Drain The Swamp

This is a new HBO documentary riffing on the Trump campaign’s (false) promise to drain Washington of moneyed interests. Based on this article, I think it’s going to offer a very revealing picture of the “backrooms” of Washington.

The article reports that filming of The Swamp began in 2019 with “an understanding of money’s corrosive role in representative democracy, especially in the near-decade since the Citizens United v FEC decision by the supreme court uncapped donations by large political groups known as Super Pacs.”

However, according to directors Morgan Pehme (R-FL) and Daniel DiMauro (R-CO), the choke-hold of money “was just so much worse than we could have imagined.”

Unfortunately, I don’t have HBO, so I’m requesting those who do to put aside some time to watch the documentary and report back on its contents.

The film is scheduled to premiere on August 4th at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO GO and HBO NOW. It will be available on-demand on Aug. 5. (A UK date to be announced).

Thanks to all who can … and are willing … to view this film and offer feedback.

7 thoughts on “Drain The Swamp

  1. Nan, not only has the Swamp not been drained, the president has run off, reassigned, or downgraded some serious talent in those departments who serve the public. As Michael Lewis notes in his well-researched book “The Fifth Risk,” the White House has little understanding of the risks that keep folks up at night that run the government. Lewis read the briefing materials that were not classified and met with public servants, since the the Trump administration failed to read them or be briefed, as they took so long to be assigned.

    In essence, the deep state that Trump and Republicans speak of are the folks who know what their oath means and know what they are talking about. Aging nuclear infrastructure is one of those risks. Toxic waste sites that are not being monitored is another. The ability for coast guard to locate lost people at sea based on tidal and drift patterns is at risk.

    Everyone in Congress should read this book. We have already seen how incompetently the COVID-19 pandemic has been handled by this administration. Keith

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  2. Yeah, 😔 I don’t have HBO, or HBO Go, or HBO Now either. I am already subscribed out the wazoo and to the HILT for my European football leagues with two different streaming services for those games—regular cable or satellite services intentionally do not offer the most popular Media Channels/Companies in their basic subscription packages. Plus, I am subscribed to Netflix as well. Just can’t afford to add another expense on my monthly TV-Cable-Satellite-Streaming bill.

    But GEEEZZZZ do I miss watching Real Time with Bill Maher! I might have to re-evaluate my viewing choices and their monthly value, huh? 😉

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    • Hello Professor. I started my subscription to the service to watch Maher. But I have noticed over the years he has moved to the right a lot. He is not just become moderate, he is a right leaning moderate now. For example he thought Amy Klobuchar was a great pick for the Democrats. He is always looking at ways that Democrats can be more acceptable to moderate Republicans, but he never looks at how Republican candidates should change to be more acceptable to moderate Democrats. He is only progressive on legalizing recreational weed, and other than that he ridicules progressive positions. During this health crisis he pushed his vega / eating ideas and would push to every guest he had on to talk about it that the reason people in the US get the virus so bad and die from it is our bad eating habits, right? I have stopped watching him other than the clips on his YouTube page. If you miss him I would start there to see him. Be well. Hugs

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  3. I nearly choked on my coffee watching this trailer!!! DRAIN THE SWAMP??? He’s brought in the biggest, baddest alligators we’ve ever seen! And money in politics? Check out who is taking the most bribes from the NRA, fossil fuel industry, big Pharma and others! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I don’t have HBO, but don’t think I could stomach to watch it even if I did! I will, however, be interested in others’ take on it. As for Gaetz … I still think of him in an orange jump suit last time he was arrested for DUI.

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  4. Hello Nan. A suggestion for everyone who wants to watch this but not subscribe, use the free trial. I do subscribe to HBO even though I do not have cable. We pay the $14.95 for the HBO without cable to Apple as it was easier for us that way. We started with HBO Now and recently the system changed to HBO Max. The only difference between the two I can see is the background color of the home screen. All the same stuff on both. I will try to find time to watch it and get back to you. Hugs

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