28 thoughts on “FireSky

  1. It was smoky up here in Portland yesterday too, enough so that you could smell it indoors if you had a window open. Weirdly powerful winds, too.

    Hope the fire stays away from you, and the rainy season comes back soon.

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    • I was just south of Melbourne, Australia when the wildfires were raging there in December. We could smell and see smoke and the pools all filled with red debris from the chemicals that were being sprayed on the fires. (A load of clothes on the line got covered in it one day as well). I was nervous and we had to cancel our trip up to NSW because the highways were closed to anything but emergency vehicles. That’s as close as I want to be to out-of-control fires, thanks! I feel for you, Nan.

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      • My other-half checked his truck a bit ago (it’s parked outside but covered) and said he saw some ashy-looking particles on it. Makes one a bit nervous about what else may be floating around … like embers!

        The outer edges of one of the more upper-scale towns in So. Oregon (Ashland, for those who are familiar) is being threatened.


  2. I had just read that the fires were in Oregon. I’ve been trying to stay away from television news but I know when we see footage of the fires we’re silenced and have heavy hearts. I know we’re all saying “stay safe” a lot right now, but, stay safe Nan. ❤

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    • There isn’t quite as much smoke in the air this morning, so hopefully they got some of the nearby fires under control overnight.

      YIKES! I just checked online news and it says that our entire county is under Level One (Be Ready). Now that’s scary!

      One can never assume they are totally safe when it comes to fire, but I think (hope?) our location will be OK since we live considerably away from the areas that are burning. Nevertheless …

      Thanks for your concern, Zoe. Keep the “safe” thoughts coming our way.

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  3. LOTS of smoke! Main fires are east of us — more in the forested areas. Unless something unusual happens, I think we’re OK. But then with fire, one can’t ever get too confident.

    Oregon is a beautiful state because of all the trees, but those same trees are feeding fires up and down the state. Along with California and Washington fires, it’s not a happy time right now.


  4. My sister lives above Ashland. You could see massive smoke clouds from their porch! But luckily, the fire moved the other direction. Although “luckily” depends purely on your perspective. 😦 Hopefully the winds don’t shift back! Ashland has a very similar climate to Northern California, so this is not unusual, but the heat wave and winds certainly are.

    However, my elderly mother, who suffers from somewhat serious dementia (but she is amazingly sweet and positive) lived in an elder care home in Medford that was evacuated. And I5 was closed in Southern Oregon.

    Right now in California, it is really really strange. The air quality index is relatively good in Solano County./ But way above us (above the inversion layer) is a lid of smoke from a major fire in the foothills well to the north. We did not have ANY daylight until about an hour ago (11:00 a.m.). It was dark as midnight at 9:00 a.m.

    And it is downright chilly. Only 72, versus the 110 over the weekend.

    Even now it looks downright eerie outside. But the air is not all that bad at ground level!

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    • Yes, our temps are down as well. Predicted to be 100+ but it’s only 84 … with “hazardous air quality.”

      If the naysayers still think climate change is a farce, I suggest they try living “next-door” to these fires. Just like everything … it’s easy to make proclamations when you’re not immediately affected.

      I hope your mom stays safe. The evacuation has got to be hard on old folk.

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      • She is tough! The phot sent by her caregiver had her with a big smile.

        Funny thing is I was thinking about going up to see them this past weekend. COVID and the predicted 100 degree temps made me put it off. Although my sister can see her in an outside setting (masked and all that) so it might have been OK. Just could not deal with the temps.

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  5. I hope you are OK. We of course, here in Finland, do not have your problem with forest fires, because we “rake” our forests, as that imminently wise president of yours put it (much to the surprize of our president). We of course, do not know what your president meant by that, though. (It sure is a funny way of saying it rains here all the time.) Yet, I guess, we should be gratefull, that he granted us this favour to honour our efforts, even though it is not clear does he even know we are an indipendent nation and not part of the realm of his alledgedly most admired buddy Mr. Putin.

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  6. Hard to believe one was started by a gender reveal party. People are so self centered.
    I’ve been to all three states long ago and particularly like Wash. and Oregon.
    Stay safe…it’s a terrible situation.


    • I was born and raised in California and lived there a big part of my life. It has its advantages, but I’ve never been sorry about moving to Oregon. It’s truly a beautiful state.

      The picture for this post has been replaced by nasty, dirty, ugly, heavy SMOKE. Forecasters are saying we might get a sprinkling (!) of rain next Tuesday … but most likely not enough to put out any fires. It’s depressing.

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