Your Move …

This was a recent post on Facebook. It’s short but oh-so-powerful! Couldn’t resist sharing.

Hi, Conservatives of Middle America–

I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but if you keep voting for politicians who are content to let the planet die, the coasts will keep burning and flooding, and all us liberal coastal elites will be packing up our gay agendas, vegan cookbooks, and evolution-based science curriculums in our Priuses and moving DIRECTLY into your neighborhoods and voting precincts.

Your move, assholes.

38 thoughts on “Your Move …

  1. Hadn’t thought of that. Ha! Well, since climate change, like covid-19, is FAKE, we truly have nothing to worry about. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to help President Trump and “Q” of Qanon fame take down a pizza-parlor basement, cannibalistic, pedophile sex ring here in my neighborhood. Friggin’ liberals! Bad enough they gotta make up lies like covid-19 and climate change, but do they really need to be pedophile cannibals on top of it?! What, oh, what, has America become?!

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  2. Excellent. Poignant. Honest.
    Climate skeptics are working hard to produce alternative facts. So far those alternative facts have done nothing to lower temperature in the oceans and the atmosphere, nothing to stop the thawing of ice caps on both poles, and nothing to stop the rise in sea levels.

    Climate deniers, on the other hand, have no use for all those numbers and formulas. They simply beat the table with their shoe and repeat sound bites from their favorite right-wing propaganda machine. Making more noise is not a solution and it does not change the views of those who have the facts.

    Smell the smoke assholes. Watch the houses slide into the ocean. Watch the floodwaters stand for weeks. Look at South Asia and China.
    Those will be our streets pretty soon.

    I hear liberals make piss-poor neighbors. They’re always waving signs and shit. Ganging up in the streets.
    Would you be my neighbor?

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  3. Too funny. By the way, someone needs to tell Trump that California is just shy of 1/6 of the US GDP. When California sneezes, we all get a sniffle. The next closest are Texas and New York at around 1/12 of US GDP each.

    As my boss, who managed a region of nine offices, once said when the managers of the three largest offices were at one dinner table, “all my money is sitting at one table.” It would behoove any president to make sure his or her best money makers can still make money for the country.

    Otherwise GDP will suffer. It is like we cannot ignore China – China’s GDP growth falling from 7% to 6% has a bigger impact on the world than other countries. The US growth is linked to China’s whether we like it or not.

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    • Well said Keith. 👏

      And in mid-December 2019 thru February 2020, when scientists, epidemiologists, virologists were all screaming at Washington D.C. to prepare, prepare, PREPARE for what is certainly coming—get testing supplies up into the millions, masks, rubber surgical gloves, etc, etc, … did the White House listen, much less take ANY sort of Leadership role to get more ahead of this pandemic!!!!!?????

      Btw, that was an extremely rhetorical last question Keith. 😉 Lol

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      • Professor Taboo, Nan, thanks. It is extremely rhetorical. I read that a survey of business people felt Biden would better serve the US in keeping our relationship with China, than Trump. China influences so much buying and selling in the world, we must work together. Retrenching from the world is not the answer – you cannot shrink to greatness.

        Your forewarning comments are pertinent. A whistleblower (of course Trump moved him after he raised concerns) on “60 Minutes” said a US mask manufacturer reached out to him in January saying he foresaw a mask shortage. He had two shuttered manufacturing lines that he could reopen with some funding and start making more masks. After the whistleblower said the message went unanswered by higher ups, the US CEO called him again. Nothing was done.

        The whistleblower said he was told making masks would go against the president’s message. This “60 Minutes” episode was aired in the spring. Preparedness, leadership – two words foreign to the White House incumbent. Keith

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        • Ahh, need to lookup and watch that 60 Minutes episode. But then… everyone already knows that many, many officials and scientists tried and tried and TRIED to put a flame (stick of dynamite) under tRump’s ass to ACT… ACT like a President always has during national crises, e.g. WW1, WW2, 9/11, etc, et al. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤬

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  4. One thing to remember, though, is the Heartland is NOT going to escape climate change. Georgia was imposing mandatory water rationing a couple of years ago, I remember. Iowa had half its corn crop flattened by an interior storm called a “sereche” or something like that? And Texas…the biggest city in Texas is Houston, which has a little bitty issue with the H-word…increasingly frequently (Hurricanes and coastal flooding for the win!) And the rest of the State is subject to scorching heat waves that INCLUDE HUMIDITY. Even as my chest aches from my foolish insistence on doing a bike ride (a little one, dammit) you won’t find this Californian fleeing for Kansas or Texas. And living one summer in Florida was enough. Some stereotypes (“Florida Man”) are deserved. Even if the State was not going to wash away.

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  5. I wish I actually could get to meet some of these folks in person.

    My politically conservative husband has been a total vegan for decades. And, I’m totally affirming of gay marriage, and am a theistic evolutionist. Who cares if someone likes to drive a Prius? I’m more concerned about who my neighbor is as a person, not that we agree with every political issue out there.

    This post sounds crazy to me. I’m givin up the ghost.

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    • As I’ve indicated before, Becky, from many of your comments, it’s obvious your life’s status is considerably different than many of the individuals that support Trump. Nevertheless, you DO support a person who is “content to let the planet die” and, in fact, helps the process along every chance he gets.

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      • (in a somewhat disgusted tone…) Hear hear Nan. tRumpsky couldn’t even understand 7th or 8th grade Earth Sciences class if he had a brilliant tutor! I mean, just listen to the Pre-school level of his speeches and tiny vocabulary. Geeezzz. 😖🤦🏽‍♂️

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    • You should meet my brother, Becky. He told me he thought Hillary Clinton had sold our nuclear secrets to the Chinese for campaign cash…which is why North Korea has missiles today! 🙂

      (At the same time, the Russia-Trump corruption is all Fake News. How does one even have a conversation with someone so devoted to delusional thinking? He is my own brother. He is a smart guy! I just don;t get it.

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      • Basen, do you feel that he is emotionally/mentally stable? IMO, people that have extreme and conspiratorial views, not backed by any kind of objective research or science, have other problems. I don’t think it’s necessarily tied to intelligence or whether someone is progressive or more conservative/libertarian.

        I’ve tried to research climate change. From what I can tell all the scientists agree that the climate is changing, and human activity is a part of that equation. But, where I’m struggling is that not all agree concerning the immediate threat of this, or if it will be catastrophic in the near future. Of course, I’m in favor of research, and the increased use of sustainables. But, is it really prudent or realistic to suppose that we can eliminate all fossil fuels within a decade or so? Fossil fuels have also provided many benefits and have lifted people from poverty.

        We also have finally gained energy independence. To my mind, less of a reliance on foreign energy sources, means a lower possibility of becoming embroiled in these endless conflicts in the middle east. It’s a move toward peace.

        IMO, one of the most significant things we can do for the health of the planet and for our own health and welfare is to move toward a plant based diet. Factory farming contributes enormously toward our carbon footprint.

        I also think we should look more seriously toward nuclear energy. Also, I would not want to totally eliminate fracking. There’s no question that natural gas leaves less of a carbon footprint than oil or coal.

        Some of my thoughts anyway, Basen. But, I’m open to learn more. Certainly not an expert.


        • “Fossil fuels have also provided many benefits and have lifted people from poverty.”

          What benefits are those and how have they lifted anybody from poverty?

          Poverty is always relative. Poverty exists in comparrison to what wealth there is. During the industrial revolution and rise of the use of fossil fuels the division between relative poverty in comparrison to wealth grew deepest ever in Western nations. Sicknesses like rickets that are direct results of relative poverty became common ailments in the industrial countries. At the same time the division of relative poverty of third world nations in comparrison to western world nations has grown deeper than ever before.

          It is simply mindboggingly stupid, that we use for example oil as a fuel when there is only a limited amount of it and it has long been the only known material for polymers. The greed in the capitalistic mind to gain instant profit instead of examining the real value of things is simply unbelievable.

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    • I think most of us understand where you’re coming from, Brian. We all have friends and relatives that seem to go a bit off the deep end when it comes to politics … especially when the conversation involves the current administration and its inane actions!

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    • All my immediate family is Republican/Trumpican. All my extended family is Republican/Trumpican, and as far as I can tell, ditto for all their friends. Their derrieres and their necks are as red as their hats. No. We do not speak nor associate.

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      • Based on this information, I can see why you’ve become somewhat of a “regular.” 🙂 My other-half doesn’t like Trump, but he definitely leans Repuke so these posts are my outlet.

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