All About Fracking (Via Trump)

OK folks. I have another super-duper Quora question and answer to share with you. It will make you laugh … but it will also make you cry when you consider what a nincompoop we have sitting in the nation’s Oval Office. Anyway, here it is (the answer was provided by Roland Temmerman, who describes himself as a Senior Analyst) …

What are your thoughts on President Trump’s explanation of “fracking” on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on Friday 10/09/20?

I’ll let you decide for yourself:

Limbaugh: “Explain fracking to people, sir, because it’s a term that’s thrown out there. I know what it is. I can explain it. A lot of people can. But a lot of people don’t know what it is, and why it’s so outrageous that they will not commit and they will not get their story straight on whether or not they’re going to ban it. What is it?

Trump: “Well, basically it’s getting energy out of the ground really efficiently and getting every drop of it. It’s created wealth for our country like you wouldn’t believe. It’s really been over the last small number of years that that’s really become… You used to see these massive oil wells and-”

Limbaugh: “You can basically go in and drill sideways in the shale.”

Trump: “They drill sideways. They can drill up and down and around. It’s unbelievable, if you ever watched this process, and they just suck stuff out of the ground that is… It’s just incredible, the technology.”

(Donald Trump Rush Limbaugh Interview “Radio Rally” Transcript October 9 – Rev)

Hold on. That’s way too technical for me. His technical expertise is mind blowing. I’m in awe and impressed how Tweetie Amin has grasped the concept. But for some bizarre reason I have a feeling that’s liposuction he is explaining, something his family knows a lot about.

Let that sink in for a minute. “They can drill sideways, they can drill up and down and around … and they just suck stuff out of the ground. It’s just incredible, the technology.”

Isn’t it remarkable that after talking about fracking for over four years, he still doesn’t have a clue what fracking is? It’s hard to retain that level of ignorance for that long. It’s like an explanation one would expect from maybe a four year old.

I bet even Bloated Scatmuncher El Rushbo Windbag Oxycontin limpballs was startled by that simplistic drivel. Trump should have said, ‘Inject Koolaid into the hole you drilled into the track vein. The electrolytes attach to crack, then a straw- like thingy sucks the liquified fracking stuff out the drill hole. And then a big truck comes and it goes vroom vroom and they like put the stuff in it.’ Weehands McNodick can really relate to preschoolers.

It’s all right there in Idiocracy you know… But hey, Trump told us he gets science, he’s a jenius after all. How fracking embarrassing. Furthermore, This makes the whole “Biden wants to ban fracking” thing even worse… They have literally no idea what fracking is – but are furious that Biden will ban it. Whatever it is.

For those of you who want to know what fracking is: What is fracking and why is it controversial?

To conclude: Trump is brilliant. The way he can take a complex subject and break it down into gibberish is nothing short of amazing. He loves fracking, he supports fracking, and he has no idea what the freaking fracking process is.

And the Nobel Prize in Physics goes to…

And there you have it, folks. The fracking brilliance of our current POTUS on full display!


51 thoughts on “All About Fracking (Via Trump)

  1. The interesting reality is that the fracking industry, like so much of the modern American economy, is basically a scam invented by debt dabblers, spreadsheet diddlers and pyramid schemers. As soon as Saudi Arabia decided to tighten the screws on competition by lowering prices, the industry, I understand, has basically crashed.


    • But, on the other hand, Brian, was it good for us as a country to have been dependent on foreign oil resources, particularly coming out of the unstable Persian Gulf? I think fracking played a huge role in us becoming energy independent which in the long term also offered better prospects for peace.

      I also think that natural gas leaves less of a carbon footprint than oil or coal which is a plus.

      The trouble is all these energy sources including wind and solar have a downside or can negatively impact the environment in different ways.

      We have to find a healthy and realistic balance IMO.

      Perhaps there is a solution out there that we haven’t yet considered. And, trust me if there is, the free market is going to innovate and come up with it.

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      • The trouble is all these energy sources including wind and solar have a downside or can negatively impact the environment in different ways.

        And you don’t think fracking does the same? In essence, there are probably NO methods of deriving energy that don’t have some sort of after-effects.

        But I suppose we really should definitely stay away from wind sources … since it causes CANCER!

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        • I have read that the wind turbines are killing rare birds of prey, though. And, of course, the wind doesn’t consistently move.


        • I worked in coal mining for a while. The first I knew of fracking (fracturing the rock) was when coal mines in Alabama used fracking to release methane from the coal beds into the atmosphere. That was to allow the dangerous methane to be cleared from the mine, enabling the removal of coal. Check with the property owners in Alabama to find their opinions on fracking. Fracking and subsidence disturbed the land above the mines. Water well ae destroyed and there is physical damage to surface structures.

          Then it caught on with the drilling industry. Companies drilling for oil and gas in Oklahoma used fracking. It explodes the rock formation to release more of the oil/gas for pumping out. Oklahoma has experienced a slew of earthquakes in those fractured areas. The science says that the brine solutions which are used in the process lubricate the layers of substrata, enhancing earthquake activity. Aside from earthquakes, water tables are decimated. Of course, it’s used in many areas besides Oklahoma. Oklahoma stands out in my mind because of all the lawsuits around fracking.

          Just check with the property owners in those areas where fracking is employed. The brine solution is very poisonous. Abandoned wells are used to hold brine from other operations. Water tables are contaminated and the contamination is permanent.

          If you ask the oil and gas companies, it is perfectly harmless. But they don’t live in those communities.

          I have no idea how solar and wind negatively affect the environment. Wind does not cause cancer. Neither do the windmills. Windmills have been used for centuries to provide mechanical and hydraulic power for grinding grain and pumping water, etc. As late as today it is used across the plains states to pump water for ranches and farms.

          Solar? Solar cells are just sponges soaking up the sun’s energy and storing it in batteries. My son has solar cells on his camper. That is most of what I know about solar energy. My son watches TV and he lights the camper. He cooks with gas. I need to talk to him about that.

          No combustion. No ash nor soot nor carbon monoxide. None of the other dangerous effects of carbon combustion. The disturbance of the surface of the land for installation is minimal. Birds do not fly into those huge blades. Please. Give the birds some credit. They have lived longer than we have. Let’s take care of this old rock and we all will live on. The birds and the bee, and the flowers and the trees. I heard that somewhere. I have three grandchildren. They are of breeding age but have yet to provide me with great-grandchildren. Is college really THAT important?

          If we do not stop the production of coal and petroleum for use as energy, here is the scenario that will follow. The energy companies will continue to use carbon fuels until they are exhausted. Then they will all be in favor of wind and solar energy. If the air the wind is pushing is still capable of supporting human life and if the sun’s rays still reach the earth’s surface, that is. Believe me, or not, the coal, oil, and gas companies already have plans for the next great thing in energy production and they will be right there, quadrupling its cost.

          It seems that old men never get tired of rambling on. Perhaps the moderator should intervene.


          • Well, I’m not suggesting we should not continue use and research into wind and solar power, Cajir, but I don’t think it’s the panacea and solution that many would hope for, either. Sadly. Renewables come with their own set of issues and problems as well.

            What do you think about the info. contained in this video?

            Frankly, I don’t know the whole solution either.


            • That was an interresting video. However, what it did not deal with in any way is the climate change, that is – according to 2000 leading climate specialists in the international scientific community – a direct result of using fossil fuels. In that sense, altough some of the claims made on the video may be factual, it came out as propaganda for fossil fuels.

              The companies that run the fossil fuelled economy today do have money to run all sorts of propaganda. It seems they are run by idiots, to whom it is more important to safeguard their profits, than it is to save the planet for future generations.

              It is a massive strawman, to simplyfy the issue so that as if it was even claimed, that solar and wind energy were the sole solution to our ever growing energy consumption. They are a part of a solution, that also requires us to cut down our enegy costly lifestyles. That is, of course what the westerner does not want to hear. The alternative is to prepare for some cities, like Miami, to be abandoned and crops to be lost in the amount of global hunger, while such a development would increase the amoung of war and refugees. The solutions are out there, but it requires for us to vote wisely. We do not need to change from gas fuelled cars to electrical cars, but we need to give up cars and concentrate on creating efficient public transport. We need to build a less energy dependant lifestyles and have less consumption of needless crap.

              Child labour and destruction of environment by mining is a terrible prospect, but the real problem about these is not that particularly wind and solar power as energy sources create child labour or the destruction of ecotypes and species, but that the mining in developing countries run by western companies can and will abuse and exploit the local populations and ecotypes for the sole purpose of making more profits for their western capitalist owners. If western countries do not have laws that demand products from developing countries are ethically produced, then they will be unethically produced as that is how the Capitalists make more profit. Look what pumping of oil has done to the developing countries where it is done. Look at Venezuela, Nigeria, or the Middle-Eastern countries. I call this video a hoax, albeit a very convincing – and in that a very dangerous hoax.

              The video did not provide solutions to the problems it presented and claimed, altough it seemed to hint that we could just go on like we have before. That made it hypocritical, stupid and revealed the propaganda effort behind it.


      • @ Becky

        Perhaps there is a solution out there that we haven’t yet considered.

        You know that stuff called hydrogen? I wonder if one day someone will come up with a plan to use hydrogen to fuel our cars?
        Oh, and have you ever noticed that big orange ball of gas (No, not Trump) in the sky? Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow use the power of the sun to fuel our planet?
        Well what the frakk and hot diggedly dang ….I know! We could call it Solar Power. Wow … imagine that!


        • Ark, you mocker, you. 😻I’m tryin my best here. Trump’s explanation suited me just fine. LOL. This topic is not my strongest suit. Blessings.


          • @ Becky

            Trump’s explanation suited me just fine.

            It is? Oh, dear. In that case your response is an indictment of certain aspects of the American education system.


      • As I implied above, Becky, our “energy independence” was in some ways a delusion and temporary. And the poisons (and seismic dangers) left behind by the fracking industry will not be paid for by the “investors” in New York and London. Oh well, North Dakota and Oklahoma were probably not good places for dense urban and modern rural populations, anyway.

        The main problem with wind and solar is the reliance on rare earths for the batteries used to store the energy when the sun is not shining or the wind blowing. It is delusional to expect that we can run a modern consumerist society on wind and solar…especially with 300 million gluttonous Americans. A 6,000 pound truck “needed” to drive to the corner store will take a lot of lithium to power.


        • I’ve read about some of the issues with wind and solar as well. I don’t really understand the technology of this, but what about decarbonization, actually reducing carbon emissions connected with fossil fuels? Perhaps this is more promising and moving in a realistic direction. I certainly can’t see how we can totally eliminate fossil fuels anytime soon. What do you think?


      • As always Becky, your comment here was polite and to the point, even though you greatly disagree with the topic post. I must say, I appriciate that.

        I do not think we can rely on the free market to do anything ethical. The goal of the “free markets” is to create wealth to the capitalist owners of the world. Not to provide good living to the masses or save the world. These objectives are – if not always, however – fairly often in conflict.

        The idea of democracy is, that together we can make the best descisions for the most of us. Or better yet, for all of us. Therefore, democracy is in contradiction with the goals of capitalism, wich exists to provide more profits to the owners. This leads to all sorts of scams, such as fracking. Fracking is a scam, because the real prize (destroyed environment) of the energy obtained like this gets to be paid by someone else, than the people who profited by it. Because in reality Capitalism is an ideal to move wealth and power from the many to the few. That is why democracy needs to control Capitalism and not make it an ideal to strive for and provide power to the capitalists, who will – by historical experience – use it mainly to enrich themselves (even if it sometimes means, that they will “trickle down” some of their wealth to create a middle class to protect their position of power from those they exploit).

        Today the world faces a situation much like the USA did right after the Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. The problem these days is not a nation attacking US soil, rather it is a global threat of mass extinction. Yet, what is similar is the reality, that not only were both of these catastrophies predicted, rather than unexpected, as they have been treated, but that they also mean, that everything needs to change and sacrifices need to be made. Today, people are unwilling to make those sacrifices, that step on their private comfort zones. Energy is consumed as if it was in endless suply, but fossil fuels are not endless and their use is the main reason for the catastrophy. Many people today act as if – had they lived all those decades ago during WWII – they preferred to say, that Japan has not attacked the US, nobody needs to go to war with Imperial Japan, or her ally the Nazi-Germany, or like the enemies of those two do not need to be supported. There were people like that during WWII in the USA, but it seems today like not nearly enough of us in the western countries have grasped the seriousness of the situation, nor are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

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        • HI, Ratautakky. I agree with you in that I’m all about conservation. I personally try to eat a plant based diet in part because of environmental concerns. It does seem to me that the free market is one way to harness human self interest, in a sense. A business person has to make things that people really want and can use to make any kind of profit. Ideally both can benefit. The capitalist who is not meeting the needs of the consumer is heading out of business.

          I think the first company that comes up with some innovative alternate source of energy that is truly practical and affordable, will not only provide a public service, but will become just beyond wealthy.

          Of course, I agree that we need to wed capitalism with democracy. I understand that China does have a free market, but they are not really a democracy.

          Thanks for sharing and for your kindness.

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          • Hello Becky. Sorry it took me time to answer. I think you deserve an answer. .

            I agree, that ideally a business can benefit the society, humanity and the individual client. Yet, the goal of Capitalism is not to benefit anybody else, exept the owner of the capital. There are many companies that have come up with revolutionary ideas of how to provide practical and environmentally better energy sources and some of those ideas are getting wind (pun intended) at the time, but there is also opposition from existing energy companies who suffer no rivalry and in a Capitalist environment such older and bigger companies, like the ones relying on fossil fuels, seem to hold much political power and leveridge. They can sabotage good efforts of emerging companies and sometimes thwart them in the very beginning. Certainly, they have money to bend the minds of the consumers and voters through advertising. Advertising is only a method of propaganda. Propaganda is about political power. It is political power to convince people, that they have a need to obtain particular consumer products, that they really do not need. It is political power to build the society into a direction where it is hard for people to live without such products. A car is a good example. If you live in a society with poor public transport, or possibly big differences in income – that in turn creates crime, then a car may become an actual need, but such a need is entirely artificial and as we now know costly to the environment and to the society in the end. In addition, what type of car is actually sufficient for the created transportation need and what people are convinced, that they “need” or like are two totally different matters. People make up all sorts of excuses, that they often believe themselves, like a bigger car is safer in case of a collision, when the real “need” is that they want is a bigger car to boost up an ego. It is – however – the advertising company that has fed them the notion, that the bigger car somehow boosts their ego. What has convinced the consumers, that their egoes need boosting is propably also advertising.

            I guess China is a good example in many ways.

            China has it’s own type of “democracy” and voting rights. It is not nearly as democratic as the USA, but then again looking at your democracy, from here in Finland where we have a direct popular vote and we know who won our elections on the election day evening regardless of how many votes have been given beforehand, it seems your system with registering as a voter, difficulty of getting to voting places, the electoral votes (we gave up on that anceint system decades ago) and no central voting committee is a bit out of date (and it seems your president Trump agrees with this – altough I do not recall him saying that the US electorial system is subject to corruption after he won four years ago, so it makes me wonder, how does he think he won the previous time – as if he had an insight to this corruption he talks about). On the other hand a Swiss person might say, that our Finnish democracy is not nearly as democratic as their system of continuous popular votes for all the bigger issues in society.

            Freedom is a great ideal to be aspired for, but when we talk about freedom we always need to also ask whose freedom to do what are we talking about. Freedom of the strong to abuse and exploit others is not a virtue at all.

            I really appriciate your effort to concerve nature and – as you propably guessed already – I share your concern for the environment

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            • It’s rather fascinating, yet depressing, that the mighty U.S., with all its money and power and clout, is so backward in so many ways. It’s a shame and embarrassment that in far too many instances, the people that make up this “great” nation continue to act like immature children. And what’s even worse … people all over the world watch the shenanigans and just shake their heads in amazement.

              I agree with the old saying: There’s gotta’ be a better way …

              Thanks, as always, for your input. rautakyy.

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  2. I do love some of the names you come up with, especially “Tweetie Amin”! Are we surprised that Trump hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about? More of the same … he claims to be a “stable genius”, yet he can’t even speak in whole sentences, and he still believes that windmills cause cancer! A joke … a very unfunny joke is what he is. For the record, I would vote to ban fracking and coal mining today!


    • I think I need to rearrange this post as it was not ME that used that name. It was part of the Quora reply. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to get it posted and used the -YUK!- Gutenberg editor. Nowhere did it tell me how I could indent to set off the actual reply.

      I’m going to see if I can fix it today. As you would say, Jill — Grrrrrrr!

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      • Ahhhhh … now I understand! Good luck! I’d probably copy the whole thing into ‘classic’ editor and start over! That’s one of the things I hate about the block editor … there are few options and you have to keep searching through all the block styles to find one that works, such as indents, italics, or whatever. Yes, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


      • Well, a windmill might actually kill a few dozen birds over a certain amount of time, but if we continue pouring carbon emissions into the atmosphere, that is going to kill every bird on the planet eventually, along with wolves, monkeys, squirrels, macaws, and humans. Sigh.

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  3. Isn’t it ironic that DT used fractured language to describe, and yet judiciously avoid the word, “fracturing,” the process of shattering rock in the Earth with poisonous water (the hydraulic part) to extract carbon fuels?

    After reading this, I’ve decided to stop using the word, which sounds like a frat-party antic. “Fracking” is a euphemism for a potentially dangerous, if not downright deadly, process of removing gas and oil from underground. From now on, it’s “hydraulic fracturing” in my lexicon. That’s what it is!

    Two more: an “earth tremor” is really an Earthquake, albeit of low intensity. Another is “polluted” water. When deadly chemicals get into your well or aquafer water, it is poisoned.

    And don’t EVEN get me started on the court cases. Where are all the gun toting, freedom lovers when we need them?

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  4. Everyone: Except for SOME of the commentariate’s sympathies for (ugh) left wing Trumpaloism, I recommend strongly NAKED CAPITALISM. A group blog run by industry insiders that covers many of the ridiculous scams and verging on criminal activities of our Wall Street Masters of Disaster. One of my favorites was the ten part series on the utter financial nonsense behind Uber and Lyft.


  5. Here is some rare, novel, rational thinking from my newly published book Rare, Novel, Rational Thinking for Dummies:

    • If you have an abscessed tooth or compound fracture of your skull, do NOT go to a real estate baron. Go directly to an orthodontist or neurosurgeon.

    • If you are a pilot-in-training taking your first hours flying a Cessna, do NOThave a real estate baron fly/teach you. Contact veteran, highly experienced, LICENSED flying instructors.

    • If you have voluptuous prostitutes hanging around your home and neighborhood of children, definitely call the real estate baron in D.C. They will be expedited out immediately right after they sign Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    • If you want to learn about severe storms, flooding, and meteorological causes and variables of Hurricanes, do NOT interview a real estate baron!!! This is why…

    If you believe anything this real estate baron—who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times for idiotic business investments—then you and your family will most likely drown while floating away down drainage holes.

    • If you want to destroy one of the world’s more advanced nations, cause mass riots by lethal white police officers, and spread faster the world’s most deadliest virus of innocent Americans in human history, 75-times more lethal than the 9/11 attacks…

    …then put this 6th-grader in the Oval Office for another 4-years of sheer chaos.

    Everyone have a nice day. 🙂

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      • 🤣 Exactly. This is about the only video (with volume on) that I will watch of this 6th-grade level real estate baron. It’s all I can tolerate, but my, my… I can’t get enough of it! I laugh every single time shaking my head saying…

        …how stupid, and so embarrassing, that Americans allowed him into the WH and shame the office and Executive Branch for probably the next 20-30 years. 😔 How does it feel America to be laughed at constantly every time this moron speaks on camera? Ouch.

        I’m too ashamed to tell any foreigners I’m American cuz of him. And Nan, at one time not too long ago I never wanted to tell anyone in America or around the world that I was from Texas!!! Back then in 2001 – 2009 that could get you assaulted and lynched in some places of the world!!! 😬 Hah! There’s NO effin way I’m leaving this country right now!!!

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        • In defense of America, other countries have chosen even more pernicious leaders. I am thinking of Berlusconi (who is certainly smarter and more business savvy than Trump), the corrupt bus driver (Maduro in Venezuela), the scary religious fascist in India, and the glorious brown shirts in Poland and Hungary. Lot of “shame” to go around the world right now. 😦

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          • I won’t argue your valid point basenjibrian. 👍

            I have to ask my fellow countrymen and women as well as myself, WHY did we let it slip? Not just a little bit, but unprecedentedly too far!!!

            Aside from what our Declaration of Independence states, aside from what our Constitution clearly spells out explicitly and implicitly with the equal support and protection of our three Branches of government—and I can remember and quote most all of our Supreme Court’s Landmark decisions in all of our history…

            …when I look a Lady Liberty today, as just one example out of many, and what she symbolized from 1886 to Aug. 1974 with Nixon’s impeachment… is she now a relic of a bygone era? Because there is no debate at all that what she once represented of our country no longer exists. Not at all.

            If things don’t take a hault and a 180° turnaround Nov. 4th, we should dismantle and remove Lady Liberty. She is and would be an unequivocal lie to the rest of the world. Period.


          • Let us not forget the maniacs in Brazil, Turkey, Israel and the one in Philippines. There are also the calculating and scary leaders of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia and her satellites. All regressive authoritarian conservatives. There are plenty of bad leadership going around the globe as we face the most critical threat ever in human history.

            To me as a “foreigner” the leadership of the US has been in a long and downward spiral for decades. Reagan has been seen by many in history, as if he was the great statesman who ended the cold war, when he actually was the idiot who escalated it almost to the brink of nuclear annihilation. At least he (or his government) was able to learn something from their mistakes. Obama seemed like a decent fellow, but he was unable to change many things expected of him – even though he got the Nobel prize for something, I don’t know what… Nobody even bothers to talk about the Guantanamo prisoners any more. US war crimes have been forgotten in face of stupid tweets the current president spews out every hour and nobody even talks about how the war in Afghanishtan and “the war on Terror” has been totally lost by the western powers. It is as if none of it was even newsworthy. Trump may cause W to look like he was some sort of statesman, but when he was in power, I remember thinking, how is it possible that one of the western countries is led by such an ignorant nincompoop. Is it just, that ignorant people choose ignorant leaders?

            I am scared how, during this very real and imminent crisis of global warming and new mass extinction event, there are so many people even among the educated nations such as mine, who succumb to denialism, superstition, nationalism and other sorts of tribal moralisms. It reminds me of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books, of how a global catastrophy may lead the survivors into a constant war on the ever diminishing scraps of resources left, instead of co-operation to overcome the problems.

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            • What Obama and Hillary did in Libya, partly at the behest of pernicious European leaders (one reason I get so annoyed with Euros lecturing us) merits a war crimes trial on its own. “Peace Prize President”. Gag me. Sure he was handsome and well spoken (if a little SLICK for my taste) but let’s not fool ourselves. Tiledb may rage at me, but by DEFINITION, an American President is almost always a war criminal.


    • “…it is tough to understand…”

      What is he reffering to? What is tough to understand? That his god did not “bless” people, but sent a hurricane instead to destroy the lives of believers? Or the mechanism of meteorology? Or what? How do people in the US and his voters understand what he said? What is their perception of what his words were supposed to mean?

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      • 😆 Rautakyy, those are all great, yet simple questions. When I listen to the idiot, I always have to ask myself… Where tha F*CK do I even start with having him (try to?) elaborate in DETAIL what THA HELL he just tried to say! Perhaps Crayons would help him? A speech pathologist? A pediatric neurologist?

        Man… I have NO CLUE!!! 🤦‍♂️

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  6. I despair at the priorities and delusions of some of my fellow citizens. In the regional paper today, there was another example of “Cletus Safaris” in which one brave soul left California because it was not “conservative” enough. He fondly announced that in Iowa he can talk about his beloved GUNS and the SECOND AMENDMENT. The mind boggles. The Cletus Safari article also talked about COVID as inspiring relocation. Only later in the article does it admit that the COVID positivity rate in Iowa was over 28%! Versus 2.7% in the evil, socialist DEMONCRAT California. 😦

    As I think THE major problem with California is TOO MANY PEOPLE, let the moving vans flow. Let the people (Trumpalos) be free. Texas and Idaho and Arizona await you!


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