56 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. Only minutes after this “fake news” tRump propagated, with a few giggles and a quick reality check (given the President will do absolutely ANYTHING or say ANYTHING at all to get & stay in the spotlight!)… I had many anti-tRumpers telling me exactly the same thing: it is only a publicity stunt by the Liar.

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  2. Nan, I am going to disagree, but I know why this is felt. I wish the president, first lady and Hope Hicks well in their recovery. I cannot wish ill on any one. But, this is not a surprise nor was it when Jair Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson contracted the disease after flouting the risk. Hopefully, this will be a wake up call for the nay-sayers that this is a real pandemic and nothing to be trifled with.

    The president is not the best of candidates to contract the disease with his age and being overweight. We can disagree, even strongly, with his politics, manner and ego, but we still should not wish ill will on anyone. At least that is my take on things.


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    • Of course I don’t wish ill on anyone! But at the same time, it would be poetic justice if the virus played havoc with his health.

      Bottom line — if he had acknowledged the seriousness and dangers of this virus from the beginning, I don’t think people would be so callous in their reactions. But his haughtiness and unconcern with the sick and dying has played a big role in the way people have received this news.

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      • Nan, I know you are not and the president’s misinformation from the outset has caused greater exposure not less to COVID-19, including himself, family and staff. Even not wearing a mask is misleading people. So, like Boris and Bolsonaro, it is not a surprise. I do sincerely wish them well, but it is a wake up call for many.

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      • Plus the constant lying makes it near impossible to not at least think it’s fake.
        I just wish he’d leave the country, go to Russia and take his family, the cult, Barr, Miller and most of the Republicans with him.

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  3. Nan, you are exactly right. How much sympathy did tRump give those Hispanic children who died down there in the southern border concentration camps? Dammit. This is a man who has caused, because of his bungling idiocy and psychotic behavior, the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings. He has mocked science and decent, caring people the world over. Screw it. I definitely feel sorry for Melania. I want tRump to live to see defeat at the polls and face a judicial reckoning.

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    • My only caveat is that EVERY American President has caused similar suffering. It’s the nature of being the titular head of The Evil Empire. What Obama and Hillary (with the conniving of smug European leaders) in North Africa (Libya) alone would be enough to consign them to Hell if there was such a place. Even the Sainted Peanut Farmer who builds homes for the poor today-he started the whole Afghanistan thing which is still with us 50 years later (as well as selling bullets to the Indonesian generals who slaughtered 1/3 of the East Timorese AND started the policies which have helped create the disaster which is much of Central America today).

      It is easy in our partisan rants to speak of Trump as uniquely evil. And he is. He is a threat. But the United States has caused more death and misery over the last fifty years no matter which sub-branch of The War and Wall Street Party is nominally in charge.

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      • I see you’ve been well and truly indoctrinated. You haven’t a cue about the real world nor any sliver of space in this anti-US ideology to honestly compare and contrast how the US fares. Why do you think, for example, all those people are trying to get into the Evil Empire?


        • Our son expressed it this way – will the world be a better place with China being the superpower, in place of the US? As a Canadian, I must wonder . . . And worry.

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          • Shhhh… don’t talk about millions of Uyghurs rounded up and put into concentration camps even as we speak… instead, believe that arming and selling weapons to Afghans to fight the Soviet invasion by the Evil Empire (and all their smug lackeys) is far, FAR worse a humanitarian crime!


            • Given the 30 years of death and destruction that resulted, I would not be so smug about Afghanistan.

              Comparative atrocities is a fun game. Again…my main point is we should not be so smugly condemning of the (admittedly awful) Trump when EVERY American president has engaged in war crimes. And “Look at what HE did” is not a good response.


            • You seem to know little of the historical record of Afghanistan to think the tribalism we see playing out today and the widespread violence it perpetrates on its own is the fault of the US starting a mere 40 years ago. It has been well over a thousand, ever since the Khyber Pass became a major trading route used by Great Powers. The arming of Afghanis by Carter was real politiks in action aimed squarely at paying back Soviet interference elsewhere, specifically a month after Iran overthrew the Shah and took the US embassy, receiving weapons and political support and financial and training from the Soviets, which itself was aimed squarely at reducing the US’ growing influence in the region. It’s still going on today (which is why Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds as a favour to Turkey was, is, and shall continue to be a colossal mistake of real politiks… a mistake that Canada and Great Britain and France has been trying to rectify on the ground). The US at this turning point made Pakistan an ally to curtail Soviet influence and expansion that was taking place in Afghanistan. This is part of global hardball that Great Powers must participate in to maintain global balance and curtailment. This is the role the US now plays against China’s current expansion… but without a peep of official protest by the Trump administration that has created slave labour and great tragedy for a huge number of real human beings. And unbeknownst to many people here in the West, such real politiks that maintains balance by proxy wars and influence has kept the world out of a global war… because THAT is the real world consequence of Great Powers that fail to exercise influence. But the real influence is culture and human rights that de-stabilizes from within despotic and totalitarian regimes. That’s why these regimes now work so diligently using tools of social media to convince people here in the West that the West is just as bad as a totalitarian regime, to de-stabilize our influence here at home using confused and indoctrinated civilians to always be hyper-critical of our own and forgiving to despots in order to create a paralysis at home in order to counter its influence abroad. It’s a strategy intentionally funded by these Great Powers to subvert Western power. And it’s working.


            • Trump has reduced American influence and power. That has global consequences, none of which are good. Carman raised an excellent point: would we as real human beings be better off if China assumed world dominance?

              The current Woke movement is a rendition of China’s Red Guard: youngsters pure of heart and full of good intentions (currently in vogue in the West what have been called ‘Offence Archeologists searching history for anything anyone has said or done – regardless of contribution – that doesn’t meet the virtue standards of its highest priests like Robin DeAngelo and Ibram Xolani Kendi) empowered by the State to purify it by ideological means with unquestioning loyalty to China… China as defined by Mao using the Marxist model of the dictatorship of the proletariat, compared to today’s ‘guilty’ West as defined by these virtuous leaders. Each Chinese citizen is a representation of the State in this model and justifies the State using anyone’s family as bargaining chips for that unswerving loyalty to the head of that State. Here, the bargaining chip is one’s career and public reputation of anyone or any business that employs such a person. The State, in other words, has total power. That’s what totalitarianism means. (It could be religious, like Iran.) Is that totalitarianism honestly preferable in your mind to the exercise of individual rights and freedoms upheld by law that is at the heart of every single Western liberal democracy… democracies that sometimes do terrible things? That’s the real question and so if anyone anywhere in the West believes totalitarianism of any kind is preferable then that means my rights and freedoms, your rights and freedoms, everyone’s rights and freedoms are now at risk to be subsumed by someone who presumes to ‘know better’… because racism, because bigotry, because discrimination, because inequity, because historical events, whatever… take your pick. That harms us, harms our progeny, harms everyone everywhere for all time. That comes closer, I think from seeing group ideology divide people into camps in real life to real and tragic consequences, to what I would call evil. Apartheid and genocide and holocausts define the inevitable conclusion of group ideology in action. That’s why today’s social justice movement is as anti-liberal as it can get: it threatens individual rights and freedoms in law using whatever assortment of the aforementioned reasons resonates best with short-sighted and misinformed citizens within our liberal democracies. That’s why Russia and Iran and China pay people to interfere in this way. It works. Doesn’t it?


        • And you are indoctrinated in toxic nationalism, of course. I still ultimately think you are a conservative troll engaged in tone policing for the giggles.

          But as I have said elsewhere, most nation states also engage in evil. The United States is currently the most powerful (although the rise of China and the horrible policies of Trump will challenge that) and we spend more on the military than our biggest rivals combined. So, I would argue only that our big footprint does result in a big impact.

          That does not mean I, (unlike the execrable Glenn Greenwald, for example) want to see the United States “fall” to a Putinesque Russia or an even more frightening China. But to talk incessantly about how bad Trump is without acknowledging a history of coups, wars, interventions, and other toxic policies seems really blind to me. That is the main point of my comment.

          Desperate people trying to enter the United States because, at least partially, they have been victimized by American neoliberal economics and often direct intervention into their homelands (Central America) does not address at all my main point about American foreign policy and history of interventions. Even the slums of Houston are probably better than San Salvador.


          • You set it up so that all bad things are in some way caused or not fixed by the US in your mind. It is your mind that is the filter and the ideological organ that skews reality to fit it neatly. I fully agree that partisanship is a poor lens – that vilifying Trump in all things but not doing so equally with others and under the same standards is poor thinking, a poor way to compare and contrast, a poor way to establish the principles upon which one bases one’s opinion. Trump has indeed actually done some good stuff… albeit rare and usually with narcissistic/poor and/or partisan/bullying reasons rather than on principle for the good of the nation. And some of his criticisms are justified and deserve better, deserve recognition and redress, rather than waving them away because of the source. On this we can agree.

            Perhaps it is because I lived in South Africa under Apartheid and travelled in the USSR under constant secret police surveillance, spent time in Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia days before open warfare, saw the burned out blocks of rubble in Berlin and crossed Checkpoint Charlie, stood before the iron gates of Auschwitz, that I know in my bones that the fundamental principles of Western liberal democracy IS the torch we’ve been thrown and it is for us to hold high. Blaming others for lowering it doesn’t fix anything but is equivalent to doing nothing.

            Notice you don’t raise the vital role the US has had establishing and paying for the UN, for advancing the Declaration of Human Rights. You don’t raise NASA and NOAA, the WHO, the eradication of smallpox and nearly polio, UNESCO, the AAAS, Peacekeepers, and the list goes on and on and on. The US plays a central role in bettering the human condition in so many ways but none of this plays any factor in your blanket condemnation of the Evil Empire, so brainwashed are you to do so without a moment’s thought. Of course the US has fallen short in so many well publicized ways, but – like admitting the role mistakes play in new learning – you don’t build on these but use them only to condemn. Perfection or nothing. I’m glad you’re not my coach, my teacher, my leader. Comparing and contrasting fairly is a fundamental skill needed to get better at anything, including understanding history, of why things are the way they are, including shortcomings and triumphs.

            Compared to the tribalism and honor systems that cover much of the Earth, compared to the government programs and policies and state violence that impose incredible hardships on masses of people, the Western system of individual rights and freedoms most of us in the West take for granted have no clue about they sustain us, how the legal protections in which we exercise them are a watery environment in which we swim, the waters in which historical wrongs can faced and can be righted. It’s a process. All of these have been purchased by our forbearers with much loss and grief and sacrifice and given to us on an inherited platter that far too many of us assume is not modern enough to satisfy our exacting culinary expectations and moral diet we prefer, and so far too many of us fail to realize that we – each and every citizen who wants and expects these rights and freedoms respected in law – are responsible for improving not just our diet but our neighbour’s, for everyone on the globe, not just for those in the West but as a state of being for all people everywhere: not to insist what to say or do but the rights and freedom to personally choose. That’s not a small thing but something precious. This is the ideal behind the Western liberal democracy that has historically made the greatest gains in all ways measurable for the general health and welfare of all people (sure, there have been shortcomings and delays and anti-human movements, foreign meddling and urges of empire building, and so on, but the overall direction of these liberal tenets is unquestionably forward, unquestionably progressive, unquestionably positive for all people everywhere.). No system to date has been able to withstand its affirming aspects for the common person. To weaken and destroy it requires subversive destruction from within. That’s what you’re doing by vilifying all things American and presenting it as Evil Incorporated. That’s exactly opposite to what is fairly compared and contrasted within its historical context, government of the people, by the people, for the people.

            Our governments in the West are not some other thing, some extraneous organization, some shadowy group of faceless power brokers cooking up conspiracies to harm the common person; they are in fact us, and represent in public power what we are willing to tolerate as citizens. That’s what voting means. Consent. So if you want change, you have to make it – YOU – while, at the same time protecting and defending the fundamental liberal values all of us in the West – what each and every citizen shares regardless of any other affiliations – that offers humanity the last best hope, and we take up the mantle of responsibility from our ancestors to protect these fundamental liberal precepts and principles from all enemies foreign and domestic. And none of it is easy. Building never is.


            • Absolutely not. But to speak of Trump as UNIQUELY horrible foreign policy despite a history of American perfidy is just…silly.

              And I am too much of a cynic??? about human nature to ever claim the United States alone is evil. But your nationalistic denialism does not counter the reality.


            • Nor did I claim in the original post that the United States ONLY does bad things or that the current alternatives are better. But the United States IS a major source of evil in the world as well. You accuse me of blindness while exhibiting a massive blind spot yourself. As with your prescription for reaching out to hard core Trump supporters while throwing other groups under the bus, I don’t have much faith in your foreign policy recommendations. I would note that conservative American support for South Africa helped the Apartheid regime survive for quite a long time as did American support for such luminaries as Mobuto Sese Seko.


      • Not to mention the two Bush brothers and their hit men. Your point is well taken and I couldn’t agree more. It is my feeling that IF Biden wins the election and gets into the whitehouse, it is imperative to hold his feet to the fire. I want Trump out. I want him in a court of law and possibly in jail. But Trump’s psychotic behavior that has put us in peril does not bestow sainthood on Joe Biden. I think the Ukraine scandel was mostly farting in the wind. But Joe has to act right. Beating Trump doesn’t mean he’s automatically good.

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  4. That thought kept me awake for several hours last night. To decide if anything the White House claims is true, flip a coin. As with everything these days, we’re left searching for other independent sources of corroboration.

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  5. Well, altough Donald belongs to the risk group, he is also in a position where they have been testing him regularly and presumably the disease has been found in early stages, in addition to him having the best possible care. So, he has all the chances in the world to come out healthy.

    I think that the real question here is, are his supporters able to see the error in his ways and policy toward the pandemic, from the fact that he himself got infected?

    It seems to me, that he himself represents that type of human (for some reason not untypical among business leadership) that he does not like to admit to ANY fault in himself. A kind of revealing characteristic, that tells us he is a weak person and leader, who fears of ever showing his weakness, but is worshipped by a bunch of fearfull and weak individuals to whom the demonstration of strength is a promise of protection.

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    • Somehow I doubt this will change anything in the minds of his supporters. I think they will be more inclined to “blame others” (a tactic they have learned from Trump himself).

      I tend to agree with tildeb’s comment (below) that due to his age and physical health, the virus has taken swift hold and the medical community is very concerned.

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  6. Trump, we are told by Walter Reed medical spokespeople, has already received not just his first dose of the antiviral drug Remdesivir, but has started a monoclonal cocktail therapy.

    What is the Sam Hill is that (and who in the Sam Hill is/was Sam Hill)?

    Monoclonal antibodies attach to the surface protein of that coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and attempt to block it from infecting cells. The first study on its effectiveness was published on September 30 of this year, so this is a new therapy… read, experimental. The idea is that it helps seronegative patients – those who are infected but show no evidence of having any antibodies for SARS-CoV-2, meaning the “target population” for the monoclonal cocktail are SARS-CoV-2 infected people who have “not yet mounted their own immune response” and have exceedingly high levels of the virus. The therapy is aimed at people, the company tells us, “who test positive for the virus if they are in high-risk groups for developing severe disease, which include the elderly and people with underlying diseases such as diabetes or who are overweight.” The golfing requirement and spending $70K of public money on hair grooming doesn’t appear in any literature I can find, but I haven’t checked the psychiatric profile of potential candidates.

    This announcement tells me that Trump is infected, that he has high levels of the virus, and they are medically throwing the kitchen sink at him.

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    • This cheers me up a bit as it’s something I have thought likely. I want him to have it, he’s caused so many unnecessary deaths I want him to have a very, very rough ride of it. I want him to be incapacitated for many months and find out what Long Covid is through experience. I don’t expect him to learn one iota from the experience, but others will and he’ll have a chance to see how it feels to be one of those ‘very few’ (in his words) who almost die and have their health changed for the worse for what may well be forever.

      – Esme Cloud

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      • He hasn’t learned anything, even now. He took a ride in a hermetically-sealed SUV to wave at supporters, exposing the Secret Service agents with him to the virus at close quarters, to no legitimate purpose.

        Trump’s infection was pretty much inevitable given how careless he’s been with all these maskless mass events. There are people in his inner circle being diagnosed left and right now.

        It’s not just Trump. This is taking down a growing chunk of the Republican leadership. A lot of them are old and overweight and thus at high risk. For that matter, Pence could have been exposed too. I’ve heard that Pelosi has been told to observe extra precautions just in case. Continuity of the government must be maintained.

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        • Putting aside his ego, the “ride” could also be to assure foreign countries that he’s still “up and kicking.” From stuff I’ve read, his “image” during this crisis is extremely important. Then again, knowing Trump …

          Speaking of others being diagnosed, just read that his dear darling Press person, Kayleigh McEnany, has tested positive.

          The chickens are definitely coming home to roost.

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        • I know, there’s almost some kind of divine justice, though I prefer to think of it as Mother Nature having had enough, and Trump, well Trump is the worst character out of the Stephen King book The Stand. It doesn’t end well for him either, however, we don’t want to lose the whole government due to his utter and blatant disregard for anything or anyone but his own damn self.

          – Esme Cloud waving at Infidel pleased to see him

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          • It’s a natural equivalent of karma, in a way. He refused to take a highly infectious disease seriously or take precautions, which made infection almost inevitable. I’m actually surprised it took this long.

            Pleased to see you as well, especially after the recent scare.

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            • True enough. As we seem to have ended up in some kind of poorly written 70s cartoon with Dick Dastardly at the helm I’m hoping he’ll get his just deserts. I’ll say one thing for this lifetime – it hasn’t been dull. ‘May you live in interesting times’ is a curse I first came across in a Terry Pratchett novel, and as curses go, it’s one of the worst.

              Having recovered from Covid I now have some form of laryngitis or tonsilitis, however neither is likely to kill me so it’s a mere flesh wound (to chuck in Monty Python). Thank you for both remembering my malady and asking how I fare. I battle with body invaders regularly, so it’s not that unusual. This year has been a howdydoodler mind.

              -Esme slow but still typing

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            • Esme, I want to say how VERY happy I am that you have joined my blog participants!

              Also, I hadn’t heard about your Covid experience (I don’t follow your blog … hangs head in shame … but will be doing so promptly). I’m happy to hear your experience came and went without any lasting effects.

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            • Hello Nan! It’s good to be here in more ways than one. Ha! True mind. I only wish having the virus gave everyone immunity; they’re pretty sure it was my second bout of it as I had symptoms earlier in the year but said symptoms weren’t being told in full, plus their were no tests back then. Let’s hope three times isn’t a charm! Hahahaha. It’s nice connecting people such as your good self who are long timers on here, as long as myself at least *beams* so many come and then drift away.

              -Esme handing Nan the ceremonial Cloud tin foil cape and tinsel wand happily

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  7. You know when he went to the debate, he arrived late and was therefore not tested. So did he know then? Did he not care if Biden got it? Of course not.

    He went to his fundraiser at his golf club unmasked, mingling knowing full well he either had it or did not have the results yet after being around Hope Hicks. He’s so evil, I wouldn’t put anything, any lie past him.

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    • If he hadn’t experienced any symptoms yet, I doubt he knew he had it. Not only that, he’s demonstrated from the beginning that he considered himself invulnerable so for him, not wearing a mask was nothing new.

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  8. I think we can rule out the idea of his diagnosis being a lie. By this point, if he didn’t actually have covid-19, it would require an implausibly-large number of people to be in on the deception. There have already been cases of people going off message and revealing things Trump didn’t want revealed. If he were faking it, the beans would have been spilled by now.

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