A Trump Supporter Viewpoint

On the CNN website, (considered a Left Bias news source), I recently came across a writeup by Scott Jennings, a CNN contributor who is also a Trump supporter and a Republican campaign adviser.

I must say I was impressed by the article because the writer clearly offered his perspective minus the usual rancor, which gave me an opportunity to see the “other side’s” point of view without raising my blood pressure.

This is not to say I agree with what Mr. Jennings wrote, but I can see why those who support the more conservative style of government would feel that Trump is in their corner.

See what you think …


P.S. There are a selection of videos at the top of the page. Your choice if you want to watch any of them — but it’s the article itself that I’m referencing.

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36 thoughts on “A Trump Supporter Viewpoint

  1. There’s never rancor or done right lies on Fox. I’m glad to hear you tuned into something different t for a change. If only you could see the light , see what’s happening to our democracy under lunatic Trump.

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    • Notice I didn’t say I AGREED with this writer. I just thought he presented his perspective from a much more rational POV. I mean, there ARE those who lean Republican who don’t feel the need to scream and call their opponents nasty names and wave confederate flags in their face!

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      • He wasn’t screaming. He was smiling and soft-spoken. He told the same old lies we have heard from the time Trump began his campaign. But he was so nice about it. Everyone and anyone who does not support Trump is some kind of left-wing, adjective, adjective, and so on. He is still telling lies. Whether it is Trump yelling, his face turning from orange to red under the force of his vindictive shouting, the lies are the same.

        The election is about the next four years. That is true, but saying that does not dismiss nor excuse what the past four years have brought us. The election is a referendum on the past four years.

        All the efforts byTrump and his sycophants to stop the vote in as many places and ways as possible is proof enough that they know they cannot win a legitimate election. They have the GOP governors doing as much interference as possible. But most of all, they are depending on the Supreme Court to hear pleadings which should never come before them.

        Trump has destroyed a vibrant and growing economy. Before the covid invasion, economists were already pointing at the down-turn. The tariffs were killing the farmers. The refusal to intervene in the pandemic has been devastating. People are still signing up for unemployment benefits. He has taken no initiative on any of the issues facing us.

        Nothing in his resume indicates he should have another shot at doing nothing and blaming everyone else for his failures. Basta!

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  2. Hello Nan. I know you will not be happy if i do my normal deep dive into the truth of the opening statements of the article, much less if I go after the rest of it. So I will say that the premise the author wants to portray from the start is flawed and incorrect. tRump has not stopped any war the US is in, he has not started or achieved any peace deal as those nations are simply normalising the dealings they had under the table with Israel, I seriously doubt the economy is working for a lot of people not wealthy and it sure is not for me right now. As for investing in our military that is a trope. The military has done well under every administration regardless of political affiliation. One only needs look at the yearly DOD budget, to see it goes up every year. It is a slush fund for all political parties. tRump claims they were out of bullets until he took office, is that something people really believe? It is ludacris. These are right wing talking points that have no reality in facts. As for tRump standing up for those who think differently, I just posted a bunch of articles where those same tRump supporters have tried to stop any dissent from their views.

    Oh crap. Sorry Nan. As I was getting ready to go look stuff up and get really into what you posted … I remembered I said I wouldn’t do that. Thank you for the post. if you would like my further opinions and as most know I an not shy with them, let me know. Otherwise I respectfully bow out before wearing out my welcome. Many hugs

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    • Scottie, I have no doubts about anything you write related to Trump and his actions. If nothing else, YOU have made me aware of them!

      But there ARE individuals who register Republican that are not aware of the many things going on behind the scenes. They vote Republican because they believe it is the best way to run a country … and from their perspective (taking Trump and his cronies at their word), things under the current administration are going swimmingly in their favor.

      People who dislike Trump and his politics need to recognize that MOST of his supporters never look below the surface. Instead, they watch Faux News and read analyses like this one and nod their heads in agreement.

      And this is the point of my post. It is not meant to come across that I AGREE with this writer. It’s simply to illustrate the perception of the “other side” when it’s presented calmly and intelligently.

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      • I had to do some research on what you meant by “individuals who register Republican“. It’s a concept totally foreign to us. And to think registers containing voter preferences are open to public scrutiny in many (Most?) states is mind boggling. Absolutely no thanks!

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      • Hello Nan. I understand and I was worried about writing a list of things we all know but his supporters don’t.

        I am dismayed by two things about the people you are talking about, the individuals who are Republican but not a member of the cult, and also horribly uninformed. The second part of that I simply do not understand. There is no lack of information out there, every cable news show, every broadcast show, the very things they see and hear in their daily life. I am mystified by people being so uninterested in what is happening around them. Case in point if they hear the claim that Covid is going away yet around them or in their state the local newspaper, other people they talk with, and TV coverage shows it is soaring with record cases and deaths nearly a 1,000 a day, surly they question? If tRump claims the economy is doing great yet they are struggling with less income surely they question it?

        My question has always been what do these people do with new information when they have it? If you show them reality that refutes the lies, do they ignore it like the cult members? If so they are the same as a cult member just not as active. I have not been able to change the mind / opinion of anyone who claims to be a Republican by showing them facts. It is like showing facts to a religious person, it doesn’t seem to change much. Guess I either am not good at it, or I have not run into the right kind of Republican. Hug

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    • You wouldn’t have to do a lot of research, Scotie. Just check your notes from the last time you had to dispute the lies. It is the same lies with a new face. I have never heard this person do a commentary. I only needed to read a paragraph or two to see where he was going. Two of the lies he told were certain giveaways as to his views on Trump. “I do not agree…”. “I have some issues with Trump but…” Lies meant to justify lies.

      My son called my attention to the fact that I was talking to myself.
      I never let him in on the other half of the conversation.

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  3. I agree with you Nan. I recently had an engaging discussion with a family member who is in support of Trump and at the end of it all, it boiled down to one thing. He was supporting Trump and the Republican party because he believed they were Pro Life and the Democrats were guilty of promoting the murder of unborn children, That was enough for him and NOTHING ELSE MATTERED. It was like hitting a stone wall.

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    • Yet what’s interesting in all this “pro-life” malarky is that Democrats support Planned Parenthood, an organization that helps women PLAN their pregnancy/families so abortion becomes less of an issue whereas the Republicans want to do away with these “baby-killers.”

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      • Ask most republicans, they believe Planned Parenthood does abortions in the back rooms because they were told abortions are done in the back rooms. Republicans believe whatever they are told, with no need to fact check! After all, they trust their leaders to never lie to them. And so their world stands forever still…

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    • A very carefully crafted stone wall created by mast political masons who realized that with the Civil Rights Act, they may start losing elections. So, they created the Pro Life Movement largely de novo. It was always a Catholic position….very few Evangelicals paid it much thought. (How could they, given the Holy Master Abortionist described and celebrated in their holy books?) Right wing leaders cooked up a new alliance for POLITICAL REASONS alone. And here we are.

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      • Nixon was an astute politician. He turned the Southern Democrats into Republicans. He played on the racial hatred he played on the church, creating the moral majority. He played the welfare queens and the welfare Cadillacs. Abortion was the catalyst. He prolonged the Vietnam war by sending his envoy to meet with their negotiators to undermine Johnson’s efforts for peace. He knew if Johnson was successful at bringing an end to the war, he had no chance to be elected.

        I was out f Vietnam by then, but how many Americans and Vietnamese died to bring him an election victory? A good up-standing Mormon, right? Religion seems to always serve the despots.

        To the believers it is true.
        To the wise it is false.
        To the leaders it is useful.
        Seneca the Younger

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  4. Like you, I don’t agree with the writer, but in the state American politics seems to be (as an outsider and watching an article on last night’s news where retailers in Washington are boarding up their shops in anticipation of riots following the elections), articles free of acrimonious bile seem to be a rare thing.

    I do notice a tendency, especially among the American Right, to conflate socialism and liberalism. They are not the same thing.

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    • Of course they’re not! But once something takes hold, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to persuade someone that maybe … just maybe … they need to rethink their perspective. And essentially, this is exactly what we’re up against in this election.

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    • Ronald Reagan was a very eloquent and soft-spoken racist But he was still a racist. He conned nearly the whole U. S. electorate. He lied. He made secret deals in order to win an election, just as Nixon did. But, he was an eloquent speaker with a soft-spoken persona. He was an actor.

      In cities across the nation, people are preparing for a wild end to this administration. They are preparing for the culmination of all of Trump’s hateful lies. They are preparing for all the white nationalists to answer Trump’s clarion call for chaos.

      Trump has pointed to nothing that could earn him a second term, but he has pointed out that he appointed Amy Barrett to the SC because he needed help staying in office.

      When I hear about the expected turmoil following the election, I wonder what our friends and allies think of us now. I wonder what our enemies think, as well. Just how vulnerable are we?

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      • It’s not so much that the US being vulnerable but that nations such as China, Russia, Iran will take advantage of America’s distraction to further their regional aims. Think of the South China Sea and autonomous states bordering Russia, including Ukraine for example.

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        • Barry: In a sense I have to ask: Why is it our business to stand in their way? How would the United States feel if the Russians were directly involved in Mexico? The American Right still cannot forgive Cuba.

          I am not denying the authoritarian, even toxic, nature of the Chinese and Russian regimes. But the United States cannot claim with a straight face to be always the better part6ern-look how many toxic governments we have propped up or created. And we are not even very good at it anymore. The Bolivian electorate resoundingly sent our puppets packing-despite the US sponsored coup. I read that the government leaders that lost the election are fleeing the country now.


          • It’s not your business any more than than any other nation that has a claim to honouring the rule of international law and being a good and decent state.

            While the USA is very far from perfect, and many of its industries have world empires as their goals, mostly the government is the lesser of three evils (compared to Russia and China).

            Mostly the US is only intersted in pursuing it’s own goals and broadly they coincide with the goals of much of the ‘free world’. Certainly far more the the other two nations.


  5. No. Just, no. I love and respect you, and love your blog. But this guy is wrong. He lost me here: >Standing by Justice Brett Kavanaugh during a tough confirmation fight, for instance, was a particularly proud moment.<

    Rancor, no rancor, I can't decide that. I'm guessing this guy's mother has passed, and that he has no female relatives alive. That's the best I can do as to a positive statement for him.

    Yes, you said you disagree, and I know you do, so no worries. But this guy is wrong.


    • “This guy is deluded and unthinking” might be a better expression. Claptrap and pablum (and poison) is claptrap and pablum and poison, no matter how eloquently expressed. Heck, I ran across an old Jim Jones sermon. The guy was eloquent as hell. But like this deluded friend, his followers drank the koolaid.

      (I’m sorry. An elderly friend who has gone full bore Trumpalo just sent me Trump’s second term program. Full of nonsense and vague promises and dog whistles. Not in a good mood).

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  6. I read the article and agree that the right should have repeated opportunities to state their viewpoint in a more rational fashion like this. But, journalists should also follow up when such statements include suppositions that are incorrect. I agree with Gus that for most Trump voters, the conversation usually ends with abortion being the number one issue they are concerned with. In my experience, Republicans I’ve heard from don’t have a wide range of talking points on any issue, even this one. It’s a simplistic stance, “Above all else, I can’t support the murder of the unborn.” End of discussion. We have to, however, start giving civil discourse another go. There’s too much nastiness, outrage, and contempt from both sides.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Carol. It’s gratifying to know that someone else was able to see the point I was trying to make about the article (i.e., not so much the contents as the style).

      Of course not everything he said was spot-on … but he said it without all the expletives and insults and defenses that generally accompany these type of writings. That was my point.

      As for the abortion issue … I have a blog waiting in the wings on this topic. Although it has not affected me personally, I do have extremely strong feelings about it (I’m pro). So much so that my attempts to coalesce them all into a blog post have been unsuccessful thus far. One day …

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      • Myself, I am squishy about abortion. But facts are facts. readily available, cheap birth control (if we outlaw abortion, the religious nutters are coming for THAT next), including early term abortion rights, REDUCES abortions. They don’t REALLY care about the unborn. They care about CONTROL.

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  7. I don’t get the religious stance on abortion. The great anonymous they tell me all life (though what they mean is all human life) is created by their god. So tell me why that life god created is only important until it comes out of the womb alive? There is no guarantee every fetus will be brought to term, and arrive alive, even if not healthy. When I was born I was covered head to toe with weeping eczema. My little hands had to be tied to my crib so I would not tear my skin right off my body.
    What did I do to deserve such a grand entrance to life?
    I lived with the weeping eczema for the first twenty-one years of my life, slowly receding to the hotspots of my inner elbows and the backs of my knees.
    Yeah, if their god created me and gave me life, I will be sure to thank him for his great generosity as I pass the Pearly Gates on my way to hell.
    Republicans trust that everyone is so grateful to have been given life. Until I learned that I did not have to believe in a god I hated my life. Now that I believe in me I do enjoy my life, no matter what.
    If God did not want abortions to happen, they wouldn’t–but since they do, their god is obviously favour of them.

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    • They are so eager to deny the sovereignty of their own all powerful Gawd. The Holocaust? God did it. (Mysterious ways, mumble mumble babble babble). The Plague (Ol Yahweh not only created the rats, he created the bacteria!). Their faith requires worship of a monster.


      • No one will ever admit that. Their way or the back alley, where they are waiting with bicycle chains and knives to convince you of the error of your ways.


  8. Give me a fucking break already. “Brokered” a peace deal in the middle east that totally F*d over the Palestinians. Right there, that told me that this person is for peace for Israel only & the hell with the rest of the area.

    The same with everything else … I’m not going to pick apart the entire article, others have another done that so I don’t have to.

    But …

    As for presenting a POV in a rational manner, who the F cares if the POV is rational or off the rails if the POV is one that F’s over almost everyone in the world for a “chosen few” & denies reality & factual evidence? ANYONE can do that. In fact, I see a future where a candidate FAR WORSE than Trump appears & that’s his/her MO … selling the radical conservative sh*t in a rational & calm manner. Then we WILL be F*d. Cuz all you bleeding-heart liberals will be like, oh, but he/she is SO CALM & RATIONAL ABOUT IT.

    Get over that shit. It’s meaningless. It’s not the delivery, it’s the DAMN WORDS.

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