It Is NOT Antifa!

This sentence, related to a recent incident in Eugene, Oregon and reported on a Fox News web page, angers me to the core:

In Eugene, crowds blocked the streets and prevented one man in a pickup truck from passing, according to conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who made headlines last summer after an attack by members of the far-left militant group Antifa sent him to the hospital.

Read the following slowly and carefully:

“Antifa” is NOT far-left. 

As many of my readers know, “antifa” is simply a shortened term for “ANTI-fascist.” That means if a person is a member of Antifa, they are against fascism. Here is a refresher for anyone who isn’t familiar with the definition of fascism (from

Fascism: A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. 

(Remind you of anyone?)

Now consider the following, which is an excerpt from an article on

Fascists go beyond viewing particular categories of people as inferior, based on gender identity, race and ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. They believe it is imperative to use violence to oppress and ultimately eliminate those groups.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that ANTI-fascist is the opposite of the above definition. In other words, “Antifas” actually oppose categorizing people based on gender identity, race and ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. Nor do they wish to “eliminate” these people.

Admittedly, as with any political group, there will always be “fringe” members. While the core movement is to defend the rights of everyone through reasonable means, there will always be militants who believe their only recourse is force.

Nevertheless, there is little doubt that Trump has been (incorrectly) using the term to convince his followers that Antifa is a violent group of individuals who are trying to take away their “rights.” (You know, their “rights” to hate and reject all who are “inferior.”)

Just remember … “anti” means against. So if you are anti-Trump, you most likely understand what the Antifas movement is all about.

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  1. In LOVE the way you define Ngo as Conservative! (I wonder who else always attaches a negative descriptor to his critics?) HHmmm… Flump, Grump?) It’s almost as if he deserved to have his face smashed in and receiving brain damage fro taking pictures of black-clad violent protesters throwing cement/milk cups into people’s faces, plus have those terrible Conservative cameras destroyed by these nice left-of-center peaceful demonstrators. Yes, you can tell who are the anti-fascist people wearing fully black outfits and chanting ‘Punch a Nazi in the Face!’ peaceniks.

    Get your facts staright, Nan, rather than assume.


    • I didn’t define Ngo … the Fox News article did. I underlined it because he was the one defining Antifas as a far-left group (which they aren’t), and is the definition most “conservatives” use.

      Further, I pointed out (perhaps for some people I should have done it more forcefully) that not all Antifas are “good guys.” As in every group, there are always the outliers.

      AND I didn’t “assume” anything. Not sure where you got that as I provided references and definitions.

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      • Unbelievable… calling antifa whose members constantly instigate violence, constantly cause property damage, constantly attack people, constantly attack police, break up cement and use these as weapons while they march and set fire to whatever, as ‘outliers’ is itself exactly the same kind of lie used repeatedly by, say, the Catholic Church running and protecting its international pedophile ring. A few people. It’s the same lie behind terrorist attacks by otherwise ‘good’ Muslims in the name of Allah. A few bad people. It’s the same lie used all the time to pretend this kind of FUNDAMENTAL problem isn’t a problem of the institution, isn’t representative of a FUNDAMENTAL problem within the institution; no, no, no, just a few extremists, nothing to see here, move along…

        That the con job. Antifa is diametrically opposed to you, your rights, your freedoms, your ability to say what you want. And here you are excusing them and apologizing for these ‘few’ people. How does that make you any different than any other religious apologist?


        • OK tildeb. I don’t need anymore castigation from you. It’s apparent you and I don’t see the group as defined in the sources I consulted. You’ve made your point. Let it go. Please.

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        • The group you and others refer to as ‘Antifa’ is a loosely organized … read ‘disorganized’ … group of relatively few who have been given credit for being in more places and doing more harm than they could if they tried. It is a convenient myth.


          • jd, antifa is as much myth as BLM. You are correct to understand it to be a loosely organized group. But it does draw a violent kind of anti-everything people together to cause property damage, promote rioting, and uses whatever local excuse it can to do so. This is why I say the violent antics of antifa plays right into the hands of Trump but receives none or little of the criticism. And you’ll find that in many instances the police themselves are quite willing to step away and let this black-clad group of thugs do their thing with impunity.

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            • How many of the crimes associated with Antifa are really being committed by or at the instigation of federal agents? The FBI has been playing that game for 50+ years. I’ll believe that before I believe some of your more hysterical accusations, tiledb.

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  2. Casting Ngo as a Conservative rather than what he is – a gay Asian (parents immigrants) photojournalist – is an intnetional slur. Where was your outrage when he was viciously attacked… for taking PICTURES? Oh, how fascist of him.

    I remember when this happened when he was doing work for Quillette. Simply because he was accused of being an enemy of antifa, he was beaten and I cannot recall any outrage by anyone from the Left decrying this violence. But because Ngo had previously taken pictures that exposed the very fascism antifa pretends they are valiantly fighting against within its bully ranks, he was targeted by antifa participants and then falsely accused of being a fascist. And this post has played right into the hands and ideology of supporting these totalitarian miscreants called antifa.


    • OK … you made your point.

      In my defense — I didn’t pay all that much attention to the incident regarding Ngo. I undoubtedly read about it, but possibly the source I used didn’t provide as many details as the one you read. Based on your version, yes, it’s very obvious the Antifa group was on the extreme end.

      But again, the point I was trying to make is Trump and his a-kissers all want to depict the Antifa group as the bad guys when, in actuality, their CORE purpose is to fight fascism … which Trump so very eloquently portrays in his every action.

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      • My point – the one you have grown tired of – is that groups like antifa and BLM as organizations are Trump’s ammunition BECAUSE the rest of the liberals and the silent majority in the Democratic wing self censor and allow and excuse and foster and ignore and pretend these fundamental anti-American activities are of no concern.

        Well, they are.

        And VAST numbers of voters – especially centrist voters – know they are.

        These groups and their methods of intimidation and violence and the cancel culture they enact are EXACTLY what liberals and democrats and those concerned with social justice should abhor. Loudly. Yet these anti-democratic, anti-liberal, anti-American mobs are growing in power and stature and destructiveness to the mass cheering of the unenlightened Left and those who would gladly – gleefully – tear down the structure of the country one stature at a time in the name of ‘justice’, in the name of being against Trump, and replace individual rights and freedoms with group privileges, group identities, victim status, imposed equity, killing free inquiry and honest conversations with differing opinions, and creating an atmosphere that effectively ends your and my right to criticize judicial wrongs and social ills and bring about peaceful change by the consent of the governed. All of us need to stand up to this insane framing and plant ourselves on liberal principles that are the ONLY thing standing between us and the creation of a totalitarian state. THIS is the situation we are in today that is eerily like the pivot point experienced by ‘good’ Germans and Italians in 1930s thinking their hate laws and mass social movement and restructuring universities from seditious professors was social justice in action and one that would grant protection from evil. We are the last line of defense.

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  3. This description may be true — I don’t know a lot about Antifa — but the provenance of the name is not evidence. The meaning of a word is often slightly, or very, different from what its etymology would suggest. So, for example, an anti-Semite is a person who hates Jews, not one who hates Semites in general (we wouldn’t generally use “anti-Semite” to refer to a person who hates Iraqis). “Homophobia” usually means hostility to gay people, not fear of them, as the etymology implies.

    This is especially true of groups which choose their own names. Anti-abortion fanatics call themselves “pro-life”, as grotesquely inappropriate as that is. Pretty much any type of group could name itself “antifascist” or “antifa”, regardless of whether their ideology was at all close to being the opposite of actual fascism. So the fact that the group uses that name tells us nothing about their real beliefs or practices. It is just a name.

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    • Your point is well-made. As I tried to explain to tildeb, I was using dictionary and internet descriptions … not political ones. He obviously sees the group through a different lens than what I was able to gain from my research.

      I guess the point I was trying to make (perhaps badly?) is that Trump and his cohorts twist and distort nearly every action by the Democrats (or those who support that philosophy) to make it sound like we are the Ultimate Bad Guys.

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      • Agreed. The nazi party of Germany was a socialist party according to it’s name, but they shared no socialist ideals. They were supported by big time capitalists who gave them money, before the war even by foreign capitalists who saw them as what they were despite their name, like Henry Ford pitched in, and in return the party supported the German corporative capitalists to the very bitter end, even so much so, that during WW II Germany never turned into wartime economics.

        Hitler was a decoy and an agent of the German military, planted into this small newly emergent nationalist “socialist” party, who took it and used it to gain power. During their struggle for political power one of their supporters Horst Wessel was alledgedly beaten to death by the German communists. This happened in a climate where there was violence used by both the Communists, who were demanding rights for the factory workers and the Brown Shirts of the Nazi party acting as rioters to brake any demonstrations or strikes by the Communists and Social Democrats. Regardless wether this assault on Horst was real or not, it became a very effective tool (along with the story about the fire in the parliament house) for the Nazies to cry out how the left-wingers were violents, who tried to disrupt the very construct of society. – The Communists most certainly did, but not so much the Social Democrats. End result, the conservative frightened German population voted for Hitler and his cronies to have power.


        • “The nazi party of Germany was a socialist party according to it’s name, but they shared no socialist ideals.”

          That’s accurate but misleading!

          Granted, the ‘socialist’ part of the party was not – and very intentionally NOT – similar to what we might identify as socialist in other parties, namely this idea of class differences and the push for equity. So the emphasis on the ‘socialist’ part is misleading using this standard. It’s the wrong standard.

          The more accurate standard is to place the emphasis on the national aspect of socialism for the Nazi party, where the emphasis is still on group-based categories just like socialism (which is where the criticism liberals have of any socialist movement is very relevant because it removes the importance of the individual sharing all the same rights and freedoms – a unifying value – and replaces it on disparate hierarchical groups – a divisive value). The national aspect places importance on the group-based idea of blood and purity. This is just as tribal a value as economic socialism is, just as divisive, and just as detrimental to shared rights and freedoms and responsibilities to each member of the polity.

          To cast national socialism as a different beast altogether to economic socialism because one is on the ‘right’ of the political spectrum and the other on the ‘left’ I think is a distinction without a difference (both rely on divisive group-based ideology – what some call ‘Identity Politics’) and it is a very popular and seductive logical fallacy used by many to justify their preferred bias.

          Today, it’s all about ‘fighting’ and vilifying only one guilty party rather than both so we end up standing apart and pointing the finger at the other as if the guilt over the decline of unity and the rise of partisanship resides solely with the other in spite of compelling evidence to the contrary. (This is why partisan membership to either the Right or the Left is seen to be a faith-based position immune to reality’s arbitration of its claims about reality. And we see that denialism in action every day.)

          This approach of believing in the partisan political divide – regardless of which side of the political partisan divide one prefers – does not solve the growing social disunity but advances it. That’s why today’s social justice movement is doomed to failure at correcting systemic injustice but guaranteed to embed it ever more deeply.


          • Now here…I think you make some good points.


            But like most conservatives (even if you reject that label, you really ARE conservative in your approach and some if not most of your arguments) you ignore that the REAL cancel culture is by the mainstream, including big business and the “centrist” Democratic Party elite and the remnants of the non-Trump Republicans. So, while the group identity movement can be annoying, their passions and arguments reflect a history that their realities have been suppressed for decades and decades. Your arguments also ignore that group identity is not a new thing at all. It is the core value of American culture and politics. Only white affluent people don’t recognize this because they think their identity and their history and their politics is the correct one, the mainstream one, the universal one.

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          • Tildeb, I agree with you that there needs to be critical liberal and socialist voices in the world. I do not think using the arguments of the conservatives are a good way to achieve this, because most often the conservatives have lost all contact with reality to support their preassumptions and biases, that justify their fears and priviledges – be those real or imagined.

            Here in Finland liberalism as such is considered a right-wing value. We have three major right-wing parties, that are affiliated with the conservatives, the liberals and then the new “immigration critical” party, that is akin to the other new right-wing populist parties of Europe. Such as the Pis in Poland (you know, that just withdrew Poland from the Istambul accord) and Fidez in Hungary (that is funded by Putin and promotes conservative authoritarianism). All of these three Finnish parties share as their core values the slogan of the conservative party “Home, Religion and Fatherland”. So, you can see where they are coming from. Even though interpretations between the parties, their representatives, members and supporters vary, they more or less mean the same: Home is for traditional family values, Religion means the Lutheran state church and Fatherland refers to tribal identity.

            Socialism and nationalism are not really related at all, even though in Socialist circles it has been a rampant idea, to promote the independence of nations against corporative and imperialistic ambitions, Socialism has as it’s core values internationalism, wich is opposite to nationalism. It has all to do with the demand for equality and ideal of the brotherhood of men. Something the Nazies quite openly disagreed with.

            However, the Soviet Union became a very conservative and nationalist country during the reign of Stalin (since they sent most of the actual socialists and communists to camps in Siberia, because they represented a threat to the authoritarianism of Stalin) and continued to be such during the long reign of Breznev. This had very little to do with Socialism or Communism, rather it was mostly Russian heritage mixed with external pressure, but it was represented in rhetorics as if it was a Communist issue. They do not call WWII the “Great Patriotic War” for nothing in Russia even today. The nationalist approach has not changed since the fall of the Soviet Union in Russia. If anything, it has grown to a new degree.

            Nationalism as it was understood in the Nazi-Germany and by the NSDP was a sort of Neo-Conservative approach even though the term is from a later world. Their values were nowhere near liberal nor were they in any way Socialist. Their political drive came from Conservatism, and even though it might not look like that today, they had ultra-conservative approach to society. Hitler was imaging himself according to the Emperor – an ancient tradition of power in Europe. His main goal were to avenge the defeat in WWII, crush Socialsm and Communism and to send the Jews back to Palestine. In hindsight, only one of these goals was really achieved.

            Rights of the individual are a good thing, but they end where the rights of the other individual begin.


          • Tildeb, you wrote: “…the criticism liberals have of any socialist movement is very relevant because it removes the importance of the individual sharing all the same rights and freedoms – a unifying value – and replaces it on disparate hierarchical groups – a divisive value.”

            This to me is a misinterpretation (wich granted, may be only due to trying to express the issue in short terms). Socialism is all about levelling existing hierarchical groups up for the sake of equality. Not about forming new hierarchical groups. If that is the extent of the Liberal critique towards Socialism, then they are sorely barking up the wrong tree.

            The liberal aim to promote individual rights and freedoms is a noble cause, but it can be and often enough is, abused to promote the existing rights and freedoms for the benefit of those who already have them, but not those who have no access to them due to existing economic or social hierarchy. In other words, an individual should have certain equal rights and liberties, but not on the expence of a nother individual or the society in general. Agreed?

            During the early nineteen thirties, German poet by the name of Bertold Brecht created words to a song about the left uniting against the Nazies. He was bitterly late to unite the ranks of German Social Democrats and Communists to stop the NSDP. If they had set aside their arguments about who is being better at socialism or promoting equality in general, they could have possibly prevented the Nazies taking over the society. Most conservative voters did not have such inhibitions against the Nazi Brown Shirts use of violence, as did the German Social Democrats have about the use of violence by the German Communists and the other conservative and right-wing parties melted away as their support base voted for Hitler.

            Now, I am not saying Donald Trump is Hitler, but he is quite obviously right-wing, how conservative he himself really is, is anyone’s guess (as he seems quite liberal about a number of things including the use of taxpayer money to support more and more military industry), but he sure has been able to rally all sorts of conservatives and Republicans to his cause, even despite stunts like calling people like John McCaine a coward for having been caught by the enemy in a war Donald did not have to attend to because of alledged “medical” reasons. His voters hardly need Antifa to do anything at all for them to have an excuse to vote for him and what ever he claims Antifa has done, wether they did or not, has exactly same effect on his voters. They have sold themselves over to him making America great again, what ever that is supposed to consist of. It is such a great promise, because it means nothing at all. Any moron can project what ever fantasy they have on it, from racial segregation being upheld again, to USA controlling the resources of developing countries, or something…


  4. As a history buff and an above-average war-military buff, including spying, intelligence, double-agents, counter-intelligence, and the non-weaponized side of combat during wartime, as well as the art of false dissemination and deception—ala the excellent 2014 film The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightley—I thought this was significant news to share on the Portland Protests and all the intentional maligning of truth… 🙂

    U.S. Homeland Security confirms three units sent paramilitary officers to Portland:

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  5. Antifas. Has anyone really seen one, talked to one, or even been one. The more and more I read about Antifas, the more I learn, the more convinced I am Antifas are nothing more than boogeymen. They exist where people say they exist only because non-antifas think they see them. Really, they exist through rumour and innuendo, not because anyone declares themselves to be a member of Antifas. If, at this time there is an actual antifas movement, it is only because Trump said it was real, so someone decided they should become real so Trump could stop lying.
    Think back to 1960s Chicago, where so many different organizations sent so many undercover agents into one area, every member of a small Black Power splinter group was an undecover agent for someone. They succeeded in setting a fire where innocent people died. And when they discovered there was no one to arrest except UCs, they said “Oops!” and tried to sweep it under the rug. As far as I know, not one person was ever arrested or convicted of murder because they all had carte blanche to investigate and uncover terrorist organizations, even where none existed.
    Antifas? Bah humbug! Nothing here but Santa’s elves.

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      • No writer is as trustworthy as my eyes, and that includes me. I don’t trust anyone not to lie to me. Nor do I trust anyone to even know the truth.
        If I don’t know it, how can they?


        • Two things: I offer you the means to learn something about antifa and that each writer is different and offers a different perspective to round out the whole so there are many writers, plural, to reduce the chances that this movement is nothing but a fiction to serve Trumps’ ends.

          Secondly, you cast your doubt outwards and presume you are subject to nothing but lies, yet presume certainty in the purity of your own ‘truth’ that YOU have perceived in this regard that antifa is not true, not a real organization with real people promoting it, but that there is “nothing here but Santa’s elves.” That’s a perfect example of compartmentalized thinking so popular in religious thinking that squares incompatible beliefs in the same mind. To formulate your opinion, you have claimed that in YOUR ‘study’ of antifa, it only appears from “rumor and innuendo”… but, recall, anything from ‘out there’ – these rumors and innuendos not of your own making – you tell us is a lie… except when it’s not, I guess, so that you can formulate your opinion. And, strange as it may seem to the unbiased eye, only you know which is which and yet it’s ALL lies. That’s why this is compartmentalized thinking of incompatible claims.


          • I’m just brainstorming td, thinking out loud. I have said nothing that I call truth in this instance. What I have read I rejected, as should every thinking person, until someone can come up with facts. Having read Republican accusations, and Democratic douhle talk, I find no substance anywhere. Most important, I thought Trump accused Hispanic people of being Antifas criminals in 2017, but this has completely vanished in the newstory, Now he is saying anyone who protests his LAW AND ORDER stand is Antifas, especially Atheists anf Anarchists. Trump uees all these words as scare tactics to his followers, They do not have to be real, he makes them real.
            Now most Americans believe Antifas are real. Maybe they are, now, but they were not real in 2017. Again, boogeymen, just with a different descriptor. And you, td will never show me anything to change my position. You said to me, I quote, “Read and learn.” But that was all you said. You gave me nothing to read so I could learn. And that is all you have, nothing.

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    • FBI agents. Stirring things up so that conservatives can fall in line with the law and order nonsense that white people always follow. And I am a white suburbanite.


  6. Although not a member of any group, I have long considered myself to be an anti-facist, just as I am anti-racist, anti-homophobic, and anti-Trump! I stand, instead, for the values that I once thought the majority of the people in this nation stood for: equality for ALL, freedom of choice regarding such things as religion and sexual orientation, and a government “by the people, of the people, and for the people”. It seems that some 40% of this nation no longer share my values. As re “antifa” … they are largely non-existent, loosely organized, and are laughing their asses off at all they’ve been given credit for without lifting a finger! Thanks Nan, for the clarification for any who were confused, though I doubt they will listen. Good post!

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    • Thanks, Nan.

      I get this curious look on my face when folks talk about this group. If one is anti-anti fascism, would not the double negative mean one is pro-fascism? And does not the behavior of the current administration, and much of the Republican party membership, seem to be advocating as pro-fascist?

      That has been my concern since the 2015-2016 movements and campaigns of the “right.”
      Fe-fie-foe-fum, I smell the trappings of fascism. Four to five years later, that has only grown. Only with willful ignorance can people not see it. And that is what concerns me most.

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    • Antifa is a figment of Trump’s very paranoid mind, and everytime he learns that someone is writing about them as if they are real, he puts another “star of success” on a whitehouse bathroom wall.

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          • I think Tildeb is more than capable of defending their own position, but I also think I have to defend Tildeb’s point and what he is trying to achieve is to wake the rest of us to the fact, that if bad behaviour of some on the “left” is not condemned by liberal and leftish people in general, then the Trumpists may use it as a talking point and ultimately a fearmongering tactics against all comers to promote their own cause in the eyes of people who do not follow politics. Tildeb might correct me, if I have misrepresented him/her.

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            • Left, right, inbetween. I come from outside. I am one of those anarchists Trump is bleating about, who also happens to be an atheist, but this does not make me antifas. I am non-violent. I will not knowingly or intentionally kill a bug or a bugaboo unless I feel my life directly endangered.
              My position is that it is impossible to defend something that does not exist, although that stops no one from telling all the bad things it does, whether it exists or not.
              Who it was that attacked Ngo was more likely a republican than a democrat. Probably Trump gave the order himself, since Ngo was not white and therefore usable as a pawn. Knowing only what td passed on to me, I will agree something happened, but I still reserve judgment of the facts behind the event. I am certainly not going to condemn either side just yet, but the actions I am told took place are more the action of the far right than the far left.
              If there were a VIOLENT FAR LEFT, don’t you think Trump would have been assassinated three years ago. That he wasn’t tells me there is no violent far left. As for a violent far right, rautakyy, there is no question it exists. From the KKK outward, there have been a great number of crimes against persons or property proudly taken responsibility for by nazi fascist types. I have yet to hear anyone attest to there being a violent far left, I know of nobody taking responsibility for any such actions.
              Do you believe in God, rautakyy? I am not asking for religious reasons, what religion you may or may not have is meaningless to me. However, your ability to believe or not believe is very pertinent to this question. You have to believe something is there, even when it may not be, to demand it take responsibility for actions not attached to it. Or even to demand someone supposedly attached to it, read: centrist democrats take responsibility. How are they supposed to condemn antifas when there are no Antifas? There is no logic there, only passion, and passion believes what it wants to believe. Have you ever wondered if a partner cheated on you? Is there any way to prove he or she didn’t? Proof is impossible. Proof of God or any superbeing is impossible. Proof of a violent far left is impossible. As the old saying goes, Show Me!
              Don’t tell me, show me.

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    • Thank you, Jill! Finally someone understands the point of my post.

      For “others” … I am NOT defending the group (spectral as they may be), I’m simply saying that those (Trump, et al) who try to paint the group as the bad guys are missing the point entirely.

      I would venture to say that most people reading this post have seen articles, etc. that compare Trump with Hitler. And what was the defining feature of Hitler? He was a fascist. And what does this (so-called, loosely-organized) group stand for at its core? Anti-facsism.

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      • But it doesn’t ‘stand’ for that at all! In fact and deed, antifa uses fascist methods. That’s why antifa in reality is exactly opposite to its name, much in the same way anti-racism as defined by today’s social justice movement is exactly opposite to its name: it uses racist methods.


          • No, I’m liberal. I am very much against fascism. You just refuse to see fascism or address it on your side of the political divide. That tendency is empowering Trump. That is a problem you can actually do something about.


            • None of your posts here or elsewhere really suggest that you are a liberal. Increasingly, td, I consider you a concern troll, a tone policer, etc. Even as I am annoyed by some of the sillier group identity left. “I am a lesbian trans immigrant person of color who believes in progressive values. I should be given a free apartment in New York City to make up for the oppression I have faced.” (sorry….some of the stuff I read verges on parody)

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            • “I am a lesbian trans immigrant person of color who believes in progressive values. I should be given a free apartment in New York City to make up for the oppression I have faced.” HEY!!! I resemble that remark! You nasty-no-goodnik, you!


      • It was quite clear, and a point I have tried to make a couple of times. Simply put, we do not want a Mussolini, Hitler or Stalin leading this nation! We want the Constitution honoured, not shredded.

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  7. 1000’s of antifa members attacked me yesterday as I went to the store to buy my pointy white hood for my Klan meeting. It was AWFUL!! I was kicked, punched, spit on, and peed on by these awful, awful ugly, nasty, antifa people! They kept shouting at me, while they peed on me, “We’re ANTIFA!!! And we HATE you, you Klan member, you!” I mean, it’s terrible to live in fear like this. I’m suffering terrible PTSD from this attack, and even reading this post has triggered me into collapsing into the fetal position on floor while writing this. To conclude: 1000’s of antifa members are breaking in the doors of decent people everywhere and peeing on us. This simply MUST end!!! Antifa members are EVERYWHERE and they are watching us RIGHT NOW waiting to pounce on us and pee on our rights to be decent, God-loving, hood-wearing, Americans! Be wary, Nan! Be very, very weary of every corner you pass and every tree you see for you never know when and where antifa will GET YOU!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! They’re here!!!! They’re in my room!!! Help me!!!! AAAAAAHHH!!!!!

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      • Just came in from walking my dog, and, MY GOD!!!! The streets are running red with the blood of the innocent who’ve been slain by the 100’s of thousands of Antifa MONSTERS out there trying to take away my God-given, Christian rights as an American! I can NOT over-state the danger and blood-shed taking place at this moment in our streets! If you’re a Christian, a Klan member, or a member of the MAGA Party, I implore you to get an automatic weapon and take to the streets to help eliminate the 100’s of thousands of Antifa parasites who are mindlessly slaughtering decent Americans by the thousands! God bless you, Nan, and may the ever-loving arms of Our Lord ‘n Savior, Jesus Christ, surround you and keep your pointy white Klan hat from riding too low on your face and blocking out your vision. $Amen$

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    • Are you sure that the Antifa members are not four legged? My doggies used to love to pee on everything! I can imagine Max would lift a leg if he saw you in your berobed glory!


  8. Here in Finland, our Antifas are mainly people who concentrate on checking the internet for lies spread by the nationalist right-wing “immigration criticals”. It is a bit wasted effort, because people who hear and believe such lies mostly live in their own internet bubbles, where they suspect terrible conspiracy by the national broadcasting company, when the news provided by them do not match with aforementioned lies. The Finnish antifacists also include a drum group that provides loud music for marches against fascism and natzism, that are values wich have a history with our nation – as we were once allied with the Nazi-Germany.

    The most extreme any even remotely antifascist here has actually gone was a Finnish pastor who is a member of a fringe group of Antifa, who gave his assault rifle for his friend to appear with it in a facebook post. It created a stir among the right-wingers, because it fulfilled their worst fears about the left-wing antifascists, that they might after all be ready to fight back. But it also gave them reason to promote the idea, that the left-wing extremists are every bit as dangerous as the right-wing extremists.

    I have been present in a couple of demonstrations where the local Antifa group reacted to a neo-nazi attempt to disrupt and possibly attack the demonstration. The antifas stopped the neo-nazies approaching the demonstration by rapidly grouping around them, before these managed to gain contact with the main body of demonstrators. The police were also fast to respond and stand between the groups, before it turned into violence.

    The Finnish right-wing extremists are often crying about how the left-wing tolerant people are hypocritics, for not tolerating the fascist and racist ideas of the right-wing extremists. As if being tolerant would mean you do not argue them. Then they cry about how the left-wing extremists resort to violence, when they are supposedly against violence, even though that violence is most often only a response to and an attempt to prevent more violence. This then muddles the discussion, as more people who actually do share fascist values, even when they do not openly recognize themselves as fascists get stuck in. The thing about right-wing worldview is, that it is fabricated to suit biases. As their bias towards the political left-wing is, that these are weak peacemongers, who turn the other cheek, when they are attacked, then they get very dissappointed every time this bias is discovered to be false, but they think it serves them as they can now accuse the left-wing antifas for hypocricy for not fulfilling their own biases over them. They want to decide what to expect from a person based on the political-, religious-, or sexual orientation and even based on the colour of their skin.

    The problem with this sort of discussion is, that the right-wing extremists and their “silent majority” support group do not want to tolerate anyone different from themselves, be it about political views, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or even skin colour and that is fascism. What they do not see, is that if one does not resent any of those differences, then one does not need to tolerate the different sexual orientation, skin colour, religious affiliation, but there is an universal need to tolerate different political views – be those however mislead – so the right-winger extremists expect to be treated as any other minority when they would not allow for this treatment to other minorities. tYet tolerance carries the society only so far. If we want a better society, we may need to tolerate the fascist, but we must not tolerate the fascist ideals put to practice in politics.

    What goes around comes around. Much of the international Antifa seems to be reactive to what sort of conditions there are in any country. In the US, demonstrations are against the police violence. As there is a gap between the trust of the public and law enforcement, this easily ends up in violence. Then, if the government does not seek to repair this lost trust, but instead chooses to ride the conservative fear created by the desperation of badly treated people, the division will turn ever more uglier. Conservatism and fascim are right-wing values, because the first is an admission to fear of the change and the second is the logic behind, wich is, that if everything is good by me, then nothing needs to change and that it is possible to stop the change by the use of force even if it means we need to change everything, their connection to right-wing political thinking is the interrest of the individual over the common interrests.

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    • I think most would agree that the Republican party is noted for being “conservative” and having “right-wing values” So when rautakyy writes ….Conservatism and fascim are right-wing values, he pretty much sums up what I was trying to get across in my post.

      Thanks rautakyy.

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  9. I have to say, I completely agree with @tildeb. Antifa, at least defined by the dictionary would seem to mean “anti-fascist”, but in reality it just means fascist. The Antifa movement is hellbent on the destruction of our rights, property, and government. The movement is filled with opportunist thugs, anarchists, and revolutionaries. Their core goal is to destroy the system and the society around it by using fascist means. In Antifa, “anti” has no significance, it’s just “fa”, making them just fascists.

    God bless,



    • To each his own …

      Something I’ve found rather interesting is that the word itself wasn’t all that well-known to the general public until Trump started using it (wrongly, I might add). Moreover, contrary to Trump’s usage, it isn’t any kind of “organized” group. It’s just a number of individuals who are against fascism (as defined in my post).

      While I admit the methods they use to promote their “cause” are sometimes destructive and violent, it’s not all that different from the thugs that Trump sent into “calm” a protest that had become nothing more than a few people hanging around a park — which, by the way, has been video-documented.

      It all comes down to which side of the fence you’re on as to your “view” of the land.

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      • As someone who’s been hounded, beaten, and torment by hundreds of thousands of Antifa members for decades now on a daily basis, I can tell you, Nan, that these awful, despicable, monsters are EVERYWHERE in America and they are doing ALL they can to destroy Christianity, conservatives, and decent MAGA folks everywhere. It is naive and foolish to not think that RIGHT NOW you are being watched by these god-less monsters who wish for nothing more than to stomp out freedom, liberty and Christianity in America. As I write this, thousands of these bastards are in the streets outside my window torturing and killing decent Americans by the millions. Thank God that Donald J Trump has brought these evil monsters to the attention of the general public. Now, if only we can get the Nov election postponed indefinitely and the pedophile sex-ring being run out of a pizza parlor in Washington DC by Obama and Hillary stopped for good, I’d sleep much more peacefully at night. God bless you, Nan, and remember, you’re not being paranoid if hundreds of thousands of Antifa members are REALLY out there trying to getcha! $Amen$

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        • Oh thank you … thank you … thank you, IBTD1!!! I feel so much better with your blessings. Especially after getting hammered by some folk that seem to have different viewpoints than me. (I mean … how dare they?!?!)

          Anyway, I can tell you recognize I’m a delicate soul and occasionally need blessings and encouragement, so thank you once again. 😘😘😘

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  10. Quote from this article related to facism and made by a Federalist Society leader who, at one time, staunchly supported Donald Trump:

    “Until recently, I had taken as political hyperbole the Democrats’ assertion that President Trump is a fascist,” the conservative legal scholar wrote. “But this latest tweet is fascistic and is itself grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate.”

    The tweet in reference is the one Trump made related to mail-in voting.

    P.S. In case there’s any misunderstanding about the meaning of fascism, please read the definition in my post (above).

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