Guess Who?

This was written by a poetic blogger I follow. I think she really hit the proverbial nail with this creation.

He Only Plays One

Untouched books crowded his shelves, shiny leather spines and faded first editions, meticulously dusted and never read.

A man in his position had to keep up appearances.  He truly wanted people to think as highly of him as he did of himself.  The bookcases made a fabulous backdrop for his picture to be taken for dust jackets and interviews.  People expected him to be well read and he had, on more than one occasion, stated that he was indeed a voracious reader.  In truth, he was a reader that never cracked a book other than his own.  He needed to be able to answer questions regarding his work after all.

Yes, he was a writer that didn’t write.  He was regarded as a prolific writer though after the fame and acclaim of his first novel he had delegated.  He didn’t have the time or inclination for the tedious process of writing; though he surely had the talent if need be, but he had people for that.  His time was better spent being seen, being heard, being well thought of and sought after.

~Melanie Thomason
Image by Colleen O’Dell from Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. Hello Nan. Spot on I would say. I bet it is a person who also has no appreciation for the dignity of famous government residences and the copy right of other peoples music when he wants to use both for his selfish desires? Hugs

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  2. Hmmm….Who can this be, I wonder? Hmmm…..So hard to see who this might be!!! Hmmmm..Is it, Nixon??!! No!! Carter??!! No!! President Hillary Clinton!!?? YES!!!! That’s gotta be it!! President Hillary Clinton!!! I figured it out!!!! Hurray!!! I’m smart!!! I’ve got a big brain and a high IQ!!! The biggest and the highest!!! Hurray!!! Man. Woman. Person. Camera. TV! SEE!!! See how smart I am!!! Way smarter than President Hillary Clinton could EVER hope to be!!!!! Screw her!

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