we do here in Texas.

          That said, they just now at 11:15am CST projected the state of Maine goes to Biden, 85% precincts reported—an Electoral vote of 4 for him. Nevada and Arizona are looking as if they will go to Biden as well. That’s all positive, encouraging trends. 🙂

          I stopped watching that match when L’pool went up 2 – 0. I knew your boys were just fine. I did start watching other matches like Real Madrid. But nonetheless, that Jota boy is on fire right now, eh?

          P.S. Be careful about our futebol talk! You know how Madame Nan gets when we start that chatter and beer-drinking! 😉 😛

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            • HAH! Go right ahead with it Arkesatan. 😉 Hell, every other enemy of U.S. democracy and our voting process was given the green light to freely attack us with impunity… after Putin/Russia got away with it in 2016. Then in 2017 when our federal investigative agencies were constantly stymied by the White House from doing their sworn Constitutional duties.

              So fire away Ark! Our current President pulled down ALL of our pants and lifted up ALL skirts/dresses for American democracy to bend over and take it with a big Trumpanzee smile! 🙄🤦‍♂️


  9. Well it’s 1130 and the last time I looked, even though. Biden was slightly ahead in electoral votes, some key states were not looking good. I believe the game is up and the bad guys won.
    Even if Biden squeaks a win, we did not gain in the senate to take it and McConnell is still there and would thwart any try at making things better, fairer, safer, freer etc. so we’re screwed either way.

    I knew trump had the knuckle draggers support, just didn’t know it was 50% or more…I am so disappointed in the America people. We will all reap what we sow, even though many of us did not sow this. I am sickened

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am right there with you Mary. This is so very saddening and disturbing that THIS many Americans voted for this misogynistic, racist asshole who governs (though he has absolutely zero experience in government!) like a Mobster God-father type. THAT is what attracts white Americans!? 😯

      Unbelievable. How incredibly shameful and embarrassing is this for what the U.S. used to be. You’re right Mary, “we reap what we sow” and thru apathy, indifference, laziness, and NOT being civically engaged… we also allow this type of sowing by those types. 😔

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hasn’t he always? This is what Narcissists do. They put on their big boy pants and pretend they are who they think they are. Sadly, they almost always have a fan base that believes all of it.
      My mother was like that, and by the time she died she had all her (few) remaining friends convinced that I was the reason she was in the hospital, and that I had stolen all her money (which I then carelessly deposited in her bank account)…


  10. Nan, I compiled this morning criticisms and cautions of the president’s fraudulent claims from about ten Republican leaders, one of which is Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania. The veracity and diligence of the election workers and secretaries of states overseeing this process, far exceeds that of the one criticizing them. Keith


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